Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fan Mail

Hey Harold,

I just wanted to write you a note via snail mail, that is probably the safest way to correspond these days. I’m reading The Brigade for the first time, and I’ve gotta say, you are one hell of an author. Not really the emotional type, but your words brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. I want to put this book into any half ass possible prospect's hands.

I’m sure Axis Sally will have fun with the tears in the eye thing, but you have spoken to my heart. I have been so fucking disenfranchised by so many people in the so called Movement that I regret to say when you first sent me your package, I blew it off as a mere solicitation for money. I’ve seen the error of my ways and understand that it’s not you I would be supporting, but an idea I’ve believed in my whole life since my awakening.

I brought my family here under the Northwest Imperative, before the NF even existed. I moved to West Virginia shortly after Dr. Pierce died, but he was still alive when I was on my scouting trip. After joining the Aryan Brotherhood while doing a long stint in a Texas prison, I was really disillusioned and didn’t want to officially join any organization, but at the time I believed that was the best organization to support, even if behind the scenes. After moving there, I offered my legal support in regards to my construction ability, but was blown off.

A few years later, they finally understood that I was just a solid white man trying to support an idea I believed in. Shortly thereafter, I was taken into the fold and allowed access to their compound. I had a friend on the outskirts that killed himself over that shit, & that may have been my ticket in. At any rate, I knew Shaun Walker and Erich Gliebe personally. But, I was also involved in the immediate community around me and knew more than I let on.

[Subsequent comments redacted in compliance with the First Taboo. If we don't name names we can discuss the Space Madness, GUBU and Goat Dancing in general terms and pretend we don't all know who and what we're talking about, that these are Leaders of Greatness and Men of Destiny, and all is tickety-boo. At some point the Movement is going to have to repeal the First Taboo and conduct a fearless and searching examination of things that happened in the 1990s, and the people who were around then--you can't really understand where you're going if you don't know where you've been--but apparently we're not ready for that yet, hence the withheld sections of this letter. - HAC]

So, I got my family moved here back into the homeland. Now fast forward to present day. I believe that the NF has the nuts & bolts to make this shit happen. I totally believe in the idea and don’t believe there is any other way. This is our only hope.

I met Andy (NF rep) yesterday and cautioned him about [Redacted, First Taboo.]

We have the key idea here. Northwest Migration is our only hope. We have got to get as many like minded folks as us up here as possible before the economy fails or the balloon goes up, however you view it.

I’m prepared to survive and help my family survive, but that’s just not enough.

So, all in all, I’ve accomplished what any white man should in his life. I’ve made it to a place in my life where I can employ several skilled workers and a few apprentices as well. I really want my place in life to have meaning! I can provide jobs for at least a year to any skilled mechanic or laborer. I really want my position to be put to good use. I’m talking living wages, even for apprentices. Welding skills are a plus, but not necessary. I really don’t need to filter some white power skinhead screaming outcast, but if you can refer someone descent, I’m game even if they don’t have the necessary skills. I will train them.

Racial regards, brother,

[Name redacted]

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Case of the Disappearing Beaners

You know something? Those horrible racist state-level laws against illegal immigration work. They can actually force the beaners to move on. Not back to Mexico, unfortunately, but these laws at least keep them from sinking their claws into American soil like barnacles on a ship’s hull.

The Associated Press reports: “Hispanic students have started vanishing from Alabama public schools in the wake of a court ruling that upheld the state's tough new law cracking down on illegal immigration. Education officials say scores of immigrant families have withdrawn their children from classes or kept them home this week, afraid that sending the kids to school would draw attention from authorities.”

Note the standard liberal use of the term “immigrant” in this article, instead of the correct term “illegal alien.”

AP goes on: “There are no precise statewide numbers. But several districts with large immigrant enrollments — from small towns to large urban districts — reported a sudden exodus of children of Hispanic parents, some of whom told officials they planned to leave the state to avoid trouble with the law, which requires schools to check students' immigration status.

“In Montgomery County, more than 200 Hispanic students were absent the morning after the judge's Wednesday ruling. A handful withdrew.

“In tiny Albertville, 35 students withdrew in one day. And about 20 students in Shelby County, in suburban Birmingham, either withdrew or told teachers they were leaving. Local and state officials are pleading with immigrant families to keep their children enrolled. The law does not ban anyone from school, they say, and neither students nor parents will be arrested for trying to get an education.But many Spanish-speaking families aren't waiting around to see what happens. A school worker in Albertville — a community with a large poultry industry that employs many Hispanic workers — said Friday that many families might leave town over the weekend for other states. About 22 percent of the community's 4,200 students are Hispanic.”

Illegal aliens, goddammit! Not “Hispanic.” Not “immigrant.” Their presence here is a crime. They are breaking the law. That concept seems to have simply vanished from the American news media.

[Long weepy crap about poor, persecuted beaners redacted.]

