Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crime Pays. Ask Larry Fairfax.

What's that you say? It's sour grapes from Edgar Steele's family and supporters when they observe that FBI informant Larry Fairfax soon faces release from his barely 24-month incarceration? Sorry, it goes much deeper than sour grapes when the facts are compared, as we'll see in a moment.

It's likely most readers of this piece already know the back-story, but if not, please visit the Free Edgar Steele web site for more info.

In brief, north Idaho's Edgar Steele is framed by his handyman Larry Fairfax in a fabricated murder-for-hire plot; the System jails Fairfax with a hand-slap sentence; the System efficiently denies Steele any semblance of a fair trial or justice with the judge repeatedly saying: “Don’t do anything to make the government look bad,” and convicts him of all counts; Steele, age 66, is serving 50 years. Fairfax will be released in about 3 months from the date of this writing.

Let's observe the facts about the life of Fairfax as the tool of the FBI and court system:

During the past 20-some months, Mr. Fairfax has been a general-population inmate. During the same time frame, Mr. Steele has been subjected to special solitary confinement, mail interception, loss of client-attorney privacy and minimal access to medical support.

Mr. Fairfax admitted he put the bomb on Mr. Steele's wife Cyndi's SUV with intent to murder her and confessed in court that he assembled and attached the device. Mr. Steele was charged with “possession of an explosive device with intent to kill” when the evidence proved he never possessed the components to construct any bomb.

FBI informer Fairfax – given a sweet deal by the Federal prosecution – was never charged with attempted murder or any charge that could result in a serious 10-year sentence. Mr. Steele's efforts to prove his complete innocence by analysis of critical evidence was derailed at every turn by a judge and prosecution who are, by federal law, entitled to receive bonus pay for convictions.

Mr. Fairfax was assigned to a facility in western Washington and has now been transitioned into a residential reentry center (RRC) , which rivals some decent hotel environments, for the remaining few months of his sentence.

Mr. Steele, designated as a low security, non-violent risk, has been sent to southern California, to a high security facility with jet fuel in the ground water that causes astrocytoma, a spine and brain forming tumor without cure, that kills its victims and is seriously suspect, if not ultimately lethal, to the health of inmates.

It's unknown if Mr. Fairfax has received visits from his family (a long day's drive from his north Idaho home). It's known that Mr. Steele is denied contact of any form with his wife, because the Bureau of Prisons is concerned about some fictitious “danger” to the security of the facility.

[Interjection - In my opinion the government intends to murder Steele, and is preparing the way for this by keeping him incommunicado and without his medication, as they did during the first six weeks or so of his arrest in 2010, although Steele declined to oblige them by dying even though deprived of his medicine. - HAC]

In his transitional halfway house, the federal government says: FBI informer Fairfax will receive employment counseling, job placement, financial management assistance, and other programs and services in a safe, structured, supervised environment. In his distant prison, Mr. Steele continues to be denied attorney-client privacy and his correspondence is opened without his knowledge, is monitored, and sometimes “lost” before he ever gets it.

When released in a few weeks, Mr. Fairfax may return to his old stomping grounds. If Cyndi Steele remains at her home, only a few miles away from her ex-handyman-bomber, she is worried about her own safety and security because the federal government stated that they would “NOT provide her any protection, whatsoever.” (So much for victim protection\.)

She feels forced to move away from their home of 15 years in order to secure her own safety from the FBI confidential informant, who is the FBI’s asset and tool that facilitated this whole, sordid fiasco because the SPLC demanded that the FBI bring Edgar Steele down. What the hey? Fairfax needed money to pay up the foreclosure on his house and a way to cover up his theft of $45,000 in silver bullion, so one hand was washing the other.

These points and others have nothing to do with sour grapes. These points have everything to do with the side of American corruption you happen to fall on. For all the bumbling, all the private court sidebar conversations from which Mr. Steele was excluded, all the glaring misconduct in the courtroom, all the US Marshals' heavy-handedness handling Mr. Steele, our government has the armed thugs and money to intimidate anyone and the motivation to silence whichever citizen they select.

How soon will you or I be next to get the Steele treatment?

We remain outraged at Mr. Fairfax receiving a paltry 2 year sentence for his crimes, due to the governmen) not charging him with attempted murder for planting a bomb on a vehicle that literally endangered thousands of lives. What terrorism is the FBI really protecting us from?

There is no question whatsoever that Mr. Steele – jailed for speaking politically incorrect truth – has been targeted to be an example and a warning to others. Let’s face it, Mr. Steele is nothing more than a political prisoner.

The Steele camp lost the skirmish, sorry to say, but, we will win the battle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, Cyndi has little to fear from Steele. He was, is, and always will be a government stooge, I mean, informant. It was a set up from the start and I would be very suprised of Fairfax wasn't placed with the Steeles by the FBI from the beginning... or at least they jumped Fairfax as soon as he was employed by Steele and made to play ball.

Fairfax is a small time crook, a purse lifter and a small time burglar. He never was a killer... unlike the people who employed him.

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, the real reason Steele is getting such a bum's rush is cuz the guy looks like one of the aliens from "They Live." I mean, if he looked like George Clooney, he'd probably be on the supreme court by now. Sad but true.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Advance said...

That's no sweetheart deal. The Feds know EXACTLY what they're releasing Larry into. Chum for the shark infested waters.

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an article I read entitled, "Bar Associations Are Cults".

Mr. Steele is a great Saxon and brother but he got caught up in a cult.

8:25 PM  

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