Tuesday, September 18, 2012


[Busy day today, need to drop something in here real quick.]

Dear Mr. Covington,

Thank you for addressing my concern about your previous musical genre classification of Wardruna. It was an honor to be appreciated in your broadcast. In retrospect, I should have written my email more carefully, as I myself made the dyslexic mistake of writing the name of the program as "Northwest Free Radio".

I admire your courage in speaking out and to just do what needs to be done. I'm sure through you, many more find inspiration and bring out their own inner-courage. 

I'm not going to bore or patronize you with my plans to move to the Northwest, as I'm sure you read plenty of them that never follow through. When I get serious about this I'll shoot you an email to let you know when I'll be in the area so we might meet if you have the time. 

I just want to make it clear to you that I really do think your work as a speaker for self-determination and pride of heritage for Whites is doing good.  If the Northwest Front as a movement takes off, it will be due to the work you've accomplished as a speaker, and through the Northwest Novels, too.

Warm regards,

H. D.


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