Friday, June 22, 2012

Northwest Front YouTubes

Okay, I’m going to be really mean here.

I know we have a few rats on our Northwest Revolution list, people lurking on the list who are in fact Goat Dancers or “monitors” for the ADL or SPLC, etc. I also know that the power structure does NOT want us on YouTube. The battles waged by the late Colonel House to keep his videos up were epic; he had more channels than Carter has little liver pills.

Two of our comrades have made their own NF-related YouTubes. They are at:

I am going to cruelly and cynically post these in public, for the purpose of seeing how long these YouTubes last before the “monitors” flag them and pull them down.

Sorry to use your hard work as skeet for the Jews to shoot at, guys, but I think we need to know just how closely we are watched.



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