Sunday, January 01, 2012

Year of the Monkey

I'm going to make a prediction here: this year is really going to suck.

In November, the creature known among men as Barack Hussein Obama is going to be "re-elected," through a combination of vote fraud and a total doofus Republican candidate, deliberately put up by the GOP during the rigged and bogus primary process, in order to lose and maintain the eight-years-per-party arrangement which has existed for the past generation. Obama is going to win because the Republicans, whom the late Sam Francis accurately referred to as the Stupid Party, are going to throw the game.

Then in his second term, Obama will amnesty the illegal aliens, give them the vote, and gain perpetual power for the Democratic party. There may not even be another election after 2012. I mean, why bother? The White man will be permanently outvoted anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Hussein will be re-elected. The main reason? Too many stupid white voters, especially those below 35 who live in nearly all white parts of the country. I refer to young whites like those found in Kong County, WA.

Saw a poll the other day which asked who the most admired Ammuricans were. You guessed it, Hussein and Convict Clinton were first and second. When you see this type thing, you know there is no hope.

What I'm looking to see happen in Hussein's second term is:

1. A state legislature adopting a bill of secession.

2. A state defying a thug in black robes; George Wallace fashion but backing it up with state police and the guard.

3. A supreme dork ruling that allows for three or more presidential terms. This will be, of course, after a couple of "wise Latinos" (Messkins) have been appointed to the dorks, whom the Stupid Party will not oppose.

A majority of white people will sabotage the first two efforts and support the last.

7:11 AM  
Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

You'd think Obama would be a certain loser; the robot vote is the only vote that will be sure to give him the Presidency.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The latest buzz seems to be that The Sea Hag is likely to be Obongo's choice for VP this time. Perhaps we'll see The Hildabeast as President like in the Northwest novels, either because she'll have him "Vince Fostered" or there will be an Impeachment of Obongo and RINO's won't give him the undeserved Acquittal votes that Slick Willy got, making Obongo the first President in US History to be removed from office by a Guilty verdict at Impeachment. The Sea Hag is clearly well-connected and ruthless enough to be capable of remorselessly arranging getting herself installed as President by either means.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Add #4, military coup, to the list in the first post.

In the second and third Obamer administrations the military will receive fewer and fewer dollars to play with, thus jeopardizing a lot of careers. All the bird colonels who think that stars rightfully should be pinned on their collars will be in near open revolt when the decreasing stacks of tax money are diverted to the welfare state.

And too, don't forget that these military officers will have fewer "easy" wars in which to show that they are the very embodiment of the next Useless Grant, Patton and Ike and so on. They will have to fight major wars on a shoestring budget at higher risk of defeat and humiliation.

At the beginning of Obama's fourth republic the white population will be less than fifty percent and the GDP will be about that of Brasil, if we’re lucky.

Under these conditions, like in Latin American countries today, the US military will have to fight for survival and assert itself via threats and intimidation of civilian "leaders".

The military coup will not happen out of patriotism or concern about destruction of the constitution, but from self interests.

Can't happen here? Don't forget the LBJ/CIA/Mafia coup against JFK.

This process has come to pass in (formally) Great Brittan. The welfare state soaked up so much of the decreasing resources that the military is now almost non-existent.

A number of years ago I had a conversation with a mid-level British military officer in which he confided that a “soft” coup was being planned against the Labour party which was about to destroy the realm. Luckily, he said, Thacher was elected.

At the time I thought it all BS, but now I think there might have been an element of truth in his story. One reason the British military is so small today is to prevent a coup possibility.

7:12 AM  

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