Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Bad Is It?

by Gregory Kay

That's a question we all ask ourselves; just how bad are things out there? The Magic Negro In Charge and his kosher handlers all swear that the economy is recovering, and, for them, the banksters, the corporatist robber barons, the rich CEOs who get six and seven figure bonuses even in companies that are failing, Big Pharm, Big Oil, and everyone else gleefully economically sodomizing the American people, no doubt it is. But what's it like for the real people out there, the people like us?
I got slapped in the face with the stark reality of that the other day.
Jesus said the poor would always be with us, and indeed they are, and in ever-increasing numbers. More and more tents are appearing in the woods at the edge of towns, and those people aren't camping for pleasure. More and more cars are parked in the roadside rests and the Wal-Mart parking lots overnight with in-state tags, meaning they're not traveling. More and more even less-fortunate souls are appearing on the roads with everything they still own stuffed into a backpack. More and more signs are appearing in shaking hands, with words like Will work for food, Home being foreclosed, or Family homeless, children hungry.
Then my daughter walked down to the river with some friends in my hometown of Point Pleasant, West Virginia a week ago, and saw a couple washing their clothes on the rocks at the edge of the polluted, muddy Kanawha River, right in the heart of downtown, small town America.
The teenagers were naturally curious about what was going on and struck up a conversation with the couple. They found out they had a place to live and actually had a washing machine, but couldn't afford the electric or water to do their laundry, or much of anything else. These people, by the way, like virtually all the others I've seen, were White; our Aryan brothers and sisters, reduced to pounding out clothes on a rock in a filthy river full of dioxins and PCBs.
I'm not ashamed to say that image hurt me, and it hurt bad. This is not the Third World, and yet we have allowed Obama to reduce more and more of us to that level, until we live like his native Kenyan kinsmen, all in order to hand out untold billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries, to giant corporations and mega-banks, to imperialist wars, and to illegal criminal aliens, indebting us for generations to come. Trillions to the wars. Trillions to the career parasites and criminals. Billions to multi-billion dollar banks and corporations. Billions to foreign aid, billions of that to Israel alone. Millions in what amounts to under-the-table gifts to corporate donors. Millions to refugees who have so screwed up their own countries they've come to live in ours now. Millions to actively promote egalitarianism, and millions more to promote homosexuality. Money, money for everyone...except for hard-working, tax-paying America...except for the family fighting to keep its home against predatory Jewish lenders...except for the wounded, traumatized, no-longer-useful soldier sleeping in the gutter...except for the breadwinner who is dying of cancer because he can't pay the bill in a hospital that treats parasites and criminal aliens for free...except for a desperate couple in Point Pleasant, beating their clothes on a rock in the filthy waters of the Kanawha...except for people like that.
They don't get the dollars; instead, they get the bill.
This is unacceptable. It's unacceptable in my tiny hometown with it's population of 5000, and it's unacceptable among the millions in the big cities. It's unacceptable in America, and it's got to stop, one way or the other. The time to stop it peacefully has just about run out if it hasn't already, but it will still have to be stopped, by any means necessary. 
Because I don't know about you, but I don't intend to live this way.


Anonymous George said...

Everything in this essay is true and I agree with it all, except for this one sentence:
"This is not the Third World, and yet we have allowed Obama to reduce more and more of us to that level, until we live like his native Kenyan kinsmen"
This is indeed the Third World (now) and as much as I dislike the Magic Negro, all this cannot be laid at his doorstep alone. As R,P> Oliver stated in one of his articles back in the 1980's, US manufacturing capacity started being dismantled right after WW2. This has been going on for many decades now. George Bush The Dumb One was every bit as bad, if not more so than Obama. Aside from that , whites helped vote Obama into office- blacks and minorities alone could not do it and many of those whites were young people (not necessarily all baby Boomers as is often implied).
There was no real resistance to any of this raping of our people and our country's resources (for that is what manufacturing facilities are- as much so as natural gas and oil). There was no resistance when the Japanese toured our manufacturing plants to steal our technology, or when Nixon "opened the doors" to China (and cheap labor). No one protested when the shoe industry and clothing industries were outsourced to the Far East. No one lifted a finger when the Indians and Phillipinos were brought in to take nursing jobs and tech jobs by the thousands from US citizens. No REAL (physical show of force) protesting was ever done as a result of any of these crimes against our people, and as HAC has said in the past, "in spite of all those guns out there, not a shot will ever be fired in anger" (paraphrased, Harold).
R.P. Oliver said something else that obtains here, something obvious but that no one wants to acknowledge: "Actually, you can't depend on anything but force. Diplomacy works only if it's backed up by force. Diplomacy itself is about force: the threat of it, the use of it, the direction of it. Peace is nothing but the aftermath of war or the interlude between wars. War or the threat of war is what makes peace, or else there is no peace."
Some ideas are way past their time. Unfortunately it seems that we whites can look past the suffering of our brothers and sisters so long as our own plates have food on them. It may take more suffering, it might be necessary for the vast majority of whites to be personally affected before they listen to the voices of those who warned us in the past- who warned us what was coming and what to expect.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

White people are so screwed....

9:23 AM  
Anonymous tsnamm said...

@George...absolutely 100% correct...as for what it will take...to borrow a phrase fro The Irish Savant..."the worse the better"...until the mismanagement and suffering and incompetence hits home to a majority of middle class/working class white Americans, nothing will change and more importantly no one will ACT. Hopefully the European economic meltdown will hasten the needed education.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Joseph Anthony Fascista said...

Greg Kay is also a fantastic writer and has many books on Amazon dealing with Counter-factual History from a Neo-Confederate viewpoint.

9:20 AM  

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