Cliff Notes Version: The Democrats urgently need to get the 30 million illegal aliens in this country amnestied and get as many of them as possible into the voting booth by November, 2012. The first step towards this goal has now been taken, since deportations have been suspended by special executive order to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division. (ICE). The President of the United States is taking part in an act of massive, nationwide election fraud (again.)

Once that is achieved, then the 30 million beaners can double their numbers. Once legalized, they can bring in their brothers and sisters and cousins and uncles and mamacitas and bambinos, and within 50 years Latin America will reach the Arctic Circle and only a few White people will be left alive in a few remote villages in northern Canada. Old White people.

When, exactly, are you guys going to get all this and then do something about it?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

NVA Target Selection

[On this week’s Radio Free Northwest, Axis Sally made some remarks on abortion which seem to have caused a bit of confusion, i.e. she is against abortion on general principles of anyone, including negroid and mestizo infants, purely on the moral grounds that one doesn’t kill babies, period, end of story. A refreshing viewpoint to find in any White woman these days. As it happens, I agree, although on more pragmatic grounds. 

Just to put it all in perspective, I am attaching an excerpt from one of the early chapters of The Brigade, when Zack and the boys are talking about NVA target selection with the Brigade adjutant, Larry Donner. – HAC] 

“Two real sugars if you’ve got,” replied the adjutant. “You’ll find you end up living on sugar and caffeine in this line of work, and I don’t mean insurance.” They sat down in the little office. “All right, Lieutenant White, what have you got for me?” The D Company Trouble Trio spent the next half hour going over everything they had just finished discussing among themselves. Maybe it was his salesman persona, but they found themselves trusting Donner without question. It occurred to all three of them that he must sell a lot of insurance. “I have to say, I’m impressed,” said Donner when they had finished. “You boys have done a lot in a very short time. Okay, once you nail down these potential recruits and get them instructed as Volunteers, trained and ready to go, we need to start looking at your first active service operations in this area.” 

“We’ve got some ideas on that,” said Hatfield.

“Good, we’ll talk about them in a bit,” said Donner. “But first I need to go over the Army Council’s policy on target selection with you. I’m sure Red and Tommy have already mentioned to you that we don’t just want to run around slaughtering everybody with a dark face, the spiel about remembering the essential political objective we’re all striving for, so forth and so on.”

“Several times,” said Hatfield. “We got it.”

“Okay. That said, a lot of your work will still be gofers, GO-4s, General Order Four enforcement. It may look to outsiders like we’re just gunning down non-whites at random, but actually the whole issue of target selection is very complex. The selection of targets will primarily be the duty of the company commander, with the assistance of the XO in his intelligence gathering capacity, but anyone can propose an enemy target for the CO’s consideration. Every target that we destroy, human or material, needs to have some kind of clear and visible value to the Zionist occupation government. The public needs to be able to see and understand why we shot so and so or blew up or burned down such and such a place. Once the target is proposed, the XO does a feasibility study, including surveillance of the target, looking over the ground, etc. Ideally you should never stage any attack without having scouted the terrain first, with the exception of floats, which we’ll get into in a bit. If the XO reports that an attack is feasible with minimum risk to the Volunteers, or at least an acceptable degree of risk in proportion to the importance of the target, then the CO organizes and carries out the tickle.”

“Tickle?” asked Washburn.

“It’s kind of a slang term the Boys seem to have come up with for an attack on ZOG,” explained Donner. “No idea how it got started, but it’s already entered the Volunteer vocabulary. Now, before any NVA unit goes OR they need to have a list of targets in their operational area. I see you’ve already got your lists drawn up, and I have to say I like that idea of yours about circulating or posting them publicly with the names of the dead crossed out. That’s good thinking and good psychological warfare, and it will accomplish the objective of removing these people from your operational area as efficiently as actually killing them would. 

“The NVA tactical philosophy is that the minute hostilities commence in any operational area, we need to start hitting those targets, not sit there admiring our lists for the neat typing. The NVA must always hit, hit, hit! We must keep the feds off balance, never knowing when and where we will strike next, but knowing it will be damned soon. Right now they’re still trying to maintain business as usual, trying to pretend that we’re just ordinary criminals. They’re doing full CSI workups, forensics, and legal documentation on each incident. We must present them with so many incidents that their ordinary procedures of criminal investigation and apprehension will be stretched to the breaking point and then snap under the strain, thus forcing them to fall back on brute force and institutionalized terrorism. Remember, normal law enforcement in America is already so swamped with ordinary crime, drug-related messes and the thousand-and-one problems that come from massive numbers of Third World people living in a Western society, that in many areas the system can barely function as things are. We need to tip the system over the edge. We have to hit them so hard and often that they can’t keep up, so that all they can do is just follow along behind us and keep on picking up the dead bodies we leave for them.”

“Sounds good to me,” growled Hatfield.

“But still, there are some guidelines. Some very important guidelines,” warned Donner. “First and foremost, no kids! Red and yellow, black and white, they ain’t all precious in His sight by a damned long shot. Nonetheless, never, ever deliberately hit a child, and bend over effing backwards to avoid harming a child accidentally. That’s a child of any color.”

