Saturday, June 23, 2012

American Immigration for White Nationalists

Hi, guys:

          Okay, I’m starting to get a lot of inquiries again from foreign White Nationalists wanting to know how they can come here and become part of the magic. Unlike dumb-ass Amurricans, these foreigners who have to live with hate laws and total gun control and such-like get it. Some of them would move heaven and earth to come here. It’s you Beavis and Buttheads who need only pack a U-Haul, pull out of the driveway, and head Northwest I can’t get through to.

There is no question at all that when we finally do get the Republic we will have more White immigrants pounding down the doors to get in than we can handle. Hell, we’ll probably get 80% of what remains of the White population of Great Britain alone.

          Anyway, just a reminder that there is a special RFN on the subject of immigration for all you Brits, Swedes, Aussies, Canucks, and South Africans. It’s at

The news basically is not good, but I tell it like it is and I’ll help you all I can.



Anonymous Greg Holiday said...

I think most Europeans should try to retain their homelands if at all possible; I really do feel things will eventually begin to change for Europeans due to their long-established cultures, identities, and social consciousness. It is the White race's ancient homeland and cradle of our civilization and should not be handed over to the wogs freely.

I did try the NW for over two years, and I must say, it wasn't really for me. Where should I begin? The locals are some of the most embarrassingly liberal people I've ever encountered--Oregon is the only place I've seen a bumper sticker depicting stick figures in a variety of colors holding hands with the slogan beneath reading "separate colors only when washing". The people also come off as somewhat socially retarted--they tend to prefer the company of those they have known all their lives in their little cliques and can be rather passive-aggressive. Native PNWers also have the characteristic yankee smugness when it comes to race relations--they just don't realize how lucky they've been to have had such a civilized way of life due to the historic lack of blacks in the area (although a quarter of Mexico is trying to move in as fast as they can).

Maybe I didn't take to it because I'm originally from the South--I only made friends with a bunch of Midwesterners and...a Californian (go figure). But I never made friends with a native. They always talked about making plans but would never follow through. So, in a way I would compare the natives to the British in temperament except for the fact that most of them cannot be bothered to be genuine, and they also fail to have anything resembling a good sense of humor. But hey, if you enjoy being on your own just reading books, drinking coffee, hiking in the wilderness and whatnot, it's a great place to live.

The weather was actually one of my least complaints. But it did get cold on occasion. Speaking of cold, no one brought me in from it. I survived by my own devices having travelled there not knowing a soul or having an immediate job offer. I eventually got tired of feeling alone and decided to move on.

My opinion? Idaho is considerably better than Washington or Oregon...if one can find work, that is. And you won't have to see anywhere near as many Obama stickers (although they're trying to make inroads in Boise as fast as they can--the reds know that if they can manage to take a state's largest city, they can basically have the entire state. The average Washingtonian and Oregonian are nigger lovers through and through.

Having given that long-winded diatribe, I am not saying the PNW is a horrible place to live, nor am I saying HAC's political ambitions have no viability. But what I am saying is that it is by no means a one-size-fits-all solution. Do your homework, and by God, take a holiday in the PNW before deciding you want to move here. The grass is always greener on the other side...

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