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McDonald Comes Out For Secession

Disenfranchised White Males: Time for Secession
by Kevin McDonald

My impression is that in 2008 everyone was basking in the glow of multicultural heaven with the election of Obama. Very little commentary on the racial pattern of the results and how they portended a difficult time ahead for the Republicans. This time around, one hears nothing but commentary on how the Republicans are doomed if they don’t pander to Hispanics (Hispander, as VDARE has it).

The racial fault lines are more apparent than ever. Whereas in 2008, the official version was that 58% of Whites voted Republican, this year, according to the CNN exit poll data, it split 59%–39%. Of course, the White population includes Jews and Middle Easterners classed as Whites but who do not identify or vote like other Whites (70% of Jews voted for Obama, down from ~80% in 2008, perhaps because of tensions between Obama and Israel, but obviously mainly motivated by the Jewish identification with the non-White coalition of the Democratic Party.) As usual, the White percentage of the electorate continued to decline, from 74% to 72%. And as usual, the Republican Party received over 90% of its votes from Whites.

Non-Whites voted overwhelmingly for Obama–80% on average. Asians have become like Jews in their voting—focused not on their economic position so much as their identification with non-White America. Indeed, a higher percentage of Asians (73%) voted for Obama than did Latinos (71%) and Jews (70%).

Whites of both sexes voted Republican, with only 35% of White males voting Democrat and only 42% of White women. Even whites in the youngest age category (18–29 years) voted Republican (51% to 41%).

So the Republican Party is the White people’s party. The media is screaming now that the party reach out to Latinos to become competitive again. I suppose that is what they will try to do. But it is very unlikely to work.

It’s not just about immigration. In order to appeal to the vast majority of non-Whites, the Republicans would also have to be the party of entitlements for minorities and high taxes for their White base. Consider the situation in California. In a Wall Street Journal article (“California’s Greek Tragedy“), two Stanford professors, Michael F. Boskin and John F. Cogan,  note that rom the mid-1980s to 2005, California’s population grew by 10 million, while Medicaid recipients soared by seven million; tax filers paying income taxes rose by just 150,000; and the prison population swelled by 115,000. … With 12% of America’s population, California has one third of the nation’s welfare recipients.

And as a result of the most recent election, the Democrats have a 2/3 majority in the State Legislature, meaning that they can raise taxes as much as they please. This new supermajority will now see White Californians as a cash cow, to be milked at will until we see the light and leave. California is a harbinger of what the entire nation will look like soon.

So in order to appeal to Latinos, Republicans will have to not only agree to let more Latinos in, they also have to be gung ho on raising taxes and jacking up benefits. This is not even remotely a vision that even a moderate Republican  could accept. It is complete surrender, and would be staunchly resisted by its core constituency. As all the research shows, Whites are not going to be willing to pay for public goods that will be consumed by non-Whites. It’s going to make for a very unhappy White minority. Just another cost of multiculturalism.

And the bottom line is that Latinos will ultimately behave like Jews and Asians—they will see their future in the Democratic Party as the party of White America independent of social class.

White males constituted only 34% of the electorate and this will continue to decline. It’s no accident that stocks of gun companies soared after the election, even though the stock market as a whole took a dive. What we have here is a situation in which around 70% of traditional American White men (correcting for the overly inclusive White’ category used by the media) are now pretty much officially disenfranchised in a country where they see themselves as the founding population. That’s a lot of angry White men. The vast majority of these men are not going to be willing participants in a Republican campaign to recruit Latinos, no matter what the enlightened party elites want. And there will be far more non-Whites voting in 2016 because Obama is bent on legalizing the illegals and because of continuing displacement-level legal non-White immigration.

This is or at least ought to be explosive. It may take a while for this 70% to wake up to the reality that they are politically impotent. But it will happen. Separatist movements in the many states that are deeply red are certainly a possibility. (A friend mentioned that Rush Limbaugh joked about secession.) Is there any other realistic alternative? Apart from futile violence against the Leviathan, do White men really have any other choice? That is, unless they think that exiting the stage of history as something less than men is a reasonable alternative.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearly we have irreconcilable differences. Divorce is the only way out.

Whites in the north and on the west coast want their multi-cult communist utopia, and I think they should have it. Just let them pay the bills.

I wondered when talk of secession would surface. It seems a reasonable action to me and it's not sedition to recommend dissolving the union. In theory a state can leave by a simple vote. Such course is not illegal nor is advocating for peaceful secession a crime.

Washington will, of course, try to stop any such event using force, because they need the money to maintain power.

Not much different than last time under Ape Lincoln. He needed the tariffs for his slave labor industrial cronies.