“Even Jews?” asked Hatfield.

“Regrettably, yes. Killing kids is the worst possible image we can have in the public mind, and it’s one of the things that might tip the psychological balance and lose us the war,” said Donner firmly.

“Define child, in non-white terms,” requested Washburn.

“Pre-pubescent. Young enough to still be cute,” Donner told him.

“Baby rattlesnakes grow up to be big rattlesnakes,” said Ekstrom. 
“Those two nigger crackheads who … who did something to a member of my family, they were cute little picaninnies once.”

“You know that and I know that, QM,” said Donner. “The overwhelming majority of these pale-skinned morons gawping at Fox News won’t be able to wrap their minds around it, and we need to convert those people or at least neutralize them, not write them off and alienate them. They may be useless themselves, they may not be our nation’s future, but their gene pool is. 

“Non-whites generally start posing a threat to the white community at about age 13 or 14, when they join their first gang, puff their first crack pipe, and start committing their first thefts. If they’re old enough to have a shitty little moustache or visible tits, they’re old enough to do harm to white people and they’re fair game, although personally I’d say play it safe by concentrating on adults. One obvious exception would be blacks or Mexicans in high school that can’t seem to lay off chasing white girls. We need to get the word out: that shit comes to a screeching halt, now!

“But younger than that, lay off. You remember 1963, when the Klan blew up a nigger church in Birmingham that was being used as a political headquarters and operations center by the NAACP and the Jews who ran the so-called civil rights movement? And those four little black girls happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? The liberals still play the sad violins over that one, and that episode became part of the image that destroyed the Klan as an effective force in the South and maybe gave this whole vile system another three generations of life. We have to make sure we don’t have any Birmingham churches in the Northwest.”

“Mmmm, Larry, what about bombs?” asked Hatfield. “I recall that the one thing that probably screwed the pooch for the Provisional IRA more than anything else was their seeming inability to pop the top in Belfast without blowing up some poor mother and baby in a stroller passing by.”

“Yeah, and those dumb Paddies would also do crap like shooting a man down in front of his children, shooting teachers in front of a class full of kiddies, so forth and so on,” said Donner in disgust. “What the hell were they thinking?
“I admit, one of our big nightmares is that some white child is going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get killed by one of our detonations. I think we can all imagine the Roman holiday that the media will make out of something like that. This is one reason why each brigade is going to have a trained and experienced explosives officer with a military or engineering background, and a special EOD unit. You’ll eventually have your own EOD team, Zack, and while you will still be in command of target selection and operations, you will have to liaise really close with your explosives officer and let him and his crew handle all the details. Bombing is a whole field of paramilitary expertise on its own.

“The trouble is that in something like this, what they euphemistically term collateral damage is damned near inevitable,” Donner continued with a sigh. “The United States has proven in Iraq and Iran and everywhere else that they don’t really give a damn. The white people they accidentally kill will disappear. Any witnesses will be silenced, their families will be bought off, and the media will make those incidents drop off the radar like they did in Iraq. 

“The United States can afford collateral damage, but we can’t. People will admire and eventually support men whom they view as gutsy rebels standing up for the underdogs against a corrupt tyranny. They will not admire or support a bunch of maniacs who run around killing kids. Guys, we’re developing a separate propaganda section that among other things is making contingency plans for the various kinds of accidents that might happen in the fog of war, but baby-killing is the one thing we can’t explain away or gloss over. For Christ’s sake, don’t give us a Birmingham! Keep your heads, plan your jobs, and don’t do anything that’s going to put a child at risk.”

“Got it,” said Hatfield.

“Okay, second no-no in target selection,” Donner went on. “Christian ministers, priests, and for the moment, church buildings themselves. This one may change later, depending on how serious a threat the evangelicals and others become to us. For over a generation since the first neocons, evangelicals have shown they can be a powerful political force, since they’re the only ones who still support this insane endless war for oil and Israel. It was their bought-and-paid-for preachers who deftly and subtly switched their flocks’ attention away from abortion and buggery and into the great holy Ninth Crusade against Islam. Those men are the world’s worst assholes, and you’re going to want to bust a cap on them bad, but for now, go a bit easy. Again, we have to bear in mind the low level of political sophistication and awareness of the average white Amurrican. We don’t want to give people the impression that we are making war on Christianity itself, as much as some of our comrades of other persuasions might want to do so.”

“Look, you know damned well that every middle-class minister and every tub-thumping Holy Roller hoot-and-holler preacher in three counties is going to be bellowing against us from the pulpit and on every Christian radio station,” protested Hatfield. “Hell, they already are! I was listening to Radio Salvation out of Longview today and some yammerhead was calling us the devil’s disciples. What about General Order Seven, which prohibits incitement against the Republic or its armed forces and public expressions of sympathy and support for the enemy?”

