Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Jewish History Series

Hi, guys:

I was rapping with Wallace today and it appears he’s never read my Jewish History series, as opposed to the Aryan History Series. The JHS is a lot smaller, about ten articles as opposed to 56 in the Aryan History Series, but it strikes me I haven’t sent it out for about a year, so anyone who wants to get these articles, let me know over the next few days at I’ll send them out starting Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Jewish form teacher, at primary school (5 to 11, year olds) Cohen, a little fat twat, used to name us kids after cartoon animals, such as tigger. A character from the jungle book, a cartoon film from the 60’s.

The fat yid used to put his arm around kids middles, like a perv, I don’t think the fat yid did anything to any children, but who what’s a fat yid touching children!

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