Thursday, January 26, 2012

Radio Free Northwest - January 26th, 2012

HAC gives us an Edgar Steele update, Sally talks about young White girls dating vampire lovers, and Gretchen the Librarian reviews Gruesome Harvest and chats about the fall of the Soviet Union.


Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

Here's a pair of guilt-tripping white liberals..............[174]!

Could negroes have an ancestral fear of water?

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those idiots are obviously educationally challenged and clearly haven't actually bothered to hang with any
"people of color" in spite of their aborance of "having white privilege". Which is typical of white liberal dip-shits. They love to whine about their concern for poor oppressed darkys, but won't get within a 1000 yards of real blacks.
For the edification of these white twits, the reason that
blacks aren't on the swim team is that blacks are negatively buoyant. To clarify for these marginally educated white twits, that means that blacks are heavier than water, i.e., blacks can't float. When blacks jump or fall into water (like in a swimming pool) they immediately sink to the bottom.
For all the white liberals that majored in the "humanities" like "sociology" while studiously avoiding any hard science classes like anatomy, blacks have a much heavier or more dense bone structure than whites. So while White swimmers, who float naturally, expend all of their energy swimming across the pool, black "swimmers" expend all of their energy just trying to keep their noses above water.
For White people that have bothered to actually hang with real blacks instead of the "light,bright and damn near white" house niggers that white libbys are so fond of, it is common knowledge that blacks are terrified of water. For the obvious reason that they tend to drown when they try to go "swimming".
When the City of Miami (which has a vast amount of inland waterways within the city limits) was forced to integrate the police force, they quickly discovered that no black candidates for the police force could pass the required swimming test. The onerous swimming test that was totally discriminatory towards black candidates simply required the candidate to jump into a swimming pool and swim the length of the pool. Because hardly any blacks could pass the swim test, the police department simply eliminated the test.
Diversity, ain't it wonderful? And white liberals, let's just hope that they fall into a canal in Miami and have to be rescued by a black cop.

Charles (The Hammer) Martel

11:55 PM  

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