Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter To A Kosher Conservative

Dear HAC: Thank you for the White Book.  I sent a check.  I also sent this to James Wesley Rawles at  I was re-reading The Brigade, and got a little pissed! - John

Dear JWR:

I was disappointed, having found SurvivalBlog first, that there’ no mention whatsoever of the works of Harold Covington at whom I discovered by accident much later.

The first realization that struck me was the geographic overlap of your American Redoubt with HAC’s new Northwest American Republic (NAR).

This left me wondering what the reason for omission might be.  I see two possibilities.  One, your philosophical differences with HAC over race.  Or, perhaps you secretly agree in principal, but are attempting to preserve yourself by purposely stating an anti-racist stance.

Either way, I suggest this.  Why not at least list the fact that such a website and position exists, along with a personal disclaimer to get yourself off the hook?

In other words, let your readership decide if it makes sense for them.

As I’ve read SurvivalBlog, I’ve seen some pretty stupid suggestions, along with the “pearls of wisdom”that reminds me of the recycled pap national magazines come up with every month just to fill out the pages.

The sum total of all of it is oriented toward the day when TSHTF.  I submit that little turds have been flying off the fan blades for quite a while, and much of the self-sufficiency described in the blog makes sense yesterday.

Tomorrow is a different story.  It’ fine to prepare for the inevitable short-term disaster scenarios such as earthquakes, floods, etc

These are short-term acts of nature.  In other words, order and normalcy is restored in a reasonable period of time without massive death.

But, what about long-term?  If nothing else happens first, it's inevitable that the US is facing geographic disintegration, probably led by Mexican reclaim of the Southwest, and economic collapse, whichever comes first.  I didn't dream any of this up on my own.  People much smarter than me and much better informed have seen it coming for years.

In that sort of survivalism, I submit that solutions like the Rawles Ranch, or small groups of isolated survivalists is obsolete.  That way of life won't be supported by metal matches, Leatherman tools, tube tents, and the Air Force Survival Manual.  It won't be a long-term camp-out.

Millions of white people, fat, dumb and lazy, will die during the first few months of a nationwide breakdown, either killed by mobs of non-whites, or due to starvation and dehydration.  Granted, those who are at least smart enough to have read SurvivalBlog will last longer than the average klutz, but not much beyond without a lot of help.

The ONLY hope would be for thousands of white people to usurp, command, and hold a multi-state territory, as described in HAC's Northwest novels.

NAR is a plan worth considering that goes beyond mere survival, and lays out a path for the preservation of the white race, and particularly its children, well into the future.  Doom-and-gloom survival is passive.  The concept of the NAR is active.

You have got to know that there will be immediate splits along racial lines.  (I read Patriots, etc.)  White people will be stuck with holding out against racial mobs as well as the Federal Government.  Death or a FEMA camp doesn' appeal to me.  Neither does living out in the woods for years.  That little fantasy promptly expires with soaked clothing, cold weather, and bugs.

Don' you think you owe some alternative hope to your readership, even if you may not personally agree with it?

-John .


Blogger FeminizedWesternMale said...

No chance that Rawles will take it a level deeper, the verboten racial question. I've read his "Patriots," complete with his token, Orthodox Jew in the survival camp, and Tyreek and Latisha strolling along into camp later on. Right, can you say "contrived."

Rawles is paid to remain a gateway peddler: What White man turns his nose up to shekels to become a universally despised White Nationalist and Rayciss?

Sadly, he's like too many of our kind, where all you have to do is "follow the money," to find out who butters his bagel. He's from the Gary North/Libertarian bent of Mammon worshiping. North is the only non-jew in the world who has spent thousands of pages of exegesis to prove that it is biblical to be greedy and selfish. Not exactly a White man's "go to" guy. They can't wait until the day that they are sitting alone on top of a mountain, bathing in silver rounds, and screaming "I told you so!" while their supposed brother's are fighting hand-to-hand with ZOG and muds.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah, I read that with tacked on jew and mud characters. He's a jew apologist for sure, religious as he claims to be.

Like most, he's worried about his money. I think its very difficult to retain your integrity in this jew controlled world.

4:04 AM  
Anonymous polarbear87j said...

that picture sums it up

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read rawles' book. He is a total jew fawner. And what kind of stupid name has a coma in it?

Charles (The Hammer) Martel , Ha ha.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous armorbear said...

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1:24 PM  

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