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Letter From Bill White

October 27, 2012

Hello, Harold:

I was going to send you a brief case update, so that you could share with your readers, or at least buy into the nonsense out there, but then this Chicago verdict was entered by surprise, and suddenly much more is going on.

Lest anyone be deceived by the allegations, prior to my arrest in 2008 I was an absolutely and strictly law-abiding citizen who never desired to cause anyone any real harm. I was angry, and I wanted to shake things up, but I believed in peaceful and democratic means of change. Now, the Seventh Circuit has decided that “white supremacists” (sic) are so inherently violent that the government does not need to prove any actual violence when accusing anyone they label a “white supremacist” of a crime. This is not law. This is political violence carried out under the veneer of law.

Every White person should think about this. If you picket and protest and publish angry political material, you will be treated the same as if you had picked up a gun and murdered someone. About 300 years ago an early criminologist noted that if you punish a thief the same as a murderer, you eliminate the incentive for the thief not to kill his victim to conceal his crime. Similarly, if you punish someone for speaking the same as for killing, you make political violence more reasonable than political speech.

I do not share this view. I wish there was a way to stop the twin evils of democracy and Judaism in a non-violent, lawful manner, and so I continue speaking, instead of hurting anyone. But Savitri Devi noted that democracy does not bring with it a reduction of violence, but a reduction in honesty about violence, and for these people to make my words violent, while kidnapping and torturing me because I refused to lie for them, is nothing but base hypocrisy.

I’m afraid to say more, because to even suggest that a nation that governs the world with drone assassinations, mass starvation, and the brutal murder of political enemies might be properly resisted by force, is probably a crime. The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you, and America shouts non-violence as it drags you to the executioner.

What this decision means for me in practice probably isn’t much. There are two more appeals pending in this case before anything actually happens. Now, if my attorney in Chicago follows my attorney in Roanoke who was “persuaded” not to file my appeal on time, I may be stuck, but I don’t foresee that.

The big question is whether the DOJ uses this to violate the judge’s order, which was to remove me from solitary confinement, designate me a minimum-security inmate, and place me in a camp. They may even try to ship me to Chicago, though there is not going to be any order to do so any time soon. Beyond that, nothing much can be said. The charge, even if I am convicted, will likely carry time served, concurrent with my served sentence.

This Chicago thing puts a bit of a downer on the October 23 hearing, which went very well. The judge sentenced me to 33 months time served, and my release date is still April 7—meaning I will be released April 15. The media, I’m told, spun things differently. However, the judge did order me placed in minimum security, and ordered the servers seized in 2008 returned.

Now, I’m told a lot of noise was made about some investigation in Orlando, Florida. I have only a vague idea of what happened—a state judge allegedly received a package containing a “truly terrible threat” What that has to do with me, no one knows. But as my counsel pointed out, the government is not cutting me any breaks. If they had evidence to indict me, I would have been indicted prior to the September 12, not to mention the October 23 hearing, as even an indictment would have greatly improved the government’s case.

What the régime is doing is trying to silence me by prosecuting me over and over again, all over the country. They did it once, and I got out, and I wasn’t silenced, and so they are looking to do it over and over again.

Too many White people have been silenced this way. Matt Hale most prominently, but also think of the federal actions against Edgar Steele, Brian Calvert, Christine Greenwood, and even that WAR kid Alex Curtis in California. I’ve had Jewish shrinks tell me I’m “narcissistic” for thinking the government is doing anything other than just the ho-hum, normal and routine—but I would do anything to just be a normal, ho-hum prisoner. The system is Jewish judges, Jewish [illegible in handwritten original] and Judaized gentiles constantly immersing others in their insane fantasy world.

In the good news department, though, the ACLU has signed onto my case in the Eastern District of Virginia. Here the government paid an informant to make a threatening phone call to a “civil rights” attorney who was sueing me. The régime was going to charge me, but withdrew when they discovered that the FBI had authorized this informant to commit a crime. The “civil rights” lawyer sued me and lost. The case is now on de novo review on appeal.

My case in Roanoke may also be re-opened on a habeas corpus appeal, and while I have an attorney who is asking to represent me on this, if this appeal is granted I am hoping the ACLU will come in on this as well.

In other good news, [Patriot Act internee] Matt Hale has written three books in prison, and I am working on finding him a publisher. Hopefully we can get something in print in 6 to 12 months. My counsel is also working with his counsel on a habeas corpus, providing my Chicago transcripts and discovery to support his claim of juror bias.

I was going to tell you the story of my arrest—how I fought like hell to not be in the position I am today—as I thought your readers may like it, but this new development may make that unwise.

Sorry for droning on so, but I hope all this is useful to your readers. Thank you for your support, Harold, and I wish you well.


Bill White #13888-084
FCI Loretto
P. O. Box 1000
Loretto, PA 15940


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hearts in the right place but he was still an idiot to broadcast those bragging messages from Mexico after he made his run. If you must brag, drive 200 miles away from where you're hiding out and mail a snail-mail letter. Then get rid of the car you used to drive there and ride a bus back to your hideout.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous George said...

Since I do not know anything about Bill White I tried a Google search about him and up pops an SPLC article about the poor guy and man, do they ever have a long, long spread about him on their website.
Of course, what is the first thing that greets the eye? Why the classic photo of a man dressed in Nazi regalia, brown shirt, red armband with swastika, etc. Good Lord! How many white men have fallen into the trap of parading around in that garb, allowing all the Federal alphabet soup agencies to build a photo-file of them and thereby make them forever hunted men in their own country? HAC's point about not getting tattoos for obvious reasons is even more pertinent here. To be effectual, one cannot stand out in the crowd. Keep a low profile! The only kind of activity that will work against ZOG now or in the future has to be done in secrecy. HAC's article;
"What Is To Be Done? A Strategic Assessment of the Northwest Imperative" is the best reasoning on this matter I have seen to date.

5:20 PM  
Blogger Justthisguy said...

Heh. Everybody loves Das Panzerlied. I sang it out loud with my neighbor down the street a while back (he is a crazy old tanker).

Did you know that the official song of the South Korean armored troops is the Panzerlied? I don't think I could hear that being sung in Korean without giggling.

10:45 PM  

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