Friday, January 06, 2012

Boycott The Daily Mail

Never during 45 years political struggle have I endured such a gut-wrenching anti-white orgiastic fest as that carried by the British media over the alleged killers of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

To give you some perspective, many readers have correctly pointed out that more editorial and graphics have been devoted to this single murder than after Princess Diana’s suspicious death.

Such has been the pro-black anti-white hysteria carried by the ‘British’ media; in particular the Daily Mail that I have no doubt white youngsters will be murdered by black gangs as a consequence. Thousands will be beaten shit out of; raped and mugged by blacks who have an anti-white chip on their shoulder, placed there by this obnoxious self-congratulatory posturing editor.

They have been whipped into an anti-white frenzy by the screeching of the Daily Mail engulfing page alter sickening page.
Hundreds of white youngsters have been killed in racially motivated attacks since Lawrence was murdered 19 years ago. Most are regarded by the Daily Mail, and other media as of such little consequence they weren’t even reported just as insignificant collateral damage.


All is not lost: It is heartening to see readers condemning the Daily Mail’s double standards, its pro-black stance, far outnumbered sympathetic comment, despite heavy screening.

In one of scores of articles covering the case Paul Dacre, Daily Mail’s editor, preened at what he claimed to be support from other media.
So why were there only four published responses to a newspaper that claims 6 million readers? Because those critical of the editor were censored.

I knew Sir. David English and other top Daily Mail columnists; I got on well with them despite our differences, I still do. One who sat at the Daily Mail’s boardroom table told me: ‘No worries, Paul. The knighthood is on its way.’ How many white youngsters will die by the knife to purchase Dacre’s knighthood?


In my opinion any white European who purchases a Daily Mail, or gives business to any of those who advertise in it, regards themselves as a white outcast: good riddance and this includes the disreputable ‘Sir’ Paul Dacre. Africa will no doubt celebrate the arrival of a self-hating renegade white flashing the queen’s gong.

As a side issue, I have it on good authority that the conventional media is haemorrhaging sales. Furthermore their influence is waning as thoughtful readers turn to the internet to get a more balanced perspective.

Help to kick the Daily Mail over the edge. Please forward this plea to everyone in social media, including Face Book and address books. Let us together kick the Daily Mail and its editor into Brixton’s sewers. Together we can!

Michael Walsh

Author : Historical Analyst : Journalism
Voice of Europe International Broadcaster Since 1964


Blogger Luek said...

Great Britain could have actually been great if it hadn't thrown the immigration doors open to nigger and other non-white immigration just after World War 2. Still wouldn't it be wonderful if Britain finally said enough is enough and deported all the non-whites out of the country back to their African and Asiatic habitants? Look up Enoch Powell for a prophetic pronouncement on Britain's future servicing non-white immigration in his day.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This pic is of April Gaede after her infamous Counter Currents Debate statement, "I am the queen..."

5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see Ron Paul was cheated, out of wining the Iowa Caucus, (so what’s new, the BNP was cheated out of loads of seats. Over the years.)

So what have we leaned from this? "If Voting Made Any Difference, It Would Be Illegal." Elections are a complete waste of time, money, and hopes!

Harold been proved right again. Harold’s North West front, and maybe ones like it in Europe is the only answer.


12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living in the US I don't read the Daily Mail, but it sounds similar to the New York Times attitude toward a PGA tournement. There is a golf tournement held in the south which is only open to men which the Times got a bug up it's ass about. They had many editorials on it. It got so bad that mainstream commentators were talking about it. It even crept into Saturday Night Live skits; whenever they had a skit concerning a group of reporters interviewing someone, they'd have the NY Times' reporter ask a question concerning discrimination in the PGA regardless of the issue which got the other reporters to the news conference. I am not sure most of their viewers got the humor, unless they lived in NY or followed the talking heads on TV.

2:31 PM  
Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

The verdict in this case is invalid,and has cost the overturning of a thousand years of jurisprudence,under English common law this case would not even exist because of double tomorrow they could dream up any "law"to prosecute anyone they could make political capitol out of.Personally i am sick of hearing how wonderful niggers are,because out on the streets the reality is somewhat different.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Englishman: The verdict in this case is invalid.
-----------------------------------The NWO don't care!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Rufus said...

The Daily Mail is an outright internationalist anti-indigenous Zionist rag. Its coverage of the St. Ephen Lawrence case is typical of the British media as a whole. The current hysteria over the US soldiers who urinated on Afghan corpses is of a similar ilk, insofar as the Zionist war itself is never criticised, only the men on the ground implementing it. The media are hypocritical scum; not just the Daily Mail, but all of the British 'news' papers.

2:57 AM  

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