“When some preacher is getting really out of line, then you pay him a visit and give him a very thorough, painful, and damaging beating,” said Donner. “The sight of one of their brethren sitting in a wheelchair in bandages and eating through a tube will convey the message to the rest of them. That’s already happened in Idaho and some other places, and the units there report that it really results in an attitude adjustment on the part of the clergy. The Boys in Coeur d’Alene have already forced one Christian cable channel to shut down, and they didn’t kill anyone to do it. Sometimes the baseball bat speaks louder than the gun. Now, if you’ve got a really egregious case, where a preacher is involved in active informing or something like that, something we just can’t let pass, then make your case to brigade and get an okay before hitting him. You have to remember that for a lot of poor white people, church is still an important part of their lives and we don’t want them to get the idea we’re devil-worshippers who are going to sacrifice their kids to Moloch or any such happy horse shit. Remember, we have to get the silent support of a majority of the white population here at least to the extent that they do not inform or actively collaborate with the occupation.”

“Understood,” said Hatfield. 

Donner continued, “Now, third no-no, and once again, this may change down the road. For the time being, no targeting airlines, airports, or civilian passenger airplanes. There was a big debate on this in the Army Council, and they’ll be reviewing the issue periodically. Even with the few people we have, we could shut down civilian air transport in this country and pretty near wreck the whole shebang, and there is a lot of temptation to use that penultimate weapon, but for the time being, we’re not going to. Three main reasons.”

Donner ticked them off on his fingers. “First, the feds understand how vulnerable they are and how dependent this empire is on air travel. They are doing their nuts surrounding every major airport in the country with more security than has been seen since the days after 9/11, security that is costing them untold millions of dollars every month, and that’s driving airline passengers around the twist with long lines, intrusive searches, flight delays, attractive white women getting felt up by the Third World guards, having to get to the airport five hours ahead of flight time because of all the bullshit they have to go through, you name it. So far, our psych warfare guys are getting the vibe that they’re blaming the régime and their ham-handed security hirelings, most of whom are non-white. Not us. We blow a few airliners out of the sky and they’ll blame us. We want them mad at the federal government and Third World airport security people, not the NVA. All of the above is already causing the kind of economic shock waves that are cutting profits, losing jobs for white people who still have any, and making them lose hope for the future. The United States of America is in bad shape already. We want it to continue to get worse, but in a bit longer and slower slide than would happen if we shut down all the airports and created a massive implosion that could credibly be blamed on us.

“Secondly, the prospects for collateral damage and the loss of innocent white lives if we bring down an airliner are unacceptably high, especially if we shoot one down while it’s taking off from Sea-Tac and it crashes into an elementary school or a hospital, some horror like that. We can’t risk that kind of propaganda blowback.

"Finally, believe it or not, the Army Council and the Party do maintain some hope of foreign aid or at least quiet collusion, notably from Russia and France and Japan, but also from the Muslim world, although that will have to be handled really carefully. All established governments everywhere are very skittish about dealing with people who blow up airliners. Everybody is too vulnerable on that front and everybody has had bad experiences with weirded-out skyjackers and fanatics who do that kind of thing. It is considered a major international faux pas. So for the time being, stay away from airports.”

“What about military aircraft?” asked Hatfield.

“Military, police, or media planes and helicopters are fair game,” said Donner. “Any aircraft carrying a major politician or enemy effective is fair game. Knock their asses out of the sky or destroy them on the ground if you can. It might be good to do that just to remind ZOG what we’re capable of, if the spirit moves us. Just for God’s sake don’t shoot one down over a residential district where it’s going to crash into the aforementioned school or hospital.”

“So just who can we hit?” asked Charlie Washburn. “I mean besides General Order Number Four attacks aimed at taking out the garbage?”

“Obvious targets like racially mixed couples and faggots. That shit stops! It stops now! No more! If you know where any live, waste them and burn them out, just make sure you don’t kill any cute little mulatto kiddies.”

“They’ll be on the six o’clock news crying for their mommy and daddy,” rumbled Ekstrom with a scowl.

“The first few times, yes, but we’ll also be having a few quiet words of prayer with the media people, and they’ll learn not to play that moo, once a bat or two cracks across some of their skulls,” Donner told him.

“Who else is on the hit parade?” asked Washburn.

“Basically, we hit anyone who is part and parcel of maintaining federal authority in the Northwest. Start with lawyers, judges, and anyone to do with the courts. It is absolutely essential that the enemy court and judicial system come to a grinding halt. From now on courts do not sit, unless it’s behind a Bremer wall, and not for long even then, until we get at them somehow. These courts do not judge us, or anybody else. They are no longer lawful, and the government they serve no longer rules in this land. We do. If someone in the community is causing a real problem with drugs or genuinely anti-social behavior, the NVA will deal with them, not the American law and not the American courts. All attorneys are considered officers of the court, and the court is an alien and enemy power occupying our land. All attorneys are therefore legitimate military targets. All judges will immediately resign and leave the Homeland, or die. We thus force the enemy to fall back on military tribunals or simple arbitrary internment.”

