Monday, August 27, 2012

Write To Edgar Steele


Just a periodic reminder that we all need to write to Edgar Steele. We have a source fairly close to the situation who says that Edgar is in "good health," or as good as a man of 67 with serious heart trouble locked up with animals can be, but that he is becoming very badly depressed and dispirited. (His latest appeal motion received a summary dismissal with no comment.) We need to work on that.

Edgar Steele #14226-023
P. O. Box 3900
Adelanto, CA. 92301-3900

Steele is being held more or less incommunicado, and is only allowed something like five outgoing letters per month which must all be to "approved" contacts. The last I heard he is not allowed to write to his wife, and Cyndi is not allowed to visit him, because she is his alleged "victim," never mind the fact that she supported him throughout the trial. 

The government is now trying to take what little remains of her personal assets to pay Ed's fine, and she is being pressured by the U.S. Attorney or some kind of federal lawyer (unclear) to divorce him or else she will lose everything and have nothing for her retirement and maybe even have her Social Security garnisheed to give money to the government that murdered her husband and destroyed her life. Oh beeauuutifulll for spaaaaa-cious skies.....

Anyway, we need to make writing to Edgar Steele a habit, even if he doesn't answer.


Blogger Wulfram said...

Wow. This is unbelievable. They have stacked the cards against him so badly. As you have mentioned, letters to him would liven him up a bit. I have always thought of personal mail as kind of like getting a gift. Got to get some writing paper, envelopes and a decent pen to write with...

10:12 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

And to think that most Amurricans call the Taliban a bunch of barbaric savages. Pot calling the kettle black?
This obvious judicial lynching of Mr. Steele just goes to show how urgent the formation of the Homeland has become.

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow the system has it in for Mr. Steele! The jews hate him but good for exposing them.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Bill White ? Any news of him ?

9:35 PM  

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