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Murder In The Great White North: The Lonnie Landrud Case

[This connects with the murder of Jeff Hughes by the RCMP and also with the bogus "hate" prosecution of videomaker Arthur Topham by the Canadian Zionist regime. - HAC]
Dear Radical Reader,

Back in February of 2012 I published a series of 7 short videos that told the story of Lonnie Landrud, a local Cariboo (B.C.) man who had the extreme misfortune of stumbling upon a crime of horrific proportions that, should it ever become public knowledge, would threaten the very foundations of our policing and judicial systems across Canada.

Mr. Landrud’s fate was to witness the deliberate murder of a local missing girl by RCMP officers working in the Quesnel RCMP station in central British Columbia back in the year 1998.

When he reported the crime to the police they attempted to murder him in order to cover it up. The local media and all other media throughout the province of BC and across Canada also turned a blind eye to Landrud’s video and sworn testimony. They tried their utmost to discredit him but were unsuccessful in proving that he had lied or that he was mentally unstable.

It was one of the most widespread and systematic cover-ups ever to have occurred in Canada, and is without a doubt linked to the whole Picton Pig Farm murders in the Fraser Valley that were in the mainstream media only a short time ago.

Based upon the degree of evidence that exists and the actual facts and history surrounding this case, I strongly believe that those involved in this massive cover-up of RCMP crimes are, in whole if not in a major part, responsible for the Crown having laid the Sec. 319(2) “Hatecrime” charge against me and my website in an orchestrated strategy to have me gagged and my site destroyed, in order to cover up the evidence contained in Lonnie Landrud’s video testimony.

I would therefore ask that anyone reading this post who truly believes in Freedom of Speech and who desires to help me out in my battle with those who are attempting to silence me please pass this post on to everyone you know, so that Lonnie Landrud’s story can gain the public attention that it deserves. 

In doing so you will also be helping me to beat this trumped up charge and remain free to run my publishing business.

-Arthur Topham

Please click here to read the original article and below on the following urls to watch this startling and horrifying story:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As Arthur suggests in the piece, his "hate" charge may very well involve a much deeper motive on the part of the RCMP. Arthur has in the past publicized the alleged involvement of the RCMP in the murders of several young women in the Quesnel, BC, area.

I have suggested to Arthur that rather than undergo the frustration of a "hate" trial and all of the rigged proceedings associated with it, that he alternatively issue a constitutional challenge to the right of the Crown to make this charge in the first place. After all, "hate" is a natural emotion and as long as no one else is injured from that emotion, they can't very well outlaw emotions, can they?

Such a procedure quite obviously runs counter to everything our laws are based on. And a constitutional challenge goes to the very right of the Crown to issue this charge in the first place. It would be a whole new twist because no one in the past has ever questioned the right of the government to do so.

As well, such a constitutional challenge would allow Arthur to present ALL of the evidence,
including alleged police culpability in the murder of these innocent women and how and why those events affected Arthur's case, if at all, and not just that evidence allowed at the discretion of a judge in a "hate" prosecution. He would have to handle the case himself, but the cost would be minimal and I have been assured from competent sympathizers that he would have help in doing so. It is a thought, and personally that is the way I would handle it.

If we have learned nothing else during similar proceedings over the years, it is that these trials are nothing more than kangaroo courts where standard rules of evidence can be thrown out the window by the judge at will.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Germaniajim said...

This is hardly the first time the cops have murdered someone to shut them up in Canada or in B.C. I have first hand knowledge of another example and when the public found out they(RCMP)simply transferred the offending murderer to another area in Canada. Out of sight, out of mind. That is how the RCMPigs take care of things, by sweeping them under the rug, Not unlike the ludicrous trial of the four murdering bastards who killed the poor Polish man in the Vancouver airport then lied like sidewalks to his poor mother and the Polish consul. For shame, travellers beware YOu could lose your life coming to this miserable country.

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After covering his ass a bit, Jim Goad proceeds to ask some uncomfortable questions of the chosen...

I recommend this Harold.

4:18 AM  

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