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Shakespeare Was A Jewish Feminist (Really)

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)


You're gonna love this. Even the Huffington Post is astounded, asking, "Are you for real?"

Apparently, the bastards responsible for this abomination of a theory are very much for real. Shakespeare is now a Jewess, an egalitarian, and a feminist. You were right again, Harold. I recall you predicted this some months ago. Your prophesy thing is getting really creepy.

I read in 1984 about reality control. I guess this is reality control in action.
Which brings us to Aemilia Bassano Lanyer (1569-1645), best known outside academic circles as a candidate for the Dark Lady of the Sonnets. Lanyer was one of the first English women to publish a book of poetry, described by one Lanyer scholar as arguing for "women's religious and social equality."

Not content with making Shakespeare a faggot and his dark lady another man, he's now being usurped by a Jewish feminist and egalitarian who supposedly wrote or edited his plays for him. After all, he was just a male white trash hick, and the very idea that he could do anything useful or memorable is inconceivable to the left wing intelligentsia.

That this woman was neither a feminist, an egalitarian or in any way, shape or form a Jew, is of course irrelevant and ignored, except by the writer of the article. Whose job would be in danger if he weren't himself a Jew.

This Lev Raphael guy, the author of the article, is a Jew himself, and writes, "historical and creative fiction" about child Holocaust survivors. What a lovely guy to be around.

Moving along. That this Lanyer  woman, supposedly Shakespeare's Dark Jewess, even wrote a text comparing Jews to wolves who bit and tore at Jesus is neither here nor there. That it is her father who was allegedly Jewish, and that Jewish lineage is matrilineal, is also conveniently ignored. That she was raised and educated among Protestants, and that her "study of the Talmud" is almost impossible given there was only one copy in Britain at the time, is of course irrelevant. The Huff Post is generally woeful, but this particular article is actually rather interesting. It completely tears apart the argument that Shakespeare was a Jew.

[Note: Jews were expelled from England by Edward the First in the year 1290 and could not reside there legally and openly again until the ban was revoked by Oliver Cromwell in 1653. - HAC]

I can guess why this heeb was given the job of writing it - if they let a goy write such a provocative article, the Jews would crucify them. Or perhaps this Jew actually has some integrity, and is utterly oblivious to the fact that his editor only let the article get past him on account of Lev's ethnicity and religion. There are quite a few Jews like that, though not nearly enough to invalidate the stereotype, I'm sorry to say.
The driving force behind Lanyerism is John Hudson, a graduate of the Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham whose biography is hard to pin down since it's never described the same way when he's interviewed or profiled. He sounds like a cross between a social theorist and a media consultant and is currently a "scholar-in-residence" of a New York theater company dedicated to his take on Shakespeare. His John the Baptist seems to be Toronto Globe and Mail reporter Michael Posner, who covered Hudson twice before writing the Reform Judaism story.

In a saner world, this'd be a fluff story. A chance to chuckle at an idiot. Alas, this simply isn't the case, which is to be expected, given the involvement of Jews and an amoral Shabbas Goy like this Hudson character.
Unfortunately he's serious and gaining ground. Shakespeare scholar David Bevington recently told me he's now getting asked about the Lanyer theory when he does lectures, and readers of the Reform Judaism story have told me they were convinced Lanyer wrote the plays, or at least shaken in their belief that Shakespeare was their author.

I'll leave the Cliff Notes version to you if you want to send it out, as I've a pounding headache and you're way better at these things than I am.

Okay, obligatory, "Oh God Harold, Look what they're doing to us now!' I get it, I get it.

I just know you greatly admire the Bard and thought this might interest you. Whatever muppet was dumb enough to write this highly critical article tears apart the Jewish Female Shakespeare theory quite thoroughly.

- Conor


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I have heard that Zyklon B is still being sold after all these years. True?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys. Don't worry too much about this theory of a women Shakespeare. It will quickly self dissolve. However, judging by the amount of research backing it, I'm afraid that another new theory is here to stay.

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