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Foxy Knoxy Slithers Out Of It

Amanda Knox and the Price American Women Pay

by W.F. Price
December 4, 2009

Although it appears to us that American women have an unmitigated advantage in society, and perhaps they do here at home, their character has already begun to affect their reputation abroad. American women are viewed as headstrong, masculine, fat, loud and domineering career-oriented feminists by much of the world. Many American men strongly advise rejecting them altogether in favor of foreign women. In fact, a number of American men advise rejecting American society altogether, as the United States is deemed one the most miserable places to be a man, relatively speaking (which counts for a lot), in the entire world.

Whether or not the stereotypes foreigners have regarding American women are true, they are evidently strongly held, and one American woman in particular is fighting for her life in a bid to overcome hostility toward American women and all they have come to represent the world over. This young woman is an ordinary, middle-class Catholic girl from my hometown of Seattle, who got caught up in a murder while studying abroad in Perugia, Italy. Her name is Amanda Knox, and she is on trial, accused of murdering her roommate, UK national Meredith Kercher, in a satanic sex orgy with her Italian boyfriend and an African transient.

A verdict is expected in the case very soon, perhaps today, following a gruelling trial that has dragged on for about a year. Shortly after the murder, reporters dug up Amanda’s Myspace and other online social networking accounts, from which they managed to paint a picture of a sex-crazed, drunken, pot-smoking whore. A video of a drunk, stoned Amanda Knox made the rounds, making her an easy target for such accusations. Her nickname, “Foxy Knoxy,” which her friends and family claim refers to her soccer-playing style, has also provided grist for the speculatory mill. The Italians have referred to her as the “Dark Lady of Seattle” for some time now.

The hype and salacious details have made it relatively easy for the Italian prosecutor, conspiracy-theorist Giuliano Mignini, to come up with a story of a drug-fueled orgy and Satanic murder, which he hopes will serve to convict Amanda Knox. Despite the incredible story, Mignini might just have his way.

As an American who knows well what goes on at the University of Washington, where Amanda was enrolled as an undergraduate, none of the videos, nicknames or rowdy, slutty behavior on the part of Knox surprise me in the least. Sadly, she was simply a normal college girl. American college girls drink a lot, smoke weed, and sleep with tons of different men. They live promiscuous and frequently intoxicated lives. Is there anything sensational about that to Americans? In between bouts of heavy drinking and sex with a merry-go-round of young men, they also attend feminist classes that serve to bolster an already swollen sense of entitlement to do whatever the hell they feel like at any time. Nothing shocking there…

Here in the states, that’s all well and good I suppose, but it does tend to create girls who can easily come off as little monsters to the rest of the world, and if Italian public opinion is any indication, the natives harbor a strong desire to put these little monsters in cages and poke them with sticks. That may be a sympathetic sentiment, but we ought to know better.

Although I am no expert witness, and I have only seen some of the evidence, I have a very hard time believing that one of our spoilt little beasts actually could have pulled off anything so fantastically evil and contrived as what Mignini has conjured up. Our girls may often be vicious, selfish little trolls, but above all they are indulged creatures. Their biggest fault is their overwhelming privilege and the sheer volume of support and protection they receive from both willing and unwilling American men.

Spoiled, privileged little princesses do not orchestrate elaborate murders; they cry and lie and fall apart when the going gets tough, expecting some man to step in and rescue them. This appears to be exactly what Amanda Knox did when interviewed by Italian police. She wept, made up stories, and pointed the finger at others. Anyone who has read about interrogations knows that the innocent are often quick to come up with alternate theories and blame anyone but themselves, including friends and acquaintances. Although this is a sad truth about human nature, it is what it is. The guilty are more likely to shut up and act sullen, refusing to provide anything but the barest of details. Amanda Knox was simply doing exactly what you’d expect an inexperienced American girl to do in such a situation. Would a crazed, satanic murderer, Charles Manson for example, have behaved in this manner? I doubt it.

If anything, Amanda Knox showed how pathetic American women are when they are expected to do anything on their own. If the killing was your garden variety rape/murder that I suspect it was, Guede, the convicted African transient, did his business, knifed the girl when she made a fuss, and went on his way. Here in the states, where this sort of thing is more common than in Italy, the police probably wouldn’t have initially focused on Amanda Knox as a suspect, or they would have been very circumspect about doing so, and her hysterical reaction to interrogation never would have occurred.

American women live in a bubble of our creation, and there they develop strange and unnatural characteristics, which seem sinister to the rest of the world. Never having to face reality, never having to take responsibility for their own foibles, they can easily be seen by outsiders as willfully evil, although the reality is that they are simply the products of a sort of crippling, emotional foot-binding process that makes them incapable of behaving like fully functional human beings.

I don’t believe the story about Amanda Knox murdering her roommate. I think she just couldn’t hack it when she was put under pressure, and reacted as your typical American girl would. For that, she may lose her freedom for a very long time.

Amanda Transformed

Finally, the transformation of Amanda Knox from slutty, irresponsible, co-ed dimwit to poised, capable defendant in the two years she has been in prison has been nothing short of amazing. If she is truly innocent, and I believe she is, this gives me hope for American women. When taken out of the bubble of endless entitlement and protection and forced to stand on their own two feet, it appears that even American women can grow into soulful human beings. However, it truly is an indictment of our society that it takes years of prison to effect that change.


Anonymous Sven S. said...

Oh well here in Sweden women are turning into vicious harpies too, vicious whores who want to find repemption by interracial sex or by being lesbians.. it´s not only an american problem, white women are morally decaying here in Europe too, our ladies are turning into souless whorish apes like africans or southamerican women.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She has "Nigger Humpin' Whore!" written ALL OVER her!

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When this story first broke I had the feeling Knox was a nigger lovin' mudshark. And so that's the way it turned out.

Far too typical of a spoiled cunt used to being catered to. She's the type that gets her nut by taking a giant crap on well meaning white boys.

As with Sarah Palin in her younger days, Knox liked the nigger dick. She won't change and she'll be a big hit in Seattle among her fellow communists. Probably has a big black assed buck all lined up.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, exactly, is wrong with women wanting to have sex with suitable men?

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Does "suitable men" = niggers?

But I've heard far too much contradictory stuff to know what to believe with this Amanda Knox girl. Let's just see how she turns out back home (I'm not predicting good things

1:39 AM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

The rot in the US is terminal. Nothing can save it now. There won't be a United States within 20 years. It's really remarkable how the kike consistently destroys nations and civilisations. Every single place that this vile, parasitic life-form has been allowed to become dominant is invariably destroyed unless the host peoples eject it. It is time that the planet itself ejects it. Words fail to accurately describe what disgusting creatures kikes are. If ever anyone deserved a real 'holocaust', and not the filthy hoax they have foisted on us, then it is the kikes.

3:23 AM  

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