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A New Zealand Fan Writes

Hello Harold,

Well done on the Harris show! A couple of things I thought I might raise, as they are going to continue to be raised I think.

Firstly, you mentioned that you do not believe that there is some sort of "pan-yid" conspiracy that is going on at a certain level involving certain elements of "yid-dom". And rather by virtue of the yid's inherent nature it simply gravitates into parasitic activity in any society it finds itself in.

I think this position can be defended up to a certain period in history (say 18th century post-City of London Corporation establishment by yids and the financing of expansion of industry in the colonial territories), but after this point it is hard to say that their actions are across the board merely random.

History does show us that in many cases they have been able to work in consort to defend their march toward international order according to their world view. The main example of course being the coordinating of forces to central Europe's National Socialists in the 40s.

I make this point, as in my opinion, this very much affects NWR military defence policy. There must be no illusion, as was clearly the case with the National Socialists of Germany in the 30s, that the Zionists will use all their influence available to try to crush independence.

So, in my opinion, we will be likely engaging Polish/Chinese/South Korean/Australian etc etc "Peace Keepers" in our drive for independence. It is my opinion that only through the degradation of other white societies into anarchy, e.g. UK, Germany, France, and of course the rest of the USA, and the resulting reactions there, will there be created a loss of yid's ability to organise, that will give rise to the yids not being able to marshall their former power so as to stop a movement like the NWR. This breakdown in societies such as Germany and the UK is a certainty, as it is a certainty that the nature of the growing non-white demographic there will result in anarchy, as non-whites know no other way to order their societies.

Secondly, you did it again and referred to modern Jews as "Hebrews". Try not to do this and isolate the Christian Identists that support you. As said before, they will probably be the majority of families that get off their asses to move and form supportive, active, and self sufficient communities.

Third, I listened in to an old radio podcast from some time back, and you had the Volgalied song on and it was sung by Rebrov in this intance. A wonderful song about a German colonist in Russia dreaming of his homeland. You mentioned there that no one was left of the Germans that went to the Russian territories.

This is not quite correct. The German folk that moved there were largely Protestant, having left Germany to flee Catholic dominance, in the same vien as the initial pilgrims in the US. Not all of course, but most.

This happened from about 1740 onwards. It was a reaction to the tensions that existed in the Saxon territories since the Reformation, and of course saw its bloody face with the many conflicts that came to be known as the Thirty Years War in the mid 17th century. With the Romanovs offering free land and protection in the East, it was an opportunity to live free from conflict and practice the religion they wanted in peace (well, so they thought.)

By 1900 there were 3000 villages of Germans throughout the Russian steppe territories, and some approx 2 million persons. However, at the close of the 19th, and beginning of the 20th centuries, the ethnic Russian peasants and labourers in the cities started to slowly get jealous of anyone doing better than themselves, and this was of course the seed for revolution(to cut a long story short).

So having lived in this situation before, many of the 2 million Germans (who by this time had established wonderful farming industries etc) started to move to the USA and Canada. They mostly went to the Dakotas, Kansas, and the mid west grain growing areas. However, of the approximately 2 million, only about 230,000 moved before it was too late. Most of the rest were killed by the Bolsheviks. Some came back with the retreating Germans in the 40s, some only to be caught again in East Germany. And there are still a few villages in East Russia that are mostly ethnic German. A number went to Latvia and Estonia and survived. Indeed, the ones that went to the USA traveled back through the Baltic states for their passage to the USA.

Of course if we could wake up today's generation of German Russians in the Midwest to the reality that happened to their kin that stayed behind in Russia, then maybe they too will not be so relaxed, and lend their hand to their race's preservation. The very historical saga itself is an exact example of what can happen if one cannot see the "writing on the wall' for ones preservation, and take action.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Having been in both secular and religion movements (Christian Identity) I can state emphatically that it will be the Christian Identists who will have a desire that transcends the worldly and is personified by a certain fierceness that I have not found among other groups.

These kinsmen definitely do not fear death and they have so much love for their white kinsfolk that they can put me to shame.

They are organized and they are ready to "tap".

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