“That’s coming anyway,” remarked Hatfield. “Let me hear some more about the goddamned lefty media.”

“Media personnel are much more delicate,” said Donner. “We not only need to neutralize them as enemies, we need to make use of them for our own purposes, no matter how reluctant they may be. We can do this by punishing a few of their more excessive individual personnel, but letting the rest continue to function so long as they provide balance in their coverage. For example, if they have to report federal government press releases and statements, fine. We get that. But they also report statements by the NVA, verbatim, and they do it with a straight face and no unseemly comments. They give us the same air time and they refrain from any snide side remarks or manipulation of the news. Oh, and by the way, they don’t use the term ‘terrorists.’ They call us the NVA, or Northwest Volunteers, or white separatists, or even insurgents is fine, but terrorist is the ZOG word for us, and the media will not use it. It is not beyond the realm of feasibility that we might develop special relationships with certain ladies and gents of the Fourth Estate. The thought of that Pulitzer Prize for front-line reporting on the war on domestic terror could be a powerful motivating factor.”

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Jewish History Series

Hi, guys:

I was rapping with Wallace today and it appears he’s never read my Jewish History series, as opposed to the Aryan History Series. The JHS is a lot smaller, about ten articles as opposed to 56 in the Aryan History Series, but it strikes me I haven’t sent it out for about a year, so anyone who wants to get these articles, let me know over the next few days at nwnet@earthlink.net I’ll send them out starting Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath.)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Radio Free Northwest - January 26th, 2012


HAC gives us an Edgar Steele update, Sally talks about young White girls dating vampire lovers, and Gretchen the Librarian reviews Gruesome Harvest and chats about the fall of the Soviet Union.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Don't Forget Edgar Steele

We haven't given Ed Steele's mailing address up until now because of some uncertainty as to whether or not they have finished giving him "diesel therapy," but as of right now, his address is:

Edgar James Steele – #14226-023
USP Victorville
P.O. BOX 5300
Adelanto, CA 92301

There is still some uncertainty as to postal mail reaching Mr. Steele. A supportive organization has come forward to ship a bundle of back issues of their publication to him registered. They will report back if that shipment is not accepted.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quick Refresher


I. The White race in North America is in danger of literal, physical extinction. If current destructive demographic trends continue, White people will be a minority in the United States and Canada by the year 2050, and we will have vanished completely from North America by 2100. The real point of no return, however, is far closer. By the year 2020, the median age of the White population of North America will have become so high that we will no longer be capable of reproducing ourselves in sufficient numbers to overcome the tide of mud-colored Third World immigration.

II. We as a people have wasted the past six decades on pointless, futile and impotent right-wing and kosher conservative organizations and strategies. The overwhelming majority of these past organizations and movements refused to recognize the vital central importance of race in all issues, and they refused to recognize the urgent need for state power in order to preserve the existence of our race. The few attempts which have been made to resist racial extinction by groups and personalities of an openly National Socialist or racialist nature have been led by men who were stupid, incompetent, dishonest, or some combination of all three. The result of the past sixty years of right-wing failure and impotence is that we are now out of time.

III. There is only one strategy remaining to us which may be able to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Our last remaining hope to stave off extinction is the establishment of a sovereign and independent nation on the continent of North America for White people only.

IV. Considerations of demographics, economics, and a history of commitment and martyrdom in the persons of Bob Matthews, Sam and Vicky Weaver, and Richard Butler dictate that the territory for this sovereign Aryan republic must lie in the Pacific Northwest.

V. The first step towards the establishment of the Northwest American Republic is a mass migration of the existing racially aware White community to the states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. It is a matter of the utmost urgency that you make this vitally important commitment to the future of our people, that you do so now, and that you come to the Homeland with only the minimum delay necessary to raise sufficient funds and put your affairs in order.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Jew Says Assassinate Obama

From Occidental Observer, posted by Michael What's-His-Name, (Santoro?), that Italian guy who sends out a lot of good anti-Joo stuff:

"Andrew Adler, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, wrote an editorial saying Israel should consider assassinating Barack Obama. He wasn’t necessarily saying that they should assassinate Obama. Only that it should be one option on the table.

"Here’s how Adler laid out ;option three' in his list of scenarios facing Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu:

"Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies. Yes, you read three correctly. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel’s existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don’t you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles?

"Another way of putting three in perspective goes something like this: How far would you go to save a nation comprised of seven million lives…Jews, Christians and Arabs alike? You have got to believe, like I do, that all options are on the table."

Notice how confident he is that our 'strategic ally' has already discussed assassinating Obama. And, no, he hasn’t been arrested, in case you’re wondering.

