Wednesday, May 09, 2012

J. T. Ready/FBI Documents

Note the following:

A)   The search warrant was drawn up on the day of the shootings itself.

B)   They go in the house and they mysteriously find cases of grenades. Wow! Who’d a thunk it? No doubt the Army trucks rolled up twenty minutes after the first call came in to retrieve and carry away these items. Or to deliver them to the site? (Now, now, Harold. Mustn’t go all paranoid and conspiracy theory-ish! Naughty Harold! Impolitic Harold!)

C)   Note that the FBI admits that two other unidentified vehicles, described by eyewitnesses (although not these documents) as containing Hispanic males, were seen near the house before the shootings. These phantom vehicles have now been air-brushed out of the picture. Can you say “John Doe Number Two?” Sure you can!


Anonymous Patrick said...

Biggest proof it was setup was that to the "Army showed up twenty minutes later".. Okay, from experience, they would need to fill out paperwork all the way up and down command to get a vehicle off base and "pick up" ordnance. LOL. there were cases in Hurricane Katrina where they refused to pick up dead bodies for weeks on end! But they're gonna go pick up ordnance (unprecedented) and be on time. Yeah, right! It would take a week at least just to politically make that happen then another week to roll out. This is bullshit.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no problem at all believing that the FBI would use a spouse-abusing piece of shit like Ready as a snitch. They're kindred spirits.

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeee Gaaaawd! They'd go CRAZY in my place, just opening the door!

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Dave said...

According to Google Maps, the only Army installation within a 15 minute drive of the shooting scene is an Army National Guard base in Chandler. The shooting goes down, the cops show up, find the grenades, call for EOD troops to remove them, and they arrive on scene within 20 minutes? Bravo Sierra.

I guess that's better than the alternative. Ft. Huachuca is 3 hrs, 17 min. away, Yuma Proving Ground is 3 hrs, 22 min. away, MCAS Yuma is 3 hrs, 24 min. away, and Luke AFB is 58 min away. These are all the active military bases I was able to locate. If those guys tasked to pick up the grenades were sent from any of these bases, they would have had to be sent before the shooting took place to arrive when they did.

Now THAT's a cheerful thought. Please, anyone, feel free to pick this apart.

Dave 05092012 / 2135

9:36 PM  

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