Monday, April 30, 2012

Techie Jobs In The Northwest

Mr. Covington,

I didn't get the time I wanted with the hiring groups Friday night since the drive out of Seattle was slower than I thought.  It wouldn't have done much anyway since they were looking for face-to-faces with people who are job-hunting.  I did spend a little time with the local job group at LinuxFest Northwest on Saturday.  Bellingham looks great and it's damned white there.  I can't heartily recommend Bellingham Technical College since half of their programs looked great and the rest looked like Mickey Mouse nonsense (based on the things lying around the classrooms, I didn't see any actual class material).

The Whatcom County-centric group is the Technology Alliance Group for Northwest Washington (with their job listings at, but don't let the name fool you, they're just Whatcom county right now).  They're partnered with the Washington Technology Industry Association ( who has their job board at and that job board seems to be for anything technological in Washington state.

I hope this ends up being useful to someone.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

An Unfortunate Necessity

Hi, guys:

Folks, I apologize like hell for this, but it has become necessary to provide a playpen for Goat Dancing as well as a kind of reference site or repository for some of my older articles of a certain type, simply so people will have some idea WTF these fools are on about. I'm tired of having to stop and try and explain this lunacy every six months or so when these three or four dysfunctionals throw a cyber-hissy fit. Maybe we can kind of isolate it all on this one site, like medieval doctors used leeches to draw out the imbalanced humors in their patients. 

Feel free to make use of the comments section to let your sanity slip and cackle like a loon, if it will prevent you from doing so elsewhere where the adults are trying to talk. Willard and "Hadding" are banned because they have nothing to say and all the great wide internet to say it in. Everybody else, feel free, Have a real loonfest. Here's that link:

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Stand Corrected

Mr. Covington,  I am happy that you noticed a discussion of your works on the Occidental Observer.  And for the discussion to be led by someone as eminent as Dr. Tomas Sunic is indeed an honor.

Still, as one of the main writers on TOO, I have to object mildly: you actually arrived last year in a long review I did. Please see:

Incidentally, my introduction was prompted by angry outbursts from members of the group that runs TOO.  I, however, personally have no grudge against you, and in fact have enjoyed listening to your broadcasts for years.

In any case, since Kevin MacDonald edits TOO -- and since he approved my review -- your novels received good exposure on the site.  And please notice the massive number of comments, which prompted Kevin to finally close the comments section.

I've been planning to do more articles on your novels but first I'll have to take a look at Sunic's Part 2 and read the comments there.  Also, I look forward to Freedom's Sons but hope to read it in book form. If you would ever like such a book proofed, I'd be happy to do it, as I've taught writing at the university level for over 15 years.

Sorry to have to hide behind my pen name Edmund Connelly for now, but I'm sure you understand. Anyway, I hope you have a chance to mention my review either on your website or on the air.  


Friday, April 27, 2012

News From The Great White North

Tomorrow Bill C-304 Likely to be Reported Out of Committee

Bill C-304 is a private member's bill introduced by Alberta MP Brian Storseth (Conservative -- Westlake-St. Paul) to repeal Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Internet censorship).

The House Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights met yesterday and will hear one more witness tomorrow, Jean-Francois Page, committee clerk, told me and then will report, likely without amendment, this vital piece of freedom legislation back to Parliament where third and final reading is virtually assured.

Here is Brian Storseth's testimony yesterday to the Committee.

·Was an “interested party” or intervener during the lengthy Sabina Citron & the Toronto Mayor’s Committee on Community and Race Relations v. Ernst Zundel (1996-2002) case. Inter alia we argued that Sec. 13 – “telephonic”  communication – did not apply to the Internet. We led a number of witnesses to support our submissions.

·Was an “interested party” or intervener in the Mark Schnell v. John Micka Sec. 13 case. Again, we led an expert witness and argued that Sec. 13 did not apply to the Internet.

·Has been an active “interested party” or intervener in Richard Warman v. Marc Lemire. This was the only Sec. 13 case where the victim/respondent won. This decision by Member Athanasios Hadjis was the subject of a judicial review hearing in Federal Court, December 13, 2011. CAFÉ was represented by Gerald Langlois.

·As a complaint under the Canadian Human Rights Act is considered civil litigation, most provinces do not provide legal aid for victims of a Sec. 13 complaint. I, acting on behalf of CAFÉ, acted as a representative for the respondent in a number of cases and have been able to see the unfair proceedings and the juggernaut that crushed Canadians, usually young and poor, for merely expressing themselves on controversial topics over the Internet.

·Richard Warman v. Jessica Beaumont

·Richard Warman v. Ciaran Donnelly

·Richard Warman v. Glen Bahr and Western Canada for Us.

