Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Edgar Steele Is Slowly Fading To Black

[I finally got somebody close to the family to respond to me. I will redact this person's name because I understand through other sources that our friends in the silk suits have warned the "official" Steele group off having "anything to do with Covington." with sinister threats and hints. They apparently don't like my regular Edgar Steele updates on Radio Free Northwest. – HAC]

Dear HAC:

In  roughly the first, say, 4 months that Mr. Steele was housed at the Victorville, California  federal  prison, he was able to communicate with 4 members of his legal team.  We could send and receive multiple messages per day.

Then, not so gradually, Victorville constricted  both  his  email  and printed correspondence.  Now only the occasional email comes from him, usually in the form of a message to one recipient but CC:'ed to all others. Outside  mail and books do not appear to make it through the jail walls.

The  last  known communication I am aware of was over 4 months ago, in the form of a telephone call.  At that time, his support team found he was in as good a spirit as can be expected. His health sounded stable.

Mrs. Steele  participated  in a filming session to make her statement about  Edgar's  case with Bill Windsor and "Lawless America".  Not sure if her segment will be on the final video.

[Name redacted]


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