Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reaching Them, Slowly But Surely

Thanks Harold, I'll do that first thing this week. I'm truly a computer wantwit, but fortunately one of my visiting 18 year old grandsons is a cyber wizard. We'll work out the MP3 mystery together.

By the way, this afternoon I introduced him to the NW movement via your most recent podcast. He was enthralled (at times breaking into belly laughs when you mentioned how thoroughly useless high tech gadgetry is if niggers are at the switch.)

Soon after the podcast ended he enquired,

"Do you have any more?"

"Any more what, Jonah?"

"Do you have any more Northwest programs?"

"Oh hell yeah; I've got every one Mr. Covington has done ~ 88 I think it is."

"I wanna hear 'em all."

"And so you shall!"

I cannot adequately express my joy that your message hit a chord within him and will very likely totally change his life and in so doing strengthen our Folk. Thank you, comrade! Your efforts bear fruit, much more often and deeper than you imagine.



Blogger Luek said...

I don't think you personally Harold are reaching them. What is reaching them is they are giving out of "white space," and have nowhere else to go.
The reality of present day Amurrica with its anti-white policies and anti-white violence that ever the most hard shell white liberal can no longer ignore is sinking in. I have even heard some white Obama voters say maybe electing a nigger to the Presidency wasn't such a good idea after all especially when their unemployment checks give out.

4:22 PM  

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