Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Another Typical Letter

[Sorry about all this narcissistic crap, guys, I'm just really rushed right now and I haven't got time to sort through all my e-mail and look at all the links people are sending me, and so I need something to slap up here real quick to keep up the blog and not fall behind. - HAC]

Since discovering the NF and listening to the podcast, several times over (the music is growing on me) and reading The Brigade, I actually catch myself daydreaming to occupy the long hours I put in as a truck driver. Daydreaming of a white republic and how clean and healthy it would be, not just physically but spiritually as well. I can only imaging positive things and seeing common sense solutions to what ever issues did arise.

Seeing White children growing up not influenced by corrupt school systems, media, or other races with pack-like predator instincts. They'll be raised with a sense of pride and self worth, and a strong racial identity and awareness.

And like everyone else sometimes I forget we still have a mountain to climb! And we don't have enough rope yet. I'm sharing your website with everyone I know that may have inkling of racial self preservation left a few now have open eyes. This is where I'm kinda like you, getting way off what this email was supposed to be.

I guess what I'm trying to say H.A is thank you. Thank you for giving me hope again. Thank you for giving me tools to give others hope as well. This is truly a journey of personal and racial discovery, it's a crime against nature and humanity what they have done to us!

Something tells me something's wrong,
Something says to ask no one.
This feeling inside does not belong.
Alone in me plays this dark song.

This world is not where I belong.
Or in my world is something wrong?
Somethings playing this long dark song!
To make my question my belong?
To make me miss my own kind's song?

I'll ask aloud to all my own!
Does anyone hear that long dark song?
That song that tells us that we're wrong!
That song that tells us that we're done!
That song that says you are no one!

Cast it out and close your eyes!
For inside you your own song thrives!
Its the song where we belong!
It the song that we began!
Its the pride of the Aryans!

I know, super cheesy. But thanks! For your years of selfless labor. I'm glad I found you. Hope to be home soon

-Sam from Virginia


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey HAC, the man is just trying to thank you.
Why are you snubbing him? Is it our fault that we no longer mean the things we say?
Is it our fault that this whole status quo gives the idea to an idividual that he is alone in this world?

For the first one it might be. But that's how things are and they cannot change in a moment.

Bedides he didn't swore or lied about something, he only said that he was hoping.

1:53 PM  

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