Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Marching Morons

A friend asked me if I ever get heckles and threats on this blog.

Sure, I do--all of them anonymous.

If memory serves, I have never received a single heckle, threat, abusive or obscene e-mail, or even mild disagreement where the Induhvidual dared to sign his real name and let us get a look at who he is, what his own track record is, who he hangs with, and what his actual agenda might be.

What does this tell you?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably more than half of the Marching Morons are from Cass Sunstein's "Cognitive Dissonance" team or Mossad's bastard child called "JIDF" and post anonymously to maintain their "cover" intact. Regardless, they're not worthy of being considered anything but enemy operatives of either the "useful idiot" or "Jewish troll" variety. Their presence reveals how much the enemy fears genuine White racial unity and how absolutely right we Whites are in our assessment of the world as it exists today. One does not catch flak without being within range of a significant and vulnerable target. The more flak, the more fearful the enemy reveals itself to be of the target's imminent destruction with one or more direct hits.


10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sx: DSM-IV Code 297.1

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Sx: DSM-IV Code 297.1"

Another of the "Marching Morons" speaks. Harold, you might want to delete the above heckle from this probably-Jewish amateur psychiatrist. Bogus psychiatric diagnoses are an old Soviet trick for "explaining" anti-Communist sentiments, after all.


7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I were WhitePride65, I would be flattered that the hecklers are as intimidated by him as they are by HAC. Mr. Amateur Psychiatrist, aka Anonymous, is obviously the only delusional one here. LOL


7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ChrissyMarie68 -- Thank you, but the enemy is highly intimidated by the very existence of Racial Awareness among Whites in the first place. Each of us is a constant reminder that the kikes and their assorted mudskin pets can't hide from Justice forever. One day, and sooner than they realize, their crimes against hundreds of millions of Whites throughout History will at long last be punished.

@HAC -- The Amateur Psychiatrist heckler above might actually serve a useful purpose after all, by publicly demonstrating his own inability to offer anything other than more of the same pseudo-intellectualism and false projection of the Jew's own mental illnesses onto others which has characterized Bolshevism ever since its origins in the diseased minds of those two kikes, Marx & Engels.

-- Whitepride65

1:38 AM  

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