Monday, August 20, 2012

Fool's Errand

I've had a lot of people write me about niggers over the past twenty years. Some were friends, some  foes, and some were even relatives. All had different views on the subject. But after a while I found  a few common denominators among certain opinion types. 

Without fail, the ones that defended niggers  were those that hadn't been exposed to them to the extent of the ones that were against them. They  had never been robbed or raped or beaten or had one of their kids shot or drugged up by one of those worthless bastards. 

In my own life and the lives of most of those I know, both friends and relatives, blacks have been a continual nightmare they've had to deal with their entire lives. I personally have  had my house robbed of thousands of dollars worth of stuff, and was able to prove niggers in the area  did it, but the damned cops were afraid of violating their cibble rats rights and let them keep my property.

My first wife was dragged into a van full of bucks, gang-raped then beat nearly to death, then kicked  out on the side of a busy freeway at night nearly naked and bleeding. Of course they were never found. 

My mother was attacked in broad daylight in a shoe store, for God's sake, by a 300 pound muscled-up  gorilla who broke her back, crushed in her right cheek, knocked out three teeth, broke her arm and six ribs. The liberal judge let him walk scot free because he was "mentally not responsible for his actions." Then why the fuck was he walking around loose in society? He'd done this same thing three times before. My 67-year-old mother weighed 110 pounds soaking wet. She flatly refused to give my brother and I the  name of the ape because she knew without a shadow of a doubt that we'd have taken niggertown apart until we had found and killed it. 

We also wanted to kill the cowards that just stood by and watched as this went down instead of jumping that monkey. If I had seen something like that, there would have been one less maggot in this world. 

I feel sorry for a lot of black women. They are, for the most part, hard-working people  who stay out of trouble. But the male of their species is a total waste of meat. Once testosterone kicks in, all that aggression and sex drive makes them go nuts. When you cross all that with an  extremely low IQ, you've got a recipe for trouble. 

Whites have known this for eons, and that's why we had segregation laws and control systems to keep those apes in check. Then, in the 1800's, some  middle-aged Boston twat with too much time on her hands wrote that piece of shit Uncle Tom's Cabin, which was pure unadulterated bullshit. But it was swallowed hook, line and sinker by every female in the East, who started raising hell about the plight of the poor downtrodden and innocent  nigger. And the seeds of the civil war were planted, causing the deaths of more white men than all  the other wars we've ever fought combined. 

If the truth were known the book was probably written  by some kike who gave it to that female to promote. If I could go back in time, I'd transplant a pair  of balls on the bitch, just so I could string her up by them.

I only scratched the surface on the things niggers have done to me over the years. I could write a freaking book. It's a wonder men like me haven't gone absolutely postal. In fact I'm still shocked it hasn't happened yet. 

I keep expecting to hear on the news where some white guy has blown up a nigger college somewhere or taken an Uzi to a cibble rats rally during a Martin Loser Koon  holiday. The hate white men in this country have for niggers is so thick you could cut slices off it. I firmly believe that all it would take at this point is some incident to light the tinderbox. There's only so much people can tolerate, no matter how cowed they are. 

The one group I get the most heat from, not surprisingly, is the Christian denominations. They're always preaching to me about "forgiveness". But I'm a student of almost all the religions of this world both living and dead, and I usually eat them alive when they cross theological swords with me. The New Testament very clearly states that they must first repent before you forgive them. You are not to just arbitrarily
forgive. To repent means you change your ways and stop the evil you're doing. To forgive someone that's still harming you is not only wrong, it's foolish as all hell. That's like catching some
nigger in the act of raping your daughter and telling him, "I forgive you." Gimme a damned break!

In town today while sitting at a stoplight, I saw some plate-lipped, 250 pound gorilla on a little Stingray bike, cruising slowly through a casino parking lot, checking each car out carefully for unlocked doors and goods left inside. Anytime you see a nigger on a bicycle, you can bet yer ass he's up to no good. There's no law against just riding around in the lot, and if you stopped him for suspicious behavior, he'd instantly chimp out and start screaming bloody murder about discrimination. I get so damned sick of hearing that tired old word that it makes me see red every time now. What whites need to do from now on is every time some ape comes up with that bile, he needs to yell right back at him that there's a big difference between discrimination and life experience, and that life has taught us that blacks are nothing but trouble. 