·Richard Warman v. Terry Tremaine

·Richard Warman v. Melissa Guille and the Canadian Heritage Alliance

·Richard Warman v. Jason Ouwendyk and the Northern Alliance

·Centre for Research Action on Race Relations v BC White Pride & John Beck

Marc Lemire's brave and tireless battle essentially wrestled Sec. 13 to the ground. We still await the decision of the judicial review in Federal Court challenging the Hadjis ruling. However, Sec. 13 now appears dead should Bill C-304 pass as we're told it will.

Paul Fromm

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Radio Free Northwest - April 26th, 2012

In this week's podcast Harold rambles on about 9/11 conspiracy theory, Effie Sue Washington gibbers on the Trayvon Martin case (again), and we play an excerpt from an old TV interview with Revisionist Ernst Zündel.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Edgar Steele Movie

This is the beginning of a coming 2-hour DVD on the Edgar Steele case.

Monday, April 23, 2012

We Have Officially Arrived

The following review of the Northwest independence novels by Dr. Tom Sunic has been posted to Dr. Kevin McDonald’s Occidental Observer website.

We have now officially Arrived.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

We're Getting There


I was told to check out your site after a few political debates at my university. I identify as a liberal but I have a very white nationalist point of view. I have listened to a few of your pod-casts and although you guys have some views that are a bit right-wing for me I agree with a lot of it. I grew up and still live in a mostly white neighborhood and that is how I like it. I went to public school here in New York City so I know what being around tons of minorities is like and getting into many violent altercations with them. I like what you are trying to do and I do agree that Western civilization is on the decline and the only way to fix it is for the people who built it to take control of it again. I am a first year law student at NYU. I have light white skin, my hair comes in brown with blonde roots, my beard is strawberry blonde, and have light brown eyes. Like I said I like what you are trying to do and was thinking about moving to wherever your movement may be after I get my law degree.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Northwest Nick-Nacks

I suppose I need to advertise more. You guys do know, don't you, that you can get Northwest Front and NVA-related T-shirts, coffee mugs, baseball caps, and other nick-nacks at our Party website's storefront, right?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Adolf Hitler (1889 - )

He was born into humble circumstances, the son of an obscure civil servant in a remote corner of a crumbling empire, yet his name resounds throughout the world to this day.

He was rejected by the universities of his time for formal enrollment in art and in architecture, and yet he erected mighty buildings and monuments, and today a simple postcard that he drew in ink or charcoal fetches staggering sums at auction.

He never achieved more than a public school education, yet he wrote a book which has outsold every other book in history except for the Bible.

He fought as a front line soldier through all four years of the greatest war in history up to that time, never rising above the rank of corporal, but he won both of his country's highest decorations for bravery under fire and rose to command the mightiest armies on earth.

Almost unique in the history of his century, he was not a lawyer or an aristocrat or a man of inherited wealth and privilege, but a man who once earned his daily bread with the labor of his hands, and yet he conquered politics and rose to the leadership of the most brilliant and creative nation on earth.

So that his people might travel across the land he loved quickly and cheaply, he created a simple and sturdy automobile still in use today, and a network of highways that still spans Germany.

His game and forestry laws are still in force, and are praised by ecologists as a model of environmental protection.

His economic program received the sincerest form of flattery from the loathsome Roosevelt, who stole it and copied it into the context of the American Depression as his own.

Every man who ever met him personally, even those who became his bitterest enemies, spoke of him forever afterwards with awe and admiration. His courtesy and his gallantry toward women were legendary. With his power and his prestige he could have had any woman he wanted, but the woman he chose as his life's partner, and who eventually died by his side, was a simple and humble daughter of the people.

He did not drink. He did not smoke. He was a lifelong lover of animals and children and was happiest in the company of toddlers rather than statesmen and soldiers, and no one ever overheard him use a profane word or tell a smutty joke.

He lifted his people up from the mud of defeat and despair and alien domination, and he died trying to do the same for all of us.

To this day, his memory is kept green by the Aryan peoples of Germany and the world, even though it means prison, and in some countries death, to honor him or his legacy within the sight or hearing of the tyrant. He has been slandered, vilified, lied about, cursed, distorted, and damned every day since his death by the most powerful and evil tyranny mankind has ever known, and yet his name and his Symbol cannot be suppressed by force or by propaganda.

As we begin this new Millennium, his book is read and his name is on more lips than ever before and his image and his strength fills the hearts of a whole new generation of young Aryan men and women. He is invincible and immortal, and Victory shall one day be his.

