Friday, February 24, 2012

How White Men Lost The World

You know that wonderful White world we had a hundred years ago? The one you caught a glimpse of in the San Francisco trolley car film clip I sent out about a year ago?

Well, this is how it ended. This is how we lost the world.

I apologize for the stupid advertisement at the beginning of this video. Skip over it if your software allows it, and if not just sit through it. You all need to see and wrap your minds around this. This is a kind of depressing thing for us to watch, but we need to understand how the world got so horrible.

These things you see here are almost within living memory. Color photography makes it all real, not just flat black-and-white stills or grainy speeded-up black-and-white films.


Blogger Bemused stare said...

The first major act of genocide of our people.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Luek said...

Sad and pathetic. How much stronger and more numerous we would be on this non-white mostly Asian planet if this real holocaust had not happened.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

There may be another act of genocide coming up. I cannot get over the madness of the kikes in their blatent attempt to forment a war against Iran and the supine way the Americans are going along with it. Can't people see how crazy this is? It could turn into World War lll in a matter of days. Iran can easily block up the Persian Gulf and destroy the US naval forces. The consequences would be catastrophic for a tottering world economy. Additionally, the Chinese and Russians will not stand idly by as the kikes and their American and British lap dogs destroy Iran. Iran is not Iraq or Syria or Libya. The situation has all the disastrous potential that existed in Europe in 1914. If these kike maniacs are allowed to go forward with this the world political and economic infrastructure could be unrecognisable this time next year. The world is being pushed towards the abyss and the dispicable political whores all over the western world are going along with it. The public seem unaware how quickly or badly the situation could deteriorate. Not being able to get fuel for cars or oil for heating would be the least of our concerns. Food shortages would follow almost immediately and major social upheaval with it as the untermenchen riot. It sounds melodramatic but the situation is really that dangerous. Remembering how easily these vermin formented the catastrophes in 1914 and 1939 it seems that they are going to do the same again now. We need some rational men in the US military to stage a coup and hang Obongo and his kikes before they bring us all down.

6:28 AM  

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