Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Screw Facebook

I set up a Twitter account once, but could never get used to it; looks like that'll have to change now that Jewbook have gone all George Orwell on everyone's ass--telling people what sort of friends they can have, asking people to tell them and the random people they try and sell all their personal information to, exactly who their family members and co-workers are, trying to patent the word "book" on the internet, tracking people's IP addresses, demanding people's telephone numbers, banning certain select authors and journalists from having Facebook accounts just because they disagree with their political opinions, ect ect.

Additionally, about every 6 months Zuckerberg always has to fiddle around with Jewbook's layout, like it's some bizarre, schizophrenic form of software masturbation or something. - Pissing off 100's of millions of Jewbook users, just so he can briefly look trendy and prosthetically important at some nerdy, plastic, limp-wristed mainstream media conference for 5 minutes. Which is always annoying.

Did anyone see Zuckerberg trying to look trendy and like teenaged kid, in this ridiculous limited addition Facebook bomber jacket during one of his rare interviews a couple of years ago, where he was sweating profusely and had his eyes dilated looking like saucers? That was an interesting experience.

Also what kind of social media patent hijacker makes a movie about himself, depicting fat teenage whores idolizing him with gay, trendy pop music blaring in the background? Can Jewish behavioural genes possibly get anymore retarded?



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