Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rhodie Mellows Needed

Okay, working on a special RFN music selection for this week and I need help. 

Can anyone direct me to a download site which features MP3s of actual Rhodesian music from the 1970s, you know, the songs that were actually playing on RBC? (Of course, unless you were actually there at the time, you wouldn't know.) Can rip them off YouTube if necessary but would prefer proper download. Especially looking for "Flat Dog," "How Many Crosses?" "Daddy's Gone To Fight For The Green and White," and "Once A Column Came A-Marching." E-mail me at nwnet@earthlink.net


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Special podcast dedicated to Rhodesia?...Cooooool!

3:28 AM  
Blogger Bemused stare said...

Can't help you there being as how I was born a bit south, but the coat of arms sure is a blast from the past. You might try asking around Mike Smith's blog, someone there may be able to help.


4:55 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

I think that John Edmond's songs were among the most popular when I was in the RLI. They can be found at www.johnedmond.co.za.
Another good site is: www.thenewrbc.com/pages/music.html

lekker stuff, ek sei

11:44 AM  

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