The article has brought down scathing rebuke from the organized Jewish community, including the ADL’s Abe Foxman, and Adler has apologized. But there is some historical precedent for such a strategy. As reported by JTA, Harry Truman’s daughter, Margaret Truman Daniel, claimed in her 1972 biography of Truman that letter bombs were sent in 1947 by the terrorist Stern Group intended for the president. The same allegation was made in a 1949 book by a White House staffer in charge of reading the mail. The leader of the Stern Group denied it, pointing out that there was no motive, since Truman was more sympathetic to Zionism than FDR. However, Truman was certainly not a staunch Zionist in 1947, although he did ultimately capitulate to Jewish pressure (and money) when he recognized Israel over the strong objections of the military and foreign policy establishment. In any case, it’s clear that the Stern Group did use this tactic:

"'Yalin-Mor [head of the Stern Group] … readily acknowledged that the Sternists resorted to letter bombs but insisted that they were sent only to British leaders during the waning years of the Palestine Mandate and not to any other nationals. He said there was nothing to be gained from driving other sympathetic nations into the arms of the British.'

"It’s quite clear that from the beginning Zionism has been characterized by ruthless pursuit of its goals, particularly by the ultra-nationalists who are now in power and are set to dominate Israeli politics in the future. After all, the current Likud-dominated government of Israel is the direct descendant of the Stern Group and its ilk who were inspired by Jewish racial nationalist Vladimir Jabotinsky. These are the groups that carried out the bombing of the King David Hotel and the Deir Yassin massacre. Their descendants are the force behind current Israeli policies of apartheid, ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, and the crusade for war with Iran.

"It’s not surprising that Adler’s letter would be condemned by today’s Jewish establishment, but one suspects a bit of hypocrisy. In the realm of ethnic politics, the only criterion is what works, and I am quite certain that Abe Foxman understands that."

* * * * * * * * *

Can you imagine if this newspaper were the Atlanta Muslim Times, or the Atlanta Arab News? The Secret Service would be raiding the office within seconds. The editor would be held for treason. Every person on the staff would be arrested, the newspaper shut down, the building that housed the office would be demolished, and every American news outlet would have this as their leading story. But since this is a Jewish newspaper, the editor gets off scot-free. There is no secret police raid, there is no arrests, no shut down, no office building demolished, and not one word in the American media. You have to go to the Israeli media to get the story. This is what's called in America as the Jewish Double Standard.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

White Book and Freedom's Sons, Volume One

Hi, guys:



Order your copies today.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

S.C. Primary

Quick comment on the S.C. primary today, since everybody seems so effing fascinated with this dog and pony show. Newt Gingrich may win, thanks to an especially ham-handed effort on the part of the media to drag out an embittered ex-wife to make obscene allegations about him, although I still think Romney will eventually take it since he is the designated fall guy to ensure Obongo's "re-election." If nothing else, Diebold will make sure of it. Our Lords and Masters don't like electoral surprises.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

George Lincoln Rockwell Comics


Pure gold from back in the day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Radio Free Northwest - January 19th, 2012


HAC eulogizes the late Colonel House; the gang discusses current news events, and we hear a speech by Dr. William Pierce.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

For The Colonel

''Hel, great goddess, daughter of Loki
Guard of the spirits of the dead
Our friend Daniel Koplitz has come to you now.
As Daniel kneels before you, Hel
Know how much he was loved in this life
And how many Daniel loved in return.
Before he crossed over Daniel was an honorable soul
A soaring spirit, a brave warrior.
Watch over Daniel, Hel as he crosses the bridge
From this life to the next
And welcome him with honor and glory
So that Daniel Koplitz may live on forever
In our hearts and memories.''

Colonel House, R.I.P.

Racial Comrades:

It is with the deepest regret and sense of personal loss that I must inform you of the death of Comrade Daniel Koplitz, a.k.a. Colonel House, in Kalispell, Montana on the night of January 12. If memory serves, he was 54, although I am not certain. The cause of death was given as cardiac arrest due to malignant hypertension.

Dan had been ill for some time and like most White males of our generation, had no medical insurance, which gave him only limited access to health care. He was on medication and according to the coroner I spoke with, the autopsy showed he was taking it at the time of his death.

The Colonel was our top electronics and video guy, as many of you know, and he will be sorely missed. He is leaving behind some big shoes to fill.

Und Ihr habt doch gesiegt, Kamerad.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birfday, Slappy!

Annual Martin Luther King Day History Quiz

Due to discrimination and anti-black bias, many Americans don’t know enough about this great man. Try these quiz and you can see how little the schools, news media and establishment have told you about the only American with his own holiday.

1) Name the judge who has sealed King's FBI surveillance file until the year 2027.

A) The Honorable John Lewis Smith, Jr.

2) According to whose 1989 biography did King spend his last night on earth in an adulterous liaison?

A) Reverend Ralph Abernathy. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

3) According to whose 1989 biography did King spend his last morning on earth physically beating a woman?

A) Reverend Ralph Abernathy. And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

4) Who was the U.S. Attorney General who ordered the FBI to wiretap King?