He holds out his hand to us all. He offers us his strength and his wisdom, at a time when we so badly need both. Let us keep him always in our hearts and our minds and our souls, until the day comes when once more we may speak his name aloud and raise on high the sacred Banner for which he and so many millions more lived and died.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Radio Free Northwest - April 19th, 2012

In this podcast HAC speaks on the 17th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, Axis Sally talks about a prisoner losing his daughter and how to prepare for death, and an Oklahoman discusses the recent monkoid-shootings and the 1921 Tulsa race riot. Plus Dry Ice Washington's woman Effie Sue raps on Barack and Trayvon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Wonder If He Noticed?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sleazy Service

Wonder if any of these guys are the same ones who gave me my little visit in August of 2008?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Faggot King (1284-1327)


The Faggot King

Edward the Second (1284-1327)

Edward II called Edward of Caernarvon, was King of England from 1307 until he was deposed by his wife Isabella and her nobleman lover in January 1327. He was the sixth Plantagenet king, in a line that began with the reign of Henry II. Between the strong reigns of his father Edward I and son Edward III, the reign of Edward II was disastrous for England, marked by sexual perversion, incompetence, political squabbling and military defeats.

Although widely accepted even at the time to have been primarily homosexual, Edward was apparently bisexual when expedient. He fathered at least five children, including his heir, the future Edward III, who later avenged his murder. He apparently fell madly in love with handsome young male favorites, first a Gascon knight named Piers Gaveston, later a young English lord named Hugh Despenser, and his inability to deny even them even the most grandiose favors led to constant political unrest and his eventual deposition.

His father, Edward I, (the “Longshanks” of the Braveheart movie, played by Patrick McGoohan) had conquered Wales and parts of the Scottish lowlands, but never exerted a comprehensive conquest of Scotland. However, the army of Edward II was devastatingly defeated at Bannockburn, freeing Scotland from English control and allowing Scottish forces to raid unchecked throughout the north of England.

The fourth son of Edward I by his first wife Eleanor of Castile, Edward II was born at Caernarvon Castle. He was the first English prince to hold the title Prince of Wales, which was formalized by the Parliament of Lincoln of 7 February 1301. The story ran that the conquered Welsh, who wanted to be ruled by one of their own, purportedly asked the old King to give them a prince who spoke no French or English, and Edward I complied by presenting them with his own infant son in swaddling clothes, who at that time spoke nothing at all.

Edward became heir apparent at just a few months of age, following the death of his elder brother. His father, a notable military leader, trained his heir in warfare and statecraft starting in his childhood, yet the effeminate young Edward preferred music, gardening, boating and craftwork, activities considered beneath kings at the time. The prince took part in several Scots campaigns, but despite these martial engagements, "all his father's efforts could not prevent his acquiring the habits of extravagance and frivolity which he retained all through his life". The famous scene in Braveheart where the old King angrily hurls his son’s homosexual lover out of a window (which Mel Gibson refused to censor from the movie despite the shrieks of the organized gay lobby) does not appear to be based in fact, but it probably adequately expresses how the old tyrant felt about his son’s pansy ways.

What Edward I did do was to attribute his son’s—er, preferences—to his companion Piers Gaveston, a Gascon knight, and he exiled Gaveston from court after Prince Edward attempted to bestow on his friend a title reserved for royalty. Ironically, it was the king who had originally chosen Gaveston in 1298 to be a suitable friend for his son due to his wit, courtesy and abilities. Gaveston was athletic and handsome; he was a few years older than Edward and had seen military service in Flanders before becoming Edward's close companion. He was known to have a quick, biting wit and a sharp dresser. (Sound familiar? Kind of like a medieval Liberace.)

Edward I died on 7 July 1307, en route to another campaign against the Scots, a war that had become the hallmark of his reign. One chronicler relates that Edward had requested his son boil his body, extract the bones and carry them with the army until the Scots had been subdued. His son ignored the request, however, and had his father buried in Westminster Abbey. He then immediately recalled Gaveston, created him Earl of Cornwall, gave him the hand of the king's niece, Margaret of Gloucester, (I’m sure this girl really appreciated the hell out of being married to the King’s sodomite) and withdrew from the Scottish campaign. The barons and old veterans who had followed the old king were no doubt suitably impressed.

Edward was as physically impressive as his father, yet he lacked the drive and ambition of his forebear. It was written that Edward II was "the first king after the Conquest who was not a man of business". His main interest was in entertainment, though he also took pleasure in athletics and mechanical crafts. “He had been so dominated by his father that he had little confidence in himself, and was often in the hands of a court favorite with a stronger will than his own,” which is basically a polite way of saying he was a sissy and a homosexual weakling.

But, under the mores of the times, he still had his dynastic duties to do. On 25 January 1308, Edward married Isabella of France, the daughter of King Philip IV of France, known as "Philip the Fair," and sister to three French kings, in an attempt to bolster an alliance with France. On 25 February the pair were crowned in Westminster Abbey. Almost immediately, she wrote to her father, Philip the Fair, complaining of Edward's behavior. The marriage was doomed to failure from the beginning. Isabella was “frequently neglected” by her husband, who spent much of his time conspiring with Gaveston and other pretty boys regarding how to limit the powers of the peerage (the old nobles who had fought for his father for 35 years) in order to consolidate his father's legacy for himself.

