Friday, February 17, 2012

The Horror Continues

[They're cutting him off from his family and supporters, deliberately. I think we need to prepare ourselves for the likelihood that at some point fairly soon, Edgar Steele is going to be found dead in his prison cell. - HAC]

Continued Victimization of the Victim!

by Cyndi Steele

February 14, 2012

It’s not bad enough that the government falsely accused my husband of hiring someone to kill me.

It’s not bad enough in doing so the government constantly told one lie after another about my husband, about me and anything else that would assist them in wrongly convicting my husband.

It’s not bad enough that the FBI destroyed part of our home during their warrant search.

It’s not bad enough they knowingly allowed a bomb to be on my car for days.

It’s not bad enough that after I discovered the bomb and before they had a suspect, they told me they would not provide me protection.

It’s not bad enough that their only evidence are recordings that are not true, accurate, continuous conversations, as proven by two top audio experts who determined that they are manipulated, spliced and not even my husband’s voice. Of course, the government with the assistance from the judicial system kept the audio experts from testifying and the jury from even knowing about the experts.

It’s not bad enough that they violated my husband’s rights by denying him attorney-client privileged conversations.

It’s not bad enough that the media vilified my husband and only reported the government’s lies, refusing to fairly report the other side.

It’s not bad enough that they have kept my husband in solitary confinement for most of his incarceration, even before he was wrongly convicted.

It’s not bad enough that they will soon be releasing the man who actually put the bomb on my car.

It’s not bad enough that this caused our insurance company to deny our homeowners and car insurance, unless I divorce Ed.

It’s not bad enough that social security is not only stopping Ed’s social security payments, but demanding that I pay back 9 months of payments. It has been my only source of income since Ed’s arrest.

It’s not bad enough that the attorney hired to defend Ed ended up taking the money and throwing Ed under the bus by not providing the defense he promised.

It’s not bad enough that Ed's attorney was disbarred a month after the trial, and then within a few days following Ed’s sentencing, was indicted for fraud and theft.

It’s so clear that this attorney’s M.O. is to steal from his clients, including Ed, just taking the money without providing a defense.

It’s not bad enough that I have to pay the fines that Ed was charged with along with his sentence, including the portion that he was ordered to pay me, despite that I claimed he owes me nothing.

It’s not bad enough that I have to sell off all my possessions in order to survive.

It’s not bad enough that I have to put our home on the market in order to survive.

It’s not bad enough that they have wrongly convicted him on lies and false evidence.

It’s not bad enough that they have sentenced him to 50 years! A death sentence.

It’s not bad enough that they have designated him to a maximum security prison that is as far from me as they possibly can, with jet-fuel contaminated water and considered to be the prison they send the worst of the worse (prisoners that commit crimes, such as murder, within the prison system), especially considering

Ed has only been assigned 7-8 points, which qualifies him to be designated to a minimal security prison. It takes 10-20 points for designation to a medium security prison and over 20 points for designation to a maximum security prison. No, as the government’s proclaimed victim, all the above and so many other consequences I’ve had to face since Ed’s wrongful arrest on June 11, 2010 is not enough.

I am now being denied telephone privileges, email privileges and visitation privileges as stated in the warden’s letter copied in below. It doesn’t matter that the BOP’s policies specifically requires them to allow spouse visitation up to four hours per month and for them to encourage family visitation.

So, Warden, let me see if I correctly understand your response, “this would diminish the seriousness of the offense.” Aside from the fact that my husband has been falsely convicted for crimes he did not commit, a 50 year sentence (a death sentence) is not a serious enough punishment, so he is to be further punished. Of course, since I’m the one requesting contact, I am to be punished as well. And seriously, you claim that it would “possibly create a serious safety and security concern for staff?”

First, how in the world would telephone and email privileges create serious safety and security concerns for staff? There would be nothing sacred or private about our communications since everything is listened to or read. As for visitations, there are so many regulations in place that one is barely allowed to enter with the clothes on one’s back. Besides, I’m a short, light weight, middle aged, law abiding woman. I'm frankly insulted by the implication that I present any kind of threat.

All I see is a continued victimization by the FBI, the government and judicial system for which I have had to endure for the past 21 months. Not to forget that the true victim is my husband, who has been wrongly convicted by an out-of-control government and judicial officials that really are the true criminals.

How much more do we have to endure before the victimization is stopped? Who and when is someone going to stand up against this injustice being imposed on innocent people? How many more will face this same fate if it isn’t stopped now?


Released on this 2012 Valentine’s Day with a saddened heart for I’m forced to be without the Love of My Life. The day that Ed proposed to me 27 years ago!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And, the list of martyrs grows. How much blood will it take before we awaken the slumbering warrior inside the white man's heart? How many precious white children must die? How many of our women raped by niggers or worse yet, how many of our women do we give over to the beasts as a ransom for the illusion of peace? When comes the dawn? I just cannot accept that we will go down without a struggle. By God, though the stars fall at our feet we must do right. I don't care if I'm the only one standing there I will not go out without a fight.

Terry in Florida

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd fear for Cyndi's safety too. I'm not saying her righteous indignation is wrong but if she keeps going on like this, I'm afraid she might have some "accident" in the near future. She is in the right, of course, but she should keep a low profile and say "Yes, Sir, May I please have some more?"

These people are known killers. Lon Horiuchi is probably already finding good positions to take her out with his itchy trigger finger.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Justthisguy said...

It is "obvious to anyone of the meanest understanding" as they used to say in the 18th Century, that the Feds are effing with Edgar, and would rather that he die than live.

I am very, very annoyed by all of this, as I used to enjoy reading everything Mr. Steele wrote on the Web, and sent to me in emails.

So much for Free Speech.

6:36 PM  

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