Friday, August 31, 2012

The Idiocy of Obamacare

Now, let me get this straight:

The federal government can require everyone to buy medical insurance, but the state governments are not allowed to compel people to prove they are citizens before they can vote. Are you with me? 

The result is that non-citizens can vote, illegally, to compel people who are citizens and who obey the law, to pay their medical bills for them.

"Oh, beeeauuu-tee-full for spaaa-cious skies........"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have zero sympathy. Dumbassed white people did it to themselves.

If by some magic Nit Rumney announced he would close the border so even a rattlesnake couldn't get passed, and, deport all illegal spics, no exceptions, his poll numbers would drop by 20 points among whites.

I think the white population in the US is now down to 63 percent. Seems that fewer than half of those have their heads out of their asses and can see the danger.

There is no reason for a white person to vote for O'Nig. Why would whites vote for their own destruction as a minority?

Except for a small core, whites have lost the ability and vision necessary to save themselves.

Turn out the lights.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Joseph Anthony said...

I urge you to go see the anti-Obama 2016 movie!!!

8:37 AM  

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