In 1308, when Edward traveled to Boulogne to marry Isabella, he left Gaveston to act as regent, literally giving this fruit the keys to the kingdom. Had Gaveston been halfway competent as an administrator and at least a little diplomatic the barons might have worked with him, but he was an arrogant, preening queen who wore outrageous clothes and turned the royal court into a kind of Blackadder-style running joke, not to mention making a fool out of the King, stealing him from the Queen’s bed, and running through the royal treasury like a JAP with a credit card on Fifth Avenue. Long story short, the barons instituted what amounted to a national insurrection, and succeeded in having Gaveston banished through the Ordinances of 1311, which were forced on the King by a group of noblemen called the Lords Ordainers in a manner similar to what was done to King John a century before, with the Magna Carta. Except this had nothing to do with constitutional liberties, but was an effort to stop the history’s first Gay Liberation movement.

Edward revoked the Ordinances and recalled his bugger boy, and by then the dukes and earls and whatnot had had enough. In 1312 the royal favorite was captured by the Earl of Warwick and turned over to the ruthless Thomas, Earl of Lancaster and his allies, who dragged Gaveston’s candy ass out onto a hillside called Blacklow Hill where he was hacked to pieces, including having certain key organs removed. His head was then lopped off with a rusty sword by two Welshmen, who were chosen to add insult to injury. To this day, a monument called Gaveston's Cross remains on the site, south of Leek Wootton near Warwick.

Edward's grief over the death of Gaveston was profound. He kept the mangled remains of Gaveston’s body close to him for a number of weeks before the Church forcibly arranged a burial. (One can imagine the smell.) Edward spent long years afterward focused on the destruction of those who had betrayed him and murdered Gaveston. For the time being, a truce had to be arranged, and in October 1312, the Earls of Lancaster, Warwick, Arundel and Hereford formally knelt to beg Edward's pardon and were “received once again into the King’s grace.” Yeah, right.

To be sure, contemporary sources stopped short of outright calling the King a faggot; that was still treason and a hanging, drawing, and quartering offense no matter how true it was. Instead they criticized Edward's infatuation with Piers Gaveston, to the extent that he ignored and humiliated his wife. Chroniclers called the relationship excessive, immoderate, beyond measure and reason and criticized his desire for wicked and forbidden sex. The Westminster chronicler claimed that Gaveston had led Edward to reject the sweet embraces of his wife; while the Meaux Chronicle (written several decades later when Edward was safely dead) took concern further and complained that Edward took too much delight in sodomy. It doesn’t take too much reading between the lines.

Then Edward managed to top off personal perversion with military disaster. All this time, Robert the Bruce had been steadily reconquering Scotland. Each campaign begun by Edward, from 1307 to 1314, had ended in Robert clawing back more of the land that Edward I had taken during his long reign. Robert's military successes against Edward II were due to a number of factors, not the least of which was the Scottish king's strategy. The term “guerrilla warfare” was not yet invented, but the Scots practiced it. Bruce used small forces to trap an invading English army, took castles by stealth to preserve his troops and he used the land as a weapon against Edward by attacking quickly and then disappearing into the hills instead of facing the superior numbers of the English. Bruce united Scotland against its common enemy and is quoted as saying that he feared more the dead king's bones (Edward I) than his living heir (Edward II). Perhaps old Longshanks had the right idea back in ’07, demanding on his deathbed to be boiled down and still lead his army in skeletal form. By June of 1314, only Stirling Castle and Berwick remained under English control.

On 23 June 1314, Edward and an army of 20,000 foot soldiers and 3,000 cavalry faced Robert and his army of foot soldiers and farmers wielding 14-foot-long pikes. Edward knew he had to keep the critical stronghold of Stirling Castle if there was to be any chance for English military success. The castle, however, was under a constant state of siege, and the English commander, Sir Phillip de Mowbray, had advised Edward that he would surrender the castle to the Scots unless Edward arrived by 24 June 1314, to relieve the siege. Edward could not afford to lose his last forward castle in Scotland. He decided therefore to gamble his entire army to break the siege and force the Scots to a final battle by putting its army into the field.

As is well known to history, he blew it. The battle of Bannockburn was a catastrophe, the greatest victory the Scots ever achieved over the English, and it gained their independence for almost 400 years until a group of corrupt Scottish nobles allowed themselves to be bribed into the Action of Union in 1708. What with the Gaveston thing as well, a lot of people had less and less time for Edward the Second, especially his Queen, once Eddie found another male companion to sleep with rather than his wife.

