Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Banned In Canuckistan

[A young man from Canada attending a conference in the United States wanted me to ship him my novels to an American address so he could pick them up and carry them back across the border. I advised him against this. – HAC]

Dear Harold:

You were right. I’m glad I didn’t try to bring your books back into Canada with me, otherwise they would be sitting in Ottawa where my other stuff is heading now.

I was coming back from Nashville from the CofCC confrence when I was searched by the Canadian Customs and Border Services Agency (CBSA) and my things were taken apart. They took the contact information off my phone, which I didn't think they'd go through but they did. I should have known better and deleted my things off it. They only thing that I am not getting back is a small book with the title of Communism With The Mask Off by Dr. Joseph Goebbels which was a total of 51 pages, the second half of the book being a speech addressed to the staff of the National Socialist Party of Germany in 1936.

The rest they took to Ottawa where they say I can apply for its return. I am sorry to report that I was too stupid to see this coming. I did not think that this was how Customs worked at the Island Airport, but apparently it is different than I had experienced at the airport at Pearson International. I passed the initial questioning, but I was split off and they looked through my baggage and found “hate material” under the code of Canadian Customs Act 101 which they took away to Ottawa for further examination. They said I was smuggling it in. They put me in a holding cell and told we that I was to be contacted in a couple of days if charges were to be pursued. I was released and told to take the ferry home to Toronto.

Paul Fromm just thinks they were blowing smoke, he will help me file paperwork for my book back in the form of an appeal. He said I should have gotten a report but I did see the paperwork involved. He says that there is no such law.


[They are confiscating CofCC stuff as “hate literature” now? Jesus! That’s some of the mildest material around. Jared Taylor’s newsletter is stronger than CofCC, racially speaking. – HAC]


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