Monday, April 30, 2012

Techie Jobs In The Northwest

Mr. Covington,

I didn't get the time I wanted with the hiring groups Friday night since the drive out of Seattle was slower than I thought.  It wouldn't have done much anyway since they were looking for face-to-faces with people who are job-hunting.  I did spend a little time with the local job group at LinuxFest Northwest on Saturday.  Bellingham looks great and it's damned white there.  I can't heartily recommend Bellingham Technical College since half of their programs looked great and the rest looked like Mickey Mouse nonsense (based on the things lying around the classrooms, I didn't see any actual class material).

The Whatcom County-centric group is the Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington (with their job listings at, but don't let the name fool you, they're just Whatcom county right now).  They're partnered with the Washington Technology Industry Association ( who has their job board at and that job board seems to be for anything technological in Washington state.

I hope this ends up being useful to someone.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for the record I was laid off from a good job because of a jew last year. I recently got rehired at a better company with a good salary here in the Seattle area. There are jobs here if you are a good tech. I also interviewed for jobs in Idaho and Oregon.

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