A) Robert F. Kennedy. See David Garrow’s biography Bearing the Cross.

5) Who was the Assistant Director of the FBI who wrote a letter to Sen. John P. East (R-NC) describing King's conduct of "orgiastic and adulterous escapades, some of which indicated that King could be bestial in his sexual abuse of women."

A) Charles D. Brennan

6) Who called King a "hypocrite preacher."

A) President Lyndon B. Johnson

7) What U.S. newspaper reported that King had plagiarized his doctoral thesis at Boston University?

A) The Wall Street Journal. In 1991 the Journal of American History admitted that “plagiarism was a general pattern evident in nearly all of his academic writings.”

8) Whom did King plagiarize in more than 50 complete sentences in his doctoral thesis?

A) Dr. Jack Boozer

9) Who was the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities who purposely suppressed knowledge of King's plagiarism of his doctoral thesis?

A) Lynne Cheney, wife of former Vice President Richard Cheney

10) What was Martin Luther King's real name?

A) Michael King, Jr. In 1935 his father, Michael King, declared to his congregation that he wound henceforth be known as Martin Luther King and his son would be known as Martin Luther King, Jr.

11) In his first public sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1947 who did King plagiarize?

A) Harry Emerson Fosdick

12) Name the man who served as King's personal secretary from 1955 to 1960, had joined the Young Communists League at New York City College in 1936, went to prison for draft evasion in 1944, and in 1953 was sentenced to 60 days in jail in California "lewd vagrancy and homosexual perversion."

A) Bayard Rustin

13) According to whom had King privately described himself as a Marxist?

A) His biographer, David J. Garrow

14) Who edited King's book Stride Toward Freedom?

A) Communist Stanley Levison

15) Who made the following speech?

That's exactly what we mean--from every mountain side, let freedom ring. Not only from the Green Mountains and White Mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire;not only from the Catskills of New York;but from the Ozarks in Arkansas, from Stone Mountain in Georgia,from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia--let it ring not only for the minorities of the United States, but for the disinherited of all the earth–may the Republican party, under God, from every mountainside, let freedom ring!

A) Archibald Carey, Jr., at the 1952 Republican National Convention. Carey and King knew each other.


No questions correct means you are exactly the kind of citizen your masters desire.

1-3 questions correct means you could be dangerous.

4-6 questions correct means you need electro-convulsive therapy.

7-10 questions correct means you are a hater.

11 or more questions correct means you are a terrorist. Turn yourself in now for re-education and your life may be spared.

Happy slain civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

A New Zealand Fan Writes

Hello Harold,

Well done on the Harris show! A couple of things I thought I might raise, as they are going to continue to be raised I think.

Firstly, you mentioned that you do not believe that there is some sort of "pan-yid" conspiracy that is going on at a certain level involving certain elements of "yid-dom". And rather by virtue of the yid's inherent nature it simply gravitates into parasitic activity in any society it finds itself in.

I think this position can be defended up to a certain period in history (say 18th century post-City of London Corporation establishment by yids and the financing of expansion of industry in the colonial territories), but after this point it is hard to say that their actions are across the board merely random.

History does show us that in many cases they have been able to work in consort to defend their march toward international order according to their world view. The main example of course being the coordinating of forces to central Europe's National Socialists in the 40s.

I make this point, as in my opinion, this very much affects NWR military defence policy. There must be no illusion, as was clearly the case with the National Socialists of Germany in the 30s, that the Zionists will use all their influence available to try to crush independence.

So, in my opinion, we will be likely engaging Polish/Chinese/South Korean/Australian etc etc "Peace Keepers" in our drive for independence. It is my opinion that only through the degradation of other white societies into anarchy, e.g. UK, Germany, France, and of course the rest of the USA, and the resulting reactions there, will there be created a loss of yid's ability to organise, that will give rise to the yids not being able to marshall their former power so as to stop a movement like the NWR. This breakdown in societies such as Germany and the UK is a certainty, as it is a certainty that the nature of the growing non-white demographic there will result in anarchy, as non-whites know no other way to order their societies.

Secondly, you did it again and referred to modern Jews as "Hebrews". Try not to do this and isolate the Christian Identists that support you. As said before, they will probably be the majority of families that get off their asses to move and form supportive, active, and self sufficient communities.

Third, I listened in to an old radio podcast from some time back, and you had the Volgalied song on and it was sung by Rebrov in this intance. A wonderful song about a German colonist in Russia dreaming of his homeland. You mentioned there that no one was left of the Germans that went to the Russian territories.

This is not quite correct. The German folk that moved there were largely Protestant, having left Germany to flee Catholic dominance, in the same vien as the initial pilgrims in the US. Not all of course, but most.

This happened from about 1740 onwards. It was a reaction to the tensions that existed in the Saxon territories since the Reformation, and of course saw its bloody face with the many conflicts that came to be known as the Thirty Years War in the mid 17th century. With the Romanovs offering free land and protection in the East, it was an opportunity to live free from conflict and practice the religion they wanted in peace (well, so they thought.)

