Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not With A Bang, But With A Fart

Hi, guys:

I suppose I ought to let you guys know: the Great Lawsuit Saga that has gripped the Movement like a soap opera with such fascination for the past 15 years seems to have finally oozed to its conclusion.

In November of 2005, Mighty Willard struck his deadliest blow of all. He hired some Washington attorney, possible off the internet, to seize a total of $992.00 from several of my bank accounts. These funds were then placed in an escrow account of some kind at Bank of America "pending disposition of the court."

This included seizing my December 2005 rent money, which I admit pissed me off. It's the closest he has ever come in the past 15 years to inflicting any serious inconvenience on me. (An old acquaintance of Willard's, whose name he would recognize, when advised of the situation immediately replaced the lost rent money, and my rent was paid several days early that month.)

Anyway, to keep this as short and as simple as possible, apparently that was it. There was a similar situation regarding certain of my novels with one company, wherein a percentage of the royalties were withheld "pending disposition," but no disposition was ever made.

The publishing company refunded it all some time ago, and this week I received a certified check from Bank of America for what was left of the money stolen in 2005, which after the lawyers and the bank both wet their beaks was significantly less than the $992, but hey, this is the American court system we're talking about here and it's all about the money.

As nearly as I can determine from the documents I have been able to access, Willard never actually got any of the money. I understand from those who follow his internet ramblings (I quit bothering with it years ago) that he claims he did. Fine. Whatever.

So, after fifteen years of happy horseshit and courtroom games, that's the name of that tune.

Those of you who know what and who I'm talking about, know what and who I'm talking about. Those of you who don't, don't worry--you haven't missed anything.


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