And if he doesn't like that, ask him why he's not out looking for work. That usually shuts them up on the spot. At the very least it reduces them to nothing but loud bluster, at which point you lay the law down. I confess that I've stomped a lot of black ass and got away with it, simply because I chose the place and time carefully, and made damned sure that the coon wasn't able to jump up and start screaming fo' de po-leece as soon as I left.

And if you ever get into a scrape with one, never hit him in the head. You'll only break your hand and piss him off. Niggers have almost twice the skull thickness of a white, just like their cousin the gorilla. Punch him in the solar plexus, stomach, neck, kidneys and balls. I use other methods myself, but unless you've had training in some specialized form of fighting, you're better off sticking  with what I've listed. 

And always check them damned quick for a gun. Niggers just love their guns.  They're cowards by nature. In a pack they'll kill you, but alone they're all smiles and "let's get along". Never let one on your property and especially not in your home. He'll case the place in ten seconds,  and within days he and his cronies will clean your ass out. 

If a family of coons moves into your neighborhood, you do whatever it takes to run their asses out. I don't care if you have to burn them  out, get them out! Blacks are like roaches. You let one in, and soon you've got hundreds then  thousands. Like wetbacks, they use the "foothold" method. One family moves in and becomes  a royal pain in the ass to their neighbors on each side until they get fed up and move. Then they  move in their bros, who start the process all over again. I've seen clean, safe, quiet, beautiful  neighborhoods turn into nasty, dangerous ghettos seemingly overnight by these monkeys.

But trying to get control of the black or the wetback problem through "legal" means is a fool's errand. It'll never happen. We have far too many extremely evil, extremely powerful criminals in power in this country, that are working day and night to bring about the destruction of America. 

Our only hope at this point is bloody revolution. Not wild, hated-filled riots and mindless mobs because they'll get mowed down by our mostly black military in a second. No, it must be a well organized guerrilla campaign that takes over military bases, weapons depots and ammunition bunkers. Our only hope is veterans with military training, who know where all the goodies are, and how to get to them. And believe me, there are plenty of guys out there just waiting for an excuse. It's only a matter of time now before the hammer falls, and not much of that. Not much at all. 

If I were you out there, I'd be stocking up on food, medicine, ammo, and weapons. You'll never have too much. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd rather die fighting this insanity and tyranny rather than allow it to finish us off slowly and quietly. But then the choice is yours, isn't it?

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Celt said...

Of course middle class and upper middle class neighborhoods are being diversified through social programs to move in hordes of colorful peoples. That is how the real estate market keeps their perpetual bubble and bust cycle going, otherwise white suburban communities would never move around.

The real estate oligarchs want to prevent whites from owning homes anywhere longer than 15-30 years, if that. They basically lead us around the country like dogs pulling their sled and them wipping us to keep moving them.

Eventually our folk will all recognize this cat and mouse game and reach a homeland.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous John Norman Howard said...

The liberal judge let him walk...
mother flatly refused to give my brother and I the name of the ape because she knew without a shadow of a doubt that we'd have taken niggertown apart until we had found and killed it.

C'mon, now... things are bad enough without resorting to this kind of bullshit.

Court records are public domain. If they truly wanted revenge, the name of this nigger would have been easy enough to find.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I feel sorry for a lot of black women."

It's sheboons fault:
The warrior gene is on the X-chromosome; hence, men inherit it from their mother.
Since men have only one X-chromosome, the warrior gene is fully effective if present.

3:53 AM  
Anonymous Steve the Elder said...

Dats real good stuff dere, homey.. had to take out my first groid attacker at age 8. One kick to the yamsack ended the fracas instantly. The Haranger needs to scope out real Christian Identity doctrine because we agree wholeheatedly with his assessments. Yep, it's coming folks

1:54 PM  
Anonymous TheWhiteHand said...

Part of the story doesn't make sense. If the matter went to trial, why would he still not know the name of the buck who attacked his mother?

8:07 AM  

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