By 1900 there were 3000 villages of Germans throughout the Russian steppe territories, and some approx 2 million persons. However, at the close of the 19th, and beginning of the 20th centuries, the ethnic Russian peasants and labourers in the cities started to slowly get jealous of anyone doing better than themselves, and this was of course the seed for revolution(to cut a long story short).

So having lived in this situation before, many of the 2 million Germans (who by this time had established wonderful farming industries etc) started to move to the USA and Canada. They mostly went to the Dakotas, Kansas, and the mid west grain growing areas. However, of the approximately 2 million, only about 230,000 moved before it was too late. Most of the rest were killed by the Bolsheviks. Some came back with the retreating Germans in the 40s, some only to be caught again in East Germany. And there are still a few villages in East Russia that are mostly ethnic German. A number went to Latvia and Estonia and survived. Indeed, the ones that went to the USA traveled back through the Baltic states for their passage to the USA.

Of course if we could wake up today's generation of German Russians in the Midwest to the reality that happened to their kin that stayed behind in Russia, then maybe they too will not be so relaxed, and lend their hand to their race's preservation. The very historical saga itself is an exact example of what can happen if one cannot see the "writing on the wall' for ones preservation, and take action.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Barack Obama Has A Jewish Problem"



Earlier this month, the Republican presidential candidates convened in a Washington ballroom to lay out their case that President Barack Obama has been bad for Israel, and, by extension, bad for the Jews.

That afternoon, in a rushed conference call, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, took a break between floor votes to tell reporters why the GOP candidates were wrong. "The facts of President Obama's record are unambiguously clear," Wasserman-Schultz said, rattling off a laundry list: an increase in foreign aid to Israel, more joint military exercises between the two militaries, and successful opposition to the Palestinian bid for statehood recognition at the United Nations. "As an American Jewish leader," Wasserman-Schultz said, "I am extremely proud of President Obama's ongoing commitment to Israel."

With Election Day less than a year away, the core of the Obama campaign's play for Jewish votes is simple: Overwhelm what the Obama camp sees as Republicans' bald emotionalism on Israel with a flood of facts and figures. Obama's campaign website has a section devoted to Jewish issues that includes a seven-page PDF documenting the president's support for Israel, with a six-page supplement titled "President Obama's Stance on Israel: Myths vs. Facts." ("Myth: President Obama believes that Israel is at the root of all problems in the Middle East today. Fact: President Obama declared Israel a source of inspiration for the American people as the sole true democracy in the Middle East.")

Obama is heading into what promises to be a tough campaign, in which he will need all the enthusiastic support he can get—especially in crucial swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, all of which include substantial Jewish electorates.

And while it's hard to imagine a majority of Jewish votes going to Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich, a lukewarm showing among the people of the three Velts makes his task that much harder. A recent Gallup poll, conducted in September, showed Jewish support for Obama had plunged 29 points since his inauguration in January 2009.

And this fall, in the most Jewish district in the country, disgraced Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner's seat went to a neophyte Republican candidate, a result voters--albeit Orthodox and therefore not representative of the Jewish vote nationwide there--said they intended to be seen as a referendum on the Obama Administration's stance toward Israel.

Ask anyone in Obamaland about what is now commonly referred to as the president's Jewish problem and the same answer will inevitably follow: "It's not us, it's you." Or, more typically, "it's them".

The vocal cadres of the Emergency Committee for Israel, the Republican Jewish Coalition, and similarly hawkish groups that, in the administration's view, have turned Israel into an emotional wedge issue for Jewish voters, in much the same way right-wing groups used abortion to pull Catholics and evangelical Christians away from the Democratic Party in the 1980s.

"To the extent we have a problem," Wasserman-Schultz told me last week, "it's being created by individuals who know that Republicans can't appeal to Jews on their domestic issues and are attempting to mis-characterize, distort, and lie about the president's record to create enough distrust in the community to shave off a little bit of support here and there."

But ask actual voters, and even ardent supporters of the president say the problem is acute. "You say he's against Israel enough times, and eventually people believe it," one Obama donor told me earlier this month in Los Angeles, where a recent cover of the local Jewish Journal featured the headline "Angry Jews" on an image of mad-as-hell Howard Beale. "In this
town," the donor went on, "he's got a Jewish problem."

Some Jewish voters have sharp policy disagreements with the White House, whether over the president's early decision to condition Israeli-Palestinian talks on a settlement-construction freeze or his initial commitment to engaging the Iranian regime in talks over its nuclear ambitions.

There was the notorious photo op-less summit between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in March 2010. Just this month, the administration's ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, the son of a Holocaust survivor, a speech drawing distinctions between classical anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, which was criticized by Obama antagonists as blaming Israel for contemporary Muslim antipathy toward Jews. Days later came Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's exhortation, at the end of an evening seminar at the Brookings Institution, for Israel to "get to the damn table."