Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Will Your Year Be?

Racial Comrades:

In the years to come, after a fighting revolutionary party of Northwest independence is finally organized and has sufficient resources, those who have Come Home will be issued with a medal.

It may be a cross, it may be round, who knows? On the one side it will have something Northwesty...an engraving of Mount Rainier, a Douglas fir, a bear, again, who knows? The important part will be on the reverse.
On the reverse will be your name and a date, a year. It will be the year in which you Came Home for good.

Those medals will be handed down from generation to generation of White men and women who will grow up in freedom and safety in this land. Those medals will be the most prized of all family heirlooms, securely framed and hanging over mantelpieces, kept in safety deposit boxes, bequeathed by name in last wills and testaments, in some cases donated to museums. And the most important thing on them will be that date.

Mine will say 2002. If I wanted to cheat I could claim 1994, but that wouldn't be right, because I left Home again. No cheating will be allowed. No half-measures, no half-stepping, no vacillation will be honored. The year on your medal will be the year that you made your permanent and irrevocable commitment to our people's racial destiny.
There are already those living here in the Homeland, some of whom followed Pastor Butler here, who will be able to boast dates from the 1970s, even\ earlier. (The exact beginning of the Homeland idea, which by the by originated with the late Pastor Robert Miles, will be a matter of historical debate.) The earlier the date on each medal, the prouder and more honored that family will feel.

When your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are shown the Homecoming medals of their ancestors...what will their date be?



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