Following Gaveston's death, the king increased favor to his nephew-by-marriage (who was also Gaveston's brother-in-law), Hugh Despenser the Younger. But, as with Gaveston, the barons were indignant at the privileges Edward lavished upon the Despenser father and son, who arrogantly rode the countryside with troops of armed men doing their will on anyone and everyone. It was the Gaveston situation all over again, except that unlike the pretty Gascon boy, the Despensers were actually competent men and just as ruthless and violent as their noble opponents, and they managed to hold power for almost a dozen years. Hugh Despenser the Elder was a canny old robber baron type who saw a chance to grasp power and took it. He appears to have had no qualms at all about pimping his handsome young son out to the Faggot King, and neither does Junior seem to have objected. Like all nobles of his stature the younger Despenser was married. No one seems to have bothered to ask his wife what she thought of all this.

By 1320, the situation in England was again becoming dangerously unstable. In 1321, the Earl of Hereford, along with the Earl of Lancaster and others, took up arms against the Despenser family, and the King was forced into an agreement with the barons. On 14 August at Westminster Hall, accompanied by the Earls of Pembroke and Richmond, the king declared the Despenser father and son both banished. (You’d think the barons would have learned from the Gaveston affair than banishing didn’t work, but I guess not.) The victory of the barons proved their undoing. With the removal of the Despensers, many nobles, regardless of previous affiliation, now attempted to move into the vacuum left by the two. Hoping to win Edward's favor, these nobles were willing to aid the king in his revenge against the barons and thus increase their own wealth and power. In following campaigns, many of the king's opponents were murdered, the Earl of Lancaster being beheaded in the presence of Edward himself.

With all opposition crushed, the king and the Despensers were left the unquestioned masters of England. At the York Parliament of 1322, Edward issued a statute which revoked all previous ordinances designed to limit his power and to prevent any further encroachment upon it. The king would no longer be subject to the will of Parliament, and the lords, prelates, and commons were to suffer his will in silence. Opposition to Edward and the Despensers rule continued; in 1324 there was a foiled assassination attempt on their lives, and in early 1325 John of Nottingham was placed on trial for involvement in a plot to kill them with magic.

But by now that passionate French lady, Queen Isabella, had gotten fed up with being alone in a cold empty bed at night and she had acquired a lover, a swashbuckling knight named Sir Roger Mortimer. She fled to France with her son and the kingdom’s heir, the future Edward the Third. Mortimer was imprisoned in the Tower of London, but he escaped and joined his royal squeeze in Paris. In September 1326, Mortimer and Isabella invaded England. Edward was amazed by their small numbers of soldiers, and immediately attempted to levy an immense army to crush them. However, a large number of men refused to fight Mortimer and the Queen; Henry of Lancaster, for example, the son of the old earl who was executed by Edward, was not even summoned by the king. He showed his loyalties by raising an army, seizing a cache of Despenser treasure from Leicester Abbey, and marching south to join Mortimer.

The invasion soon had too much force and support to be stemmed. As a result, the army the king had ordered failed to emerge and both Edward and the Despensers were left isolated. They abandoned London on 2 October, leaving the city to fall into disorder. On 15 October a London mob seized and beheaded without trial John le Marshal (a Londoner accused of being a spy for the Despensers) and Edward II's Treasurer, Walter de Stapledon Bishop of Exeter, together with two of the bishop's squires. The king first took refuge in Gloucester (where he arrived on 9 October) and then fled to South Wales in order to make a defence in Despenser's lands. However, Edward was unable to rally an army, and on 31 October, he was abandoned by his servants, leaving him with only the younger Despenser and a few retainers.

On 27 October, the elder Despenser was accused of encouraging the illegal government of his son, enriching himself at the expense of others, despoiling the Church, and taking part in the illegal execution of the Earl of Lancaster. He was hanged and beheaded at the Bristol Gallows. Henry of Lancaster was then sent to Wales in order to fetch the King and the younger Despenser; on 16 November he caught Edward, Despenser and their soldiers in the open country near Tonyrefail, where a plaque now commemorates the event.

Despenser was sent to Isabella at Hereford whilst the king was taken by Lancaster himself to Kenilworth Castle. Hugh Despenser the Younger was brutally executed and a huge crowd gathered in anticipation at seeing him die – a public spectacle for public entertainment. They dragged him from his horse, stripped him, and scrawled Biblical verses against sodomy, corruption and arrogance on his skin. They dragged him into the city, presenting him in the market square to Queen Isabella, Roger Mortimer, and the Lancastrians. He was then condemned to hang as a thief, to be castrated as a sodomite, and then to be drawn and quartered as a traitor, his quarters to be dispersed throughout England. Queen Izzy got her revenge in spades.

