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Jew Says Assassinate Obama

From Occidental Observer, posted by Michael What's-His-Name, (Santoro?), that Italian guy who sends out a lot of good anti-Joo stuff:

"Andrew Adler, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, wrote an editorial saying Israel should consider assassinating Barack Obama. He wasn’t necessarily saying that they should assassinate Obama. Only that it should be one option on the table.

"Here’s how Adler laid out ;option three' in his list of scenarios facing Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu:

"Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies. Yes, you read three correctly. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel’s existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don’t you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles?

"Another way of putting three in perspective goes something like this: How far would you go to save a nation comprised of seven million lives…Jews, Christians and Arabs alike? You have got to believe, like I do, that all options are on the table."

Notice how confident he is that our 'strategic ally' has already discussed assassinating Obama. And, no, he hasn’t been arrested, in case you’re wondering.

The article has brought down scathing rebuke from the organized Jewish community, including the ADL’s Abe Foxman, and Adler has apologized. But there is some historical precedent for such a strategy. As reported by JTA, Harry Truman’s daughter, Margaret Truman Daniel, claimed in her 1972 biography of Truman that letter bombs were sent in 1947 by the terrorist Stern Group intended for the president. The same allegation was made in a 1949 book by a White House staffer in charge of reading the mail. The leader of the Stern Group denied it, pointing out that there was no motive, since Truman was more sympathetic to Zionism than FDR. However, Truman was certainly not a staunch Zionist in 1947, although he did ultimately capitulate to Jewish pressure (and money) when he recognized Israel over the strong objections of the military and foreign policy establishment. In any case, it’s clear that the Stern Group did use this tactic:

"'Yalin-Mor [head of the Stern Group] … readily acknowledged that the Sternists resorted to letter bombs but insisted that they were sent only to British leaders during the waning years of the Palestine Mandate and not to any other nationals. He said there was nothing to be gained from driving other sympathetic nations into the arms of the British.'

"It’s quite clear that from the beginning Zionism has been characterized by ruthless pursuit of its goals, particularly by the ultra-nationalists who are now in power and are set to dominate Israeli politics in the future. After all, the current Likud-dominated government of Israel is the direct descendant of the Stern Group and its ilk who were inspired by Jewish racial nationalist Vladimir Jabotinsky. These are the groups that carried out the bombing of the King David Hotel and the Deir Yassin massacre. Their descendants are the force behind current Israeli policies of apartheid, ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, and the crusade for war with Iran.

"It’s not surprising that Adler’s letter would be condemned by today’s Jewish establishment, but one suspects a bit of hypocrisy. In the realm of ethnic politics, the only criterion is what works, and I am quite certain that Abe Foxman understands that."

* * * * * * * * *

Can you imagine if this newspaper were the Atlanta Muslim Times, or the Atlanta Arab News? The Secret Service would be raiding the office within seconds. The editor would be held for treason. Every person on the staff would be arrested, the newspaper shut down, the building that housed the office would be demolished, and every American news outlet would have this as their leading story. But since this is a Jewish newspaper, the editor gets off scot-free. There is no secret police raid, there is no arrests, no shut down, no office building demolished, and not one word in the American media. You have to go to the Israeli media to get the story. This is what's called in America as the Jewish Double Standard.


Blogger Justthisguy said...

White people used not to have to play hardball nasty ethnopolitics and could afford to be all mellow and easygoing, back when we were still mostly on top geopolitically.

As squeamish as I am about such things, I think it might be necessary right soon now to play catch-up, seeing that it looks like we are in an existential fight.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mistrial declared for nigger who murdered a human
January 21, 2012 All, Nigger Crime 3 Comments

The dramatic decision to declare a mistrial came on the fourth day of the trial.

Murdered human Greg McNicol

A new trial date has not been set.

“I believe everything happens for a reason and in the end all I want is justice served,” Mr McNicol’s wife, Katie Scartezini-McNicol, said.

Judge Linda Parker declared the mistrial on Thursday after a witness, being questioned by prosecutor Steven Kaplan, answered a question in a way that Young’s legal team argued was prejudicial.

The Wayne County prosecutor’s office disagreed with the mistrial.

“The judge acknowledged the prosecutor did nothing improper,” said Maria Miller, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office.

“In fact, we believe that such an extreme remedy was not required.”

The jury of 10 women and four men, which includes two alternates, was dismissed.

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The trial featured dramatic testimony from witnesses and a haunting 911 emergency call made by Mr McNicol, 45, who grew up on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and moved to the US in 1998.

Authorities allege on May 7 last year Young, 63, drove to a 10-unit apartment complex on Detroit’s eastside that Mr McNicol had bought earlier in the year for just $US35,000.

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Witnesses told the court earlier in the week that Young, who was part of a syndicate that won $US29 million in a lottery last February, drove up to the complex, pulled out a pistol and shot Mr McNicol at close range.

Nigger "Judge" Linda Parker

An autopsy found the bullet struck a major artery in Mr McNicol’s pelvic area.

Young faces life in prison if convicted of the first degree premeditated murder charge.

He is also charged with second degree murder.

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turn this guy into a martyr? So we'd never hear the end of him? HELL no. That's how we wound up with MLK Day.

Dave 01242012 / 0640

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God what a nightmare it would be if the kikes were to actually do as this kike is advocating! Instant martyrdom being given to that chimp is easily among the worst possible situations for Whites to be placed into; especially since it would, without a doubt, be blamed on some White scapegoat (perhaps a kike posing as a "White supremacist" as the bastards tried to do in Tucson before the world learned that Loughner was a Left-wingnut kike who viewed Giffords as insufficiently Communist to satisfy his twisted Marxist worldview). Even if the kikes were to attempt and fail, as they did with Reagan in order to create a crisis sufficient to stir up the anti-gun pot again, the effect on Whites would be disastrous. Imagine how many newly-awakening Whites would be targeted for "revenge" by gangs of typically animalistic nigger thugs before having had time to adequately learn to defend themselves.


6:48 AM  
Anonymous Rooting for 0b0ng0 said...

Don't we WANT 0b0ng0 to win & hasten the death of Amurica? If let's say even Paul were to win ( which he won't) that would just stretch out the racial decay of North America for another decade or more and further reduce the number of viable White revolutionaries left when the balloon goes up.

8:03 AM  
Blogger Luek said...

I think it is funny that everyone is obsessing over Mitt Romney's Mormon beliefs and how they may affect his Presidency if he were to be elected. But these same critics don't find anything at all wrong with having a damned nigger presently in the White House. This selective blindness is probably an indication of how much the "bad sickness" infection has gotten into the very lifeblood of the once great nation that America was.

12:25 AM  
Blogger Justthisguy said...

@ anonymous @5:13:
Funny how when I was evicted (landlord got foreclosed upon) there was no violence, though there were at least 3 guns present, 2 of mine and one on the deputy's hip. I suspect the contractor doing the furniture-dragging prolly had one in his truck, too. Everybody was White and polite.

10:02 PM  

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