Saturday, January 21, 2012

S.C. Primary

Quick comment on the S.C. primary today, since everybody seems so effing fascinated with this dog and pony show. Newt Gingrich may win, thanks to an especially ham-handed effort on the part of the media to drag out an embittered ex-wife to make obscene allegations about him, although I still think Romney will eventually take it since he is the designated fall guy to ensure Obongo's "re-election." If nothing else, Diebold will make sure of it. Our Lords and Masters don't like electoral surprises.


Blogger Bemused stare said...

I thought Diebold always runs it. I always wonder why they even bother with the show any more.

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Phillip Bartz said...

I would think the the Jew establishment would rather have the conservative candidate. Few independents would vote for Gingrich while many would vote for the moderate Romney, endangering Obama's re-election. For whites, any of the those 3 options are a train wreck. Obama we know, and Gingrich and Romney are ready to lick Israel's boots. There are some (whites) who think that Ron Paul is the savior (at least ones who haven't seen the apes on stage with Paul). Or some even hope Sarah Palin gets into the ring; ignoring the fact that ex NBA ape Glen Rice, once did her after interviewing him for a Florida TV station.

5:28 AM  

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