With the King imprisoned, Mortimer and the Queen faced the problem of what to do with him. The simplest solution would be execution: his titles would then pass to Edward of Windsor, whom Isabella could control, while it would also prevent the possibility of his being restored. Execution would require the King to be tried and convicted of treason: and while most lords agreed that Edward had failed to show due attention to his country, executing an anointed King was considered going over the top. Besides, no one wanted to publicly go into the whole homo thing, which would have been very bad for public morale and would have made England a laughing stock all over Europe.

Thus, at first, it was decided to have Edward imprisoned for life instead. However, the fact remained that the legality of power still lay with the King. Isabella had been given the Great Seal, and was using it to rule in the names of the King, herself, and their son as appropriate; nonetheless, these actions were illegal, and could at any moment be challenged. Plus Izzy and Roger weren’t exactly popular themselves in certain quarters, and there was at least one attempt to stage an armed rescue of Edward II. They demanded that Edward abdicate, and he did—but in favor of his young son, not Isabella and Roger, and also clearly under duress. So there was only one choice left.

The government of Isabella and Mortimer was so precarious that they dared not leave the deposed king alive when he might fall into the hands of their political enemies. On 3 April, Edward II was removed from Kenilworth and entrusted to the custody of two subordinates of Mortimer, then later imprisoned at Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire where, it was generally believed, he was murdered on 11 October 1327.

At first it was rumored that Edward had been strangled. However, in 1352 when it was safe to do so, the chronicler Thomas de la Moore wrote an account of Edward's murder wherein it was stated that Edward was killed by being thrown face down over a table, tied or chained up, and then a red-hot spit or poker was jammed through a leather funnel through his anus, cooking his intestines while alive and killing the King from shock. The ostensible purpose of this horrible form of execution was twofold: first, to inflict a poetically just and ironic punishment on a faggot through one last act of red-hot buggery; and secondly to kill the King in a manner that ensured there were no visible wounds or marks on his body, so he could be displayed publicly and proven dead to the people. According to a centuries-old local legend, his screams of agony were heard through the thick stone walls of the castle all the way down into the village of Berkeley.

Following the public announcement of the king's death, the rule of Isabella and Mortimer did not last long. On the night of October 19, 1330, in one of the most daring and dramatic exploits of the Middle Ages, the young King Edward the Third, aged seventeen, staged a coup d’etat that made him King in fact as well as name. Edward entered Nottingham Castle through a secret tunnel with a band of armed companions and crept through the castle corridors, silently cutting a few throats of guards as they passed. They surprised Queen Isabella and Mortimer in the sack. Being a good Christian son Edward remembered the commandment and so he didn’t kill his mother, but he did have Mortimer dragged away to London and hanged at Tyburn for the murder of his father. He imprisoned his mother in Castle Rising in Norfolk, although to be fair they both seem to have mellowed with age and Eddie later eased Mom’s living conditions to that of a comfortable retirement. It is even recorded that they exchanged Christmas gifts, before she died in 1358.

Some historians have called Isabella “the She-Wolf of France” and implied that in view of the fact that she murdered a number of her political enemies, her boyfriend got the noose and her husband got a red-hot poker up his ass, she herself got off lightly. I don’t know abut that. Normally I don’t have much time for women who shack up with a toy boy and murder their husbands, but let’s face it—this lady put up with a lot in her day.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brigade Review

Almost two years old, but this was just brought to my attention.

Friday, April 13, 2012

We've Still Got It

You will notice that this is not a little niglet girl with cute frizzy pigtails on her nappy head.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Radio Free Northwest - April 12th, 2012

HAC rambles about spiritual stuff, Harold and Sally and Charles and Mac BS about everything from stoned EMOs in Iraq to Canadian gun cases to the internal politics of Israel, and Trayvon Martin is not mentioned once.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Key To A Democrat Victory in 2012

Democrats have been fighting against methods to stop voter fraud such as voter IDs. Some states have passed laws requiring all legally registered voters to have a photo ID card in order to vote, but Democrats challenge the laws and get liberal judges to overturn them. Even the US Attorney General Eric Holder claims that voter photo IDs "discriminate against black people."

Have you ever wondered why?

We already showed you how hundreds of dead people were voting in the New Hampshire primary earlier this year and now there is evidence that hundreds and perhaps thousands of non-citizens including illegal aliens have also been voting.

In a news report picked up by One News Now, investigative reporter Andy Pierroti of NBC-2 in Fort Myers, Florida took on the task of seeing if people in the Fort Myers area had been voting illegally because of not being US citizens.

If you noticed in the video, Florida law allows people to register to vote when applying for a driver’s license without having to prove citizenship. Anyone can get a driver’s license as long as they can pass the test. Foreign students studying in the US can get a driver’s license, which also gives them the right to purchase guns in most states.

