Sunday, March 25, 2012

History Series

Dear Mr. Covington,

Lately, I've had a burning need to know more about our people, but my boss hasn't paid me for going on 6 weeks and I am somewhat poverty stricken. Hence, ordering from Countercurrents is, at this time, out of the question.

Could I trouble you for the legendary Aryan History Series? I've heard you mention it a few times. I am particularly interested in the somewhat occult (read: profoundly intriguing) account you gave of the origins of our Folk, around a lake in Russia about ten thousand years ago. Or was it ten thousand B.C?

See what I mean? Listening isn't condusive to the retention of information. READING, as in ACTUAL BLOCKS OF TEXT, is. I prefer it. I'm reading Hard Times by Charles Dickens at the moment and am learning to loathe capitalism and Utilitarianism almost as much as I hate communism and Marxism, but I can always find more time to learn about happier, more pleasant stuff.

You know, like white men doing white man things. Exploring strange lands, learning and understanding, sweeping Aryan women off their feet, being swept off theirs in turn by the fairest of the fairer sex, tales of daring do and passionate people, titans who stood astride the earth and took what they wanted from fate and destiny, creating amazing things, and fighting manly battles.

If you have what basically amounts to a list of the emails, may I please ask that you pop them off to me at whatever pace you're comfortable with? Even if it's all at once, just to save you time - I'd be like a pig in mud if you did that. I'd have to set my printer up so I could go to a park and relax with them all bound and stapled together. It'd be heaven.

In any rate. Take care, sir. I'd best get on with some filing.

Hail Victory,


* * * * * * * * * *

Okay, here’s what I will do:

This stuff really needs to be put on a web site somewhere so I don’t have to send this out every six months. That would be a project for some of you web whiz kids who seek to fill the late Colonel House’s shoes.

I will send out the Aryan History Series (56 articles) followed by the Jewish History Series (12, I think) and the Gay History Series for those of you who missed it, to anyone who notifies me he wishes to receive it on or before 8 a.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, March 28, at a rate of about 5 e-mails per day.

I will NOT re-send the entire series to someone who comes running in late because they’re not paying attention to their e-mail or to Thoughtcrime, like I end up doing every time. Got it?

So let me know before Wednesday morning.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you make a link on the blog here? It will remain here for everyone to see and direct to those posts so you won't need ever to repost stuff

11:15 PM  

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