Friday, March 23, 2012

Old Bromide

For the final goal of world revolution is not socialism or even Communism, it is not a change in the existing economic system, it is not the destruction of civilization in a material sense; the revolution desired by the leaders is a moral and spiritual revolution, an anarchy of ideas by which all standards set up throughout nineteen centuries shall be reversed, all honoured traditions trampled under foot, and above all the Christian ideal finally obliterated.

-Nesta Webster, 1924


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was she writing a synopsis of the Talmud or of the Protocols to explain the kikes' evil plans as succinctly as possible? Obviously, her fellow Britons failed to understand the message, otherwise Britain would have joined the struggle to save Europe via an alliance with Hitler rather than betraying Europe to Stalin as they allowed that drunkard, Churchill, to do.

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