Tuesday, August 14, 2012

He's Baaa-aaaack!

Reverse Mortgages: The Final Insult

We have all felt the impact of the economic collapse that hit in 08'. I warned people for two years before it hit, trying to get them to stock up, buy gold and silver, and to sell off all property while they could. Few listened to me. There were far more that wrote me, crying in their beer about how stupid they had been for thinking I was a crackpot. One thing you folks need to know about me is that I'm not about to stick my neck out and look like a dumb ass by warning people of something that doesn't exist. If I tell you to duck, you damned well had better duck..unless you like having a bullet hole in your head (figuratively). I do a hell of a lot of research before I ever say anything. I also have sources I have cultivated over decades that feed me data few can get. Plus I have a wealth of experience in areas that most people have never even heard of. Or as an old wise man once said to me,"I know things.".

What I see coming for this country in the very, very near future is so frightening that I dare not speak of it here, lest I get tarred and feathered. Why? Because when people are scared they almost always  take it out on the messenger, as if it's somehow his fault for telling them about what's coming. People disgust me. There are many times I feel like letting mankind stew in his own juices just because he so richly deserves it. Even the evil that's about to befall us is our own damned doing because white America has become a race of cowards and spoiled hedonists. They're far more concerned about the next Big Mac than saving their nation. Bastards.

A nation of cowards deserve their fate. But after sucking us bone dry, the Jews weren't satisfied. They want every last dreg left in the bottle before they'll be satisfied. And that's where these so- called "reverse mortgages" come in. Oh, it sounds like a good deal..on the surface of it, but really check it out by reading the fine print, and you'll discover that they are just another kike scam. It's a way for them to cheat your children out of their inheritance by turning over everything you own, everything you've built up through a long lifetime of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, to the same thieving bastards that caused this mess to begin with!

Watch one of their commercials sometime. A slick talking Jew in a three-piece-suit gets in front of the camera and talks to you like an old, trusted friend that's only trying to help you. He'll tell you that you're sitting on a fortune and that you could be living high on the hog by selling him your house and land and everything on it for small monthly payments. He downplays the fact that if you happen to suddenly die a week after you sign the papers, he owns everything and can..and will kick your family out on the street with nothing but the clothes on their backs... Nasty little clause aint' it?

That also includes your poor wife if her name isn't on the deed. You're far better off selling the property outright and renting an apartment and giving some cash to your kids rather than risk letting the damned Jews take it all. Besides, if you have more than one kid, they'll fight over the property after you die anyway and end up selling it regardless. It's better to split half the proceeds of the sale with them and spend the rest on making your lives better for the time you and your wife have left. Fly to some island for a vacation, then use the rest to supplement your income without having to worry about greedy kikes waiting in the wings for you to croak.

You may have to pay some taxes on the sale money, but a good tax man can help you dodge that bullet for the most part. Play it smart. If you're seventy and male, your odds of living another ten years is about 40\60 against. And the ratio drops drastically with each passing year. Make sure your wife is set up with a place to go when you die, like a rest home, a relative, or senior living. Women live longer than men, sometimes by as much as 15 years. No fair you say? Talk to your genes. You're hard-wired to croak early.

Staying in shape and eating right help a lot, but genetics always have the final say. They can trump whatever you do if they feel like it. In any event, don't let the Jews have the last laugh. You're smarter than that.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually its almost amusing in a way if you look at it with a very twisted and cynical sense of humor...unfortunately which i have in abundance. Think about it for just one moment...these stupid people have slaved away for the kikes their entire life, sacrificed family or children to the judean wars, watched their country die with the indifference of a rubbernecker gazing at an accident on a roadway, and now they allow the jew a final chance to get the last bit of meat off the bone. Good...may they suffer as the life they had and sacrificed at the alter of the chosen passes before their eyes as they draw their last breath.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Glad to see this guy's back. The last I'd heard, he was having a serious health problem of some sort, then he dropped off the net.

Dave 08142012 / 2005

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Phil said...

They are still White and they are victims of Jew-brainwashing. If they do suffer and die, then they have themselves to blame for not standing up to the Zionist machinery, but we should not wish for that to happen. They are still our racial kinsmen.

9:55 AM  

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