Friday, August 24, 2012

Laughing With Romney

I listened to Romney's announcement that he picked Ryan for VP, and while he was talking I was laughing my ass off. Not at what he said, but at the oogaboogas in the background directly behind him, and the ones in the audience. 

Not one nigger was cheering or applauding when he spoke. Instead they looked like they'd just taken a big slurp of catbox stew and didn't like the taste it left in their mouths. Well they should, considering Obama has been feeding them a steady diet of bullshit for the past three years. And when he said he was repealing and replacing Chimpcare, those apes really got upset. That wuz dey sainted head niggah in charge he was talkin' bout'! Yaazzuuh!

Ole' Chimpy could have declared martial law and surrendered the country to China, and those coons would still love him because he's a fellow monkey. That's all that matters to those morons, the fact that a nigger got into the White House and booged it out. 

I'll never forget the news footage when Obummer first took occupancy of the place. I wanted to go postal on the spot. He had the staff load up all the sacred icons of our nation's history and haul them out to a storage building, then replaced everything with "black culture", as he put it. In other words he booged out the White House. African statues, pictures of James Brown, Martin Loser Koon, Malcom-X and other lowlifes now grace its walls, along with all kinds of nigger art from all over Africa. Well if he loves the freaking bush so much, why the hell doesn't he go back..and stay there?

Obama doesn't have a platform or a leg to stand on, so he's spent his campaign money on running mud slinging ads about Romney, and every last one of them has been proven to be a bold-faced, fabricated lie. He knows this, but liberals have always used lies to gain power. It's an old communist tactic, and most ignorant Americans don't realize that liberalism is nothing more than Communism Lite. 

In fact the only reason that ape got in power in the first place was the Jews, liberals, niggers, wetbacks and queers. That's right, all our nation's enemies and lowlifes. They ganged up and achieved sufficient numbers to create a large enough power base to get him in. Well, considering the alternative at the time, it wouldn't have been much of a victory if he'd lost anyway. 

I mean think a minute. McCain? Jesus wept! I know that clown personally, and I can tell you that I have seldom met such a conceited, arrogant, evil, power hungry sonofabitch. McCain should be the picture above the word asshole in Webster's Dictionary.

If he had got into office, we could have expected hell on wheels. He planned on cutting Social Security, involving us in more wars, and running oil prices even higher than Chimpy has...if that's possible. 

And speaking of gas prices, how many of you knew that the exact same bastards that stole our nation blind and crashed the economy, are now at the London stock exchange (since they can no longer trade in the US), and have bought up the lion's share of oil futures? With those, they have jacked up the price of our gas by over double, and have been making more and more billions off of our dying nation. 

Oh. I almost forgot. They're all Jews! And not one of the evil SOBs ever got arrested, prosecuted, or had their assets confiscated! Not one! Why? Because vast sums of cash exchanged hands in the back rooms of the capitol with those that had the power to prosecute them. Suddenly
evidence got lost, witnesses refused to testify or suddenly died, and prosecutors pronounced that there was "insufficient evidence" to prosecute anyone. Sound familiar? We seem to hear that crap a lot when it comes to the rich and powerful in this country, don't we?

Another reason the liberals are pissing is because of what's going on with Bank of America. It seems that the vast majority of its employees have pulled their support from Obummer, and are now sending vast amounts of cash donations to Romney's election fund. Well this really pissed off the Democratic National Committee, who retaliated by pulling their millions out of Bank of America. 

So has several other liberal organizations. A whopping 77% of the bank's employees have switched to Romney, making the fags and Jews do a jig in place that looks like a grand mal spazz attack. And the numbers are growing. Not just with B of A, but with former supporters everywhere, who realize they were duped big-time and want absolutely no more of Obama's brand of leadership. You know, the kind that gives a wide open door policy to invaders, removes the work requirement from welfare. (I mean how dare those whiteys demand that niggahs work?), and creates a medical system that's flat guaranteed to bankrupt the nation in only three years. That niggah is crazier than a shithouse rat.

Obama and his cronies are running scared. They know that unless they declare martial law damned quick, they'll lose power soon. So I'd be watching those pricks real close for the next few months. If they're going to let the other shoe drop, it's going to be soon. Damned soon. 

I'm actually quite astounded they haven't done it already. The only reason I can come up with is that there are factors and forces in play that we know nothing about that are for the moment, holding those assholes in check. In many ways I'm sorry about this because if this nation is to ever have a chance at righting all the wrongs that are presently taking place, we're going to have to have a bloody revolt that destroys the present regime and government structure entirely. 

Make no mistake; the only way freedom is ever instituted or restored is by the shedding of the blood of tyrants and patriots. Lots of it. Barrels of it, rivers of it. History has proven conclusively that there is no other way. So we're going to have to decide for ourselves the same question all peoples in our situation have had to decide all down through history; Is our freedom worth fighting and dying for, or are we satisfied to become slaves for the evil that is trying to overpower us?

It's a choice each of us is going to have to decide for ourselves...and soon.


Anonymous Sven S. said...

I can't believe a smart man like you have swallowed the big lie that Argentina and Chile are white countries! In those countries the norm is for some within the mix-blooded majority to concentrate on attempting to diminish, hide or deny any non-european admixture (in Argentina you will find more blonde women than in Sweden but argentine blondes have beaner faces and brown skin) these will then often falsely claim to be pure spanish or german other european ancestry in their attempts to conform to the idealized pedigree dictated by the south american socio-racial hierarchy, I traveled argentina and chile many times and those societies are obssesed with being european and looking white, it's specially sick in argentina where any light skinned mestizo shamelessly call himself white, if those people are considered white no wonder why officially 80% or so of argentines are white, but those same "whites" would be called latinos here in sweden (they got offended if you call them so) Tourist spots in those countries try to show foreigns a white european-like place , certainly there are fewer indigenous or mestizos in the social circles that professional American and European expats may frequent, but if your get away from those artificially white places you will find plenty of indigenous and mestizos, who rarely receive the same hospitality as a dollar or euro-toting european or gringo. the repeated, almost compulsive insistence on this myth of Argentina/Chile as a racially homogenous society (particularly by upper and middle-class Argentines/Chileand and disseminated as “news” by the most powerful media outlet of the country) serves to conceal the racial reality of argentina and chile where a tiny little minority hides a less vocal majority.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your going to comment, on anything, why not do it using facts. As far fetched as your stuff is, if you use factual speach then it becomes much more believable. You wrote a essay on why the Jews are hated. In it you were smart enough to use factual phrasing in it. If you read it, you will see what I mean. I am just a guy looking at your stuff and giving a little constuctive critisism.

2:22 AM  

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