On election night I can bet that in the vast sea of red, some state legislator or state senator began writing a bill of secession.

This won't get first but as the Nigger progresses to more and more totalitarian measures to take and redistribute stuff to apes and spics, and to flatten dissent, even the dullest white will look upon secession as viable.

By the way Pat Buchanan went off the edge in an article posted on Vdare this morning, Friday 9 Nov, "Is the GOP Headed for the Boneyard". According to him Romney lost because he didn't kiss enough union asses in the rust belt.

What a crock. Pat advocates for rejection of all the trade deals. He blames the Bushes for these, which they are, in part. Pat said this is what killed the GOP.

But he didn't mention Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA, the most damning trade agreement ever.

True, many industries went overseas but a lot of the rust belt factories relocated to the South where they are not fucked with by union turds.

These fat lazy, stupid, incompetent union farts have been extorting the rest of us for years. They voted for the Nigger because he took over GM and saved their inflated union wages and benefits.

Hey, guess what, our tax money is going to these union cocksuckers so they can live in a clean suburb away from niggers, keep a hunting lodge in upper Michigan and a condo in Florida and have full and free medical coverage forever. Enjoy it folks, it's your tax money that saved the lifestyles of these worthless assholes.

Mitt was right when he said let GM go bankrupt and then rebuild. Union thugs rejected this because the restructure would eat away their obscene deal. Well the Nigger saved it all for them and he got their votes. The rest of us took it in the ass and didn't even get a reach-around.

Pat, old fellow, "flush out your headgear".

1:25 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

I think this has happened before. When South Africa and Rhodesia were in the process of being sold out by the West and power would be turned over to niggers there was a real fear in the West that the white soon to be disenfranchised populations would riot and cause a blood bath rather than loose control of their prosperous countries and their very lives to the nigger majority. But as we all now nothing of the sort happened. No blood baths or white riots just a mutual rollover into submission to their new rulers. And the same damn thing will happen here unfortunately. If you don't learn from history and other people's mistakes you are doomed to repeat them.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although remember how successful the last secession movement was - if the Federal government declares war on, for example, an independent Texas, how long would Texas last?

2:01 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

"Anonymous said...

Although remember how successful the last secession movement was - if the Federal government declares war on, for example, an independent Texas, how long would Texas last?

2:01 AM"

The Mexican cartels might just decide to reinforce their brethren this time around. And a shooting war with Mexico would really finish off Amurrica. Not because we couldn't win it (at militarily; political will is another story), but because we couldn't pay for it.

Dave 11102012 / 1757

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am definitely on board for secession. no doubt about it.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Mikhail Borisov said...

Greetings, Comrade Harold. This Obama re-election business may yet prove to be the NWF's great opportunity.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what I don't get? Why its the White Liberals that want to do themselves in? I really don't it.

Take Quentin Tarantino's latest flick "Django Unchained". Its all about Good Noble Black Men vs. EVIL DISGUSTING WHITE HONKIES!

Okay, I get that. Yes, the Nigroids hate us and want to kill ALL white people. That's a obvious as pie. There's even a line in it with the MOST EVIL plantation owner (played by a white Leonardo DiCaprio who has tastes for Aryan women like Griselda Bundchen) smirking a line "Why don't the blacks just kill all the whites?!?" as if it was a challenge.

Its a call to Nigroids to begin the ethnic cleansing of white people.

But what I DONT GET is WHY two white men would be calling for this? Do they think they are so rich they would avoid being killed? Do they have a death wish? Do they have a secret hatred for their own race for some known reason? Really, it drives me hair-pullingly crazy thinking about it!

You would NEVER see this in other races. You would NEVER see a Jap make a film "Oh maybe us japs deserved to be nuked until we glow and still do cuz we're so wikkid." You would NEVER see an A-rab make a film saying "Gee, maybe we are dirty sand niggers who deserve to die"

NO! Only the Liberal White Man does this shit! I'm going to go bonkers trying to figure it out!

7:31 AM  
Blogger Hammerheart10 said...

Dr MacDonald isn't talking about HAC Northwest Quartet secession. He's talking about something else, exactly what i'm not quite sure, but all his writings to date indicate he believes evangelical christians are going to storm or re-form the GOP Republican party & get the job done without anybody having to do anything, um, nasty. KMD admitted in The Occidental Quarterly that he despairs of the evangelical christians being anything other than a millstone around the WN movement. When KMD, as much respect for him as i have, talks about secession i think he means purely cultural etc secession ('blue-eyed whites going to church/Bible study group on Sundays & voting for a new, christian-white GOP' fantasy).

8:35 AM  

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