Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fan Mail

Hey Harold,

I just wanted to write you a note via snail mail, that is probably the safest way to correspond these days. I’m reading The Brigade for the first time, and I’ve gotta say, you are one hell of an author. Not really the emotional type, but your words brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. I want to put this book into any half ass possible prospect's hands.

I’m sure Axis Sally will have fun with the tears in the eye thing, but you have spoken to my heart. I have been so fucking disenfranchised by so many people in the so called Movement that I regret to say when you first sent me your package, I blew it off as a mere solicitation for money. I’ve seen the error of my ways and understand that it’s not you I would be supporting, but an idea I’ve believed in my whole life since my awakening.

I brought my family here under the Northwest Imperative, before the NF even existed. I moved to West Virginia shortly after Dr. Pierce died, but he was still alive when I was on my scouting trip. After joining the Aryan Brotherhood while doing a long stint in a Texas prison, I was really disillusioned and didn’t want to officially join any organization, but at the time I believed that was the best organization to support, even if behind the scenes. After moving there, I offered my legal support in regards to my construction ability, but was blown off.

A few years later, they finally understood that I was just a solid white man trying to support an idea I believed in. Shortly thereafter, I was taken into the fold and allowed access to their compound. I had a friend on the outskirts that killed himself over that shit, & that may have been my ticket in. At any rate, I knew Shaun Walker and Erich Gliebe personally. But, I was also involved in the immediate community around me and knew more than I let on.

[Subsequent comments redacted in compliance with the First Taboo. If we don't name names we can discuss the Space Madness, GUBU and Goat Dancing in general terms and pretend we don't all know who and what we're talking about, that these are Leaders of Greatness and Men of Destiny, and all is tickety-boo. At some point the Movement is going to have to repeal the First Taboo and conduct a fearless and searching examination of things that happened in the 1990s, and the people who were around then--you can't really understand where you're going if you don't know where you've been--but apparently we're not ready for that yet, hence the withheld sections of this letter. - HAC]

So, I got my family moved here back into the homeland. Now fast forward to present day. I believe that the NF has the nuts & bolts to make this shit happen. I totally believe in the idea and don’t believe there is any other way. This is our only hope.

I met Andy (NF rep) yesterday and cautioned him about [Redacted, First Taboo.]

We have the key idea here. Northwest Migration is our only hope. We have got to get as many like minded folks as us up here as possible before the economy fails or the balloon goes up, however you view it.

I’m prepared to survive and help my family survive, but that’s just not enough.

So, all in all, I’ve accomplished what any white man should in his life. I’ve made it to a place in my life where I can employ several skilled workers and a few apprentices as well. I really want my place in life to have meaning! I can provide jobs for at least a year to any skilled mechanic or laborer. I really want my position to be put to good use. I’m talking living wages, even for apprentices. Welding skills are a plus, but not necessary. I really don’t need to filter some white power skinhead screaming outcast, but if you can refer someone descent, I’m game even if they don’t have the necessary skills. I will train them.

Racial regards, brother,

[Name redacted]


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