Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Little Old Right-Wing Lady Writes

[A very good, concise statement of what most Whites feel these days. Read it well. THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE TO CHANGE. We also need to lower the median age of our audience (for that’s what we have right now) by about 20 years. Sorry to all you old coots and crones—remember, I’m one myself—but revolution is a young man’s game.  – HAC]

Dear Mr. Covington:

          Thanks for the very interesting, though unsettling CD of your interview with Ragnar. His revelations of the current European picture make it sem they have it worse than we do, at least right now.

          While I appreciate your optimism, I truly believe his scenario is the more likely—another generation and we’re toast, literally. I think so many of our real males have been eliminated in the many wars we have been propagandized to fight over the last 200-lus years, that the few left can’t get it together to accomplish effective change.

          My great-grandfather was killed in the Civil War. My father was 60% disabled in World War One. My two brothers were in World War Two. One came home disabled, the other arrived in a box. My daughter believes that Whites should stop reproducing as they are simply making replacement parts for the machine.

          The fact is that those responsible for this mess never seem to receive punishment. I believe this leads to two opposing responses: one is berserkers who totally lose it and go off the cliff. The second and more frequent reaction, in which most of us get trapped, is apathy. We are all so shell-shocked we can’t seem to make any effective moves to save ourselves.

          I seem to swing back and forth between the beliefs. I am religious because of the Bible’s accuracy in forecasting exactly what is occurring right now. But then I also, every now and then, think “Holy shit! All we are is some fancy Nintendo game, no better than an ant colony!” I hope, since I am old and diabetic, I won’t have long to find out.

          Hang in there and stay safe,

-Mary W.


Anonymous Steve the Elder said...

Our friend in tennis shoes just needs some time with a Christian Identity priest.. to bolster her faith and courage. We ARE gonna win this thing..

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When was this interview and where can I find it?

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assuming we are being watched of course so discretion is advised, or does one not need to say so? If one were to relocate to PNW,what exactly is there to do for the cause, other than the normal 9-5? It seems that until an overwhelming number of our people show, its just passing time for the northmen.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Justthisguy said...

Very good writing, Sir.

OT, but are you aware that the latest findings show that everybody _except_ Sub-Saharan Africans has between 1-5% of Neanderthal in him? Yes, Jews, too. They are genetically distant from us in other ways, though. The SSAs are really Not Like Us in just about every way, though.

As a Jew said on the 'net once, "We can prolly be trusted with pistols, because when we go bad, we don't do crazy violence, but indulge in financial scams and sexual nastiness." I think I read it on some autistic forum. Auties tend to be honest, even if Jewish.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

""If one were to relocate to PNW,what exactly is there to do for the cause, other than the normal 9-5? It seems that until an overwhelming number of our people show, its just passing time for the northmen. ""

And so you should do NOTHING because no one else is doing anything? Now, I'm sure you are truly a very intelligent person so can you not see the irony and logical fallacy in this statement you made?!?

Its as if the Wright Brothers had said "No one is flying right now, so we should wait to build and airplane until someone else does."

Or if Columbus said "No one else is sailing west so I should wait until someone else does first..."

Even the great revolutions of history, imagine if the French revolutionaries would have said "No one's storming the Bastille right now, so lets wait.." What if the commies in 1917 had said something like that (too bad they didn't have your attitude).

I guess my point isn't to point this out, as it is a no brainer. My question is just: Can't you see what you just said here? Can't you see the irony, the falliciousness of your statement?

5:59 AM  

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