William Gheen president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC claims that masses of illegal aliens are voting in several states. In his statement he said,

“In the states of Texas, California, and Florida, this gives them the ability to control national electoral politics. The Democrats are registering and voting illegal immigrants en masse — especially west of the Mississippi, where we believe they saved [Nevada Senator] Harry Reid’s campaign… If you’re a conservative voter and you ever want to win elections again, you have to stop this. … No conservative is going to get elected to anything in this country in another five to ten years if we don’t stop the massive theft of U.S. elections happening right now in America with illegal alien voters.”

I believe this is the very reason why Democrats, all the way up to the Attorney General and White House, are opposed to voter photo ID and other measures to fight voter fraud. They know that they may not be able to win the election outright, so having huge numbers of non-citizens, and especially illegals, voting as Democrats, may be their only hope of winning. This is typical Chicago politics and Obama is from Chicago.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Strange Jubilee

[Shamelessly stolen from the blog of James Howard Kunstler, this site's official Token Jew. Yes, I know he's an arrogant ass who hates everything White, American, working class, Christian, and above all Southern, which means he and I most def will not be on one another's Christmas card list. But every now and then he's just so damned spot on, and his prose is so sparkling with merry hatred against this foul system, that I just have to let Jimmy have his say. - HAC]

Is there a Baby Boomer so dim in this land of rackets and swindles who thinks that he or she will escape the wrath of the Millennials rising? The developing story is so obvious that only an academic economist could fail to notice. Here's how it will go: some months from now, as the financial unwind worsens, and the mirage of gainful employment shimmers away to nothing, and the technocrats of Europe meet nervously by some Swiss lakeside (and are seen glumly shaking their heads), and Romney and Obama try to out-do each other peddling miracle cures for the tanking national self-esteem - a dangerous meme will go forth across the internet, and this meme will say: Millennials, renounce your college loans and set yourselves free!

And then something truly marvelous will happen. They will at once disempower the swindling generation of their fathers, teachers, loan officers, and overlords and quite possibly bring on, at long last, the epochal collision of pervasive American control fraud with the hard hand of reality.

I think this will happen, and I would venture even to set the meme loose here and now and watch it go viral. The college loan racket has been an even more cynical enterprise than the mortgage racket was because so many people who ought to have known better, people of supposed intelligence such as college deans, cabinet secretaries, and think-tank Yodas, all colluded to support the false promise that the gigantic cargo cult of higher ed would keep churning out fresh careers forever - when the truth was that the entire groaning vessel of hopes and dreams was already under water and sinking into the eternal darkness.

And is there a Millennial so dim who believes that the promised package of lifetime goodies once called "a job with benefits" waits like a liveried servant to conduct them without friction through the ceremonies of career and family according to premises and promises of an obsolete American Dream? Dreams do die hard. As dreams go it was a pretty good one while it lasted, but like all dreams, it has vanished in the mists of a new morning leaving the dreamers half-sick, anxious, and drained. They have nothing to lose but their fears of the re-po man and the simulated dudgeon of telephone robot debt-collectors.

This idea should catch on as the election season heats up. Like the anti-war youth of August, 1968, burning their draft cards in the streets of Chicago, the Millennials should flock to Charlotte and Tampa this summer and fill the parking lots (there are no streets in these places) with the smoke of their burning loan contracts - and then proceed with the loud repudiation of party politics in its two current useless, lying, craven, feckless factions. The effrontery of these rogues, promising a hundred years of shale gas, and jobs, jobs, jobs, and a personal relationship with Jesus! Send them packing into the bowels of history, then go home and make it work locally, where it will have to happen in any case because the arc of events has a velocity of its own now and that is our certain destination.

The colleges themselves will, of course, implode shortly, along with everything else currently organized on the super-gigantic scale. They are no more prepared for what is about to happen to them than the chiselers in government, banking, medicine, and global corporate enterprise. We will wonder in retrospect how they ever managed to winkle 50-grand a year for their absurd promises, and how we permitted young people with undeveloped powers of judgment to sign their financial lives away on terms even more stringent than their parents' mortgages. When the universities do go down, tossing their employees overboard in the process, it will be interesting to see the former faculty chairpersons and distinguished professors of econometric modeling learn how to plant kale and care for chickens side-by-side with their formerly-indentured students. I can imagine a period of turmoil in America even harsher than, say, the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s in China where officials, professors, and authorities of all kinds were paraded through the angry mobs wearing dunce caps. Weird things happen history.

