Thursday, December 08, 2011

Radio Free Northwest - December 8th, 2011

Radio Free Northwest #98, dated December 8th, 2011, is now available for download from the Party website at

In this podcast Axis Sally talks about bullying and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and we have an extended panel discussion between four comrade of the NF on the subject of exactly how the Northwest Republic may come into existence in the real world.


Blogger Germaniajim said...

thanks for posting my painting on your blog, Harold, I didnt do a very good job with taking the picture of it so Ill try to do better next time.

1:00 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

Just a quick response to Sally's request for the numbers of suicides as a result of bullying when we were in school. As far as I know from my school, none. And when I went to school in 1960s Ireland there was plenty of bullying. I remember a fat kid when I was in the equivalent of whatever the American grade is for 12 year olds. He was so fat that he couldn't get up when you knocked him over. This was at a time when really fat people were as rare as hen's teeth in Ireland. We used to get loads of amusement pushing this guy over and watching his struggles to get back up. Rather like a tortoise that had been upended. I heard that later, as an adult, he was a manager of a hotel. I don't know how well adjusted an adult he was but it can't have been such a devestating experience at the hands of us bullies. All of this nonsense is just more crap that the jew uses to destroy us. The whole concept of equality is a poisonous philosophy with no basis in nature. Nothing is equal to anything else except in mathematics and physics. Even two atoms aren't equal because they occupy different space. That's not to say that we should stand by as some young ape creature beats the crap out of some young white child on a daily basis. In a sane world the ape would be grubbing for insects in the bush in Africa or trying to catch one of its neighbours to eat, not squatting in a school for white children.
That's my two cents for what it's worth.

4:55 AM  
Anonymous Jose Antonio said...

I think you will find, if you research it, the Columbine shootings were caused by Prozac, not because they were bullied, despite what America's Jewish dominated mass media might have you believe (See the book Prozac Nation)

Likewise they did the shooting on April 20th, not because that is Hitler's birthday as the media told you, but because its a dope holiday dedicated to weed. I can't remember what its called, but Goggle it. Besides, one of the shooters was Jewish!

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Growing up on a farm, one of the first things that really makes an impression on you concerning equality is that chicks will peck to death another chick that appears different. Humans would do the same thing without the artificial constraints of civilization and religion. Nature strives for genetic purity, as should we.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Germaniajim said...

What Jose left out was the Columbine shooters were all jewish.

11:13 PM  

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