Sunday, September 30, 2012

Benny Down From The Ledge?

For what it’s worth, this seems to be the consensus of “official” media opinion now: that Benny has been talked down off the ledge and naaaaaaaah we don’t have nothing to worry about, there ain’t gonna be no attack, nothing to see here, everybody turn your faces back to the election dog and pony show. We gave Benny a nice speech at the U.N. and that will do the trick.

Well…maybe. It could be that maybe Netanyahu staged the whole thing as a tantrum to try and force the United States into attacking Iran for him. (Remember, Benny really does want a war, he just wants the U.S. to start it and take the blame for the subsequent world disaster and misery.) 

Maybe he has received some kind of vague promises to attack Persia later from Obongo, after finally being let in on the little secret that Obongo’s re-election is assured and this whole performance is nothing but smoke and mirrors, so he needs to quit wasting his time schmoozing with Mitt Romney and the neo-cons because they ain't coming back.

But what about all that military intel which indicates that the Persians are digging like a bunch of lunatic gophers, and that by spring all their nuclear toys will be so deeply buried underground that any bombing raid at all will be pointless? 

The super-Zionists have a point: things have reached the point where for the West not to attack now means that the Powers That Be have tacitly accepted a nuclear Iran. Hmmmm….

We may have dodged the bullet, in which case I have never been so happy to be proven wrong. But still, I think I’m still going to be dating my next couple of Radio Free Northwests “1914.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Netanyahoo and Abeninananainsdjamadwhatever are like Dumb and Dumber. I feel like I've been watching some really stupid movie staring Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell as two stupid guys "I kill you first! NO! I kill YOU first! NO NO, I kill YOU FIRST!"

Seriously, if there is some world wide Jooish conspiracy going on, this year's script was written by the Joo who wrote "Spies Like Us!"

2:33 PM  

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