The college loan money will not be paid back anyway, so Millennial youth ought to seize the golden opportunity to make the deliberate point that the years of swindling are officially over now. This strange jubilee could, and should, change everything.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Freedom's Sons, Volume One

Advertisement time again.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

HAC On The Mike Harris Show - April 3rd, 2012

HAC makes his latest appearance as a guest on the Republic Broadcasting Network’s Mike Harris early-morning drive time talk show. HAC and Mike talk about the Trayvon Martin case and the general issue of black crime against Whites.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Little Hugh of Lincoln (1255)

The Jewish History Series – Lesson #9

Little Hugh of Lincoln

Hugh of Lincoln (1246 – 1255) was an English boy, whose death was apparently an act of Jewish ritual murder. Hugh is known as Little Saint Hugh to distinguish him from Saint Hugh, otherwise Hugh of Lincoln. The style is often corrupted to Little Sir Hugh. The boy disappeared on 31 July, and his body was discovered in a well on 29 August.

Shortly after his disappearance, a local Jew named Copin (or Jopin), under torture, admitted to killing the child. It is the first recorded legal trial for ritual murder in the history of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence. Copin was executed, and some ninety Jews all told were arrested over the coming months and held all around England, including some in the Tower of London, while they were charged with involvement in the ritual murder.

Very little account of the actual evidence from these arrests and trials has survived. The Jews, of course, claim that it was all a Gentile plot for King Henry III to confiscate the wealth of Jews convicted of a capital crime. In the Middle Ages the monarchy was always broke, not having an Internal Revenue Service or a Federal Reserve that could simply print up more money with the touch of a computer function key as is the case today. So to be absolutely honest, whoever actually killed the boy, it could be that some of these Jews were pulled in so Henry could get hold of their boodle. I have no problem admitting that such things did happen on occasion, none of which acquits the Jews of the long-standing and heavily documented charge of ritual murder.

Eighteen Jews were hanged, oddly enough not for the murder itself, but for refusing to participate in the proceedings and refusing to throw themselves on the verdict of a Christian jury. The remainder were pardoned and set free, according to monkish chronicler gossip because the king’s brother Richard of Cornwall took heavy bribes from the realm’s Jews to intervene.

Meanwhile, the Cathedral in Lincoln was beginning to benefit from the episode, since Hugh was seen as a Christian martyr, and sites associated with his life became objects of pilgrimage. The legend surrounding Hugh that emerged became part of popular culture, and his story became the subject of poetry and folksongs. Geoffrey Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales makes reference to Hugh of Lincoln in The Prioress's Tale. Pilgrims devoted to Hugh of Lincoln flocked to the city as late as the early 20th century, when a well was constructed in the former Jewish neighborhood of Jews' Court and advertised as the well in which Hugh's body was found

The following text from 1783, describes the murder of Hugh of Lincoln, as it was depicted in a popular ballad.

She's led him in through a dark door,

And sae has she thro' nine;

She's laid him on a dressing-table,

And stickit him like a swine.

And first came out the thick, thick blood,

And syne came out the thin;

And syne came out the bonny heart's blood;

There was nae mair within.

She's row'd him in a cake o' lead,

Bade him lie still and sleep;

She's thrown him in Our Lady's draw-well

Was fifty fathom deep.

According to the notes by Cecil Sharp on a variant of the Ballad of Little Sir Hugh, the story is as follows:

The events narrated in this ballad were supposed to have taken place in the 13th century. The story is told by a contemporary writer in the Annals of Waverley, under the year 1255. Little Sir Hugh was crucified by the Jews in contempt of Christ with various preliminary tortures. To conceal the act from the Christians, the body was thrown into a running stream, but the water immediately ejected it upon dry land. It was then buried, but was found above ground the next day. As a last resource the body was thrown into a drinking-well; whereupon, the whole place was filled with so brilliant a light and so sweet an odour that it was clear to everybody that there must be something holy in the well. The body was seen floating on the water and, upon its recovery, it was found that the hands and feet were pierced with wounds, the forehead lacerated, etc. The Jews were suspected. The King ordered an inquiry. Eighteen Jews confessed, were convicted, and eventually hanged.

In 1975 the English folk-rock group Steeleye Span recorded a version of "Little Sir Hugh" on their album Commoner's Crown. In the song, the murderer is "a lady gay" "dressed in green".

Friday, April 06, 2012

More on Jewbook

Okay, now—I am by no means inclined to cut Facebook any slack, since they have suspended many accounts of mine for “hate speech” and allegedly “threatening people,” and I honestly have no idea on earth where they get that from.

However, that being said, to be fair, even to Jews, it is possible that part of Facebook’s present lashing out in all directions has to do with their attempts to root out the government’s “persona management software,” which can create 16 accounts with different IP addresses, and which was invented specifically for the purpose of manipulating Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

I suspect that the government has begun to install these fake identities onto Facebook in advance of the November election and since they are in essence taking up Facebook’s bandwidth in a non-profit-generating manner, Facebook is trying to find some way to eliminate these fake Obamanable IDs.