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The Brandenburg Lectures

Lecture Number #1 - Radio Free Northwest – September 8th 2011

Right, time for the grim and serious part of the show, and this will be a bit grimmer and more serious than usual.

From now on, I am going to begin including regular segments on Radio Free Northwest dealing with the subject of direct action to bring about change in American society, up to an including the non-consensual replacement of the existing government in the Pacific Northwest with a sovereign and independent White Homeland. Yeah, the time has finally come to talk about---that.

I will designate these segments of the show as “Brandenburg lectures,” after the landmark Supreme Court ruling which makes them possible, Brandenburg versus Ohio. Let me explain what I mean by that.

In 1969 the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling called Brandenburg vs. Ohio which stated that public discussion of proactive alternatives to the current electoral system do in fact constitute constitutionally protected free speech and are not actionable. To make a long story short, Brandenburg vs. Ohio is the reason William Pierce was able to write and publish The Turner Diaries, and the reason I have been able to write and publish my Northwest novels, without ending up in prison for the crime of upsetting and annoying people with power.

What happened was back in the 60s sometime, an old-time Klan man, Clarence Brandenburg, got a bit impassioned at a cow pasture rally and made some rather strong and pointed remarks with regard to what needs to be done to federal government officials who plot to destroy the White race and Western civilization and do harm to White children through race-mixing, school integration and other forms of genocide. Something about how such people deserved to die, which of course they do.

Brandenburg did not name anyone or threaten anyone in particular, he basically just said that those who betray their country and their oaths of office, not to mention every standard of human decency, by taking money from the United States in order to do harm to children, deserve to die, which is hardly a sentiment confined to us wicked right-wing extremists.

Some reporters and a local television station were present at the Klan rally, they recorded and broadcast Brandenburg’s speech, and he was subsequently arrested and prosecuted under an Ohio law against something called quote-unquote “criminal syndicalism,” whatever the hell that is, but which among other things prohibited the incitement and advocacy of overthrowing the government of the United States by force and violence. You will notice that I did not say the “lawful” government of the United States, since nothing that government has done has been truly lawful or constitutional for a long, long time. Not since 1861, in fact.

Anyway, the eventual result was the landmark Supreme Court ruling I just mentioned, Brandenburg vs. Ohio, which ruling basically affirmed that theoretical and philosophical discussion of the pros and cons of direct action in order to bring about change in American society, i.e. shooting the thieving motherfuckers who rule us in the head, wiring bombs to their cars and blowing their scaly asses to pieces, hanging them by their wretched necks and watching them kick and piss and crap in their pants while they die, that kind of thing—anyway, theoretical discussions about all those consummations devoutly to be wished, as Shakespeare put it, is legal and Constitutionally protected speech under the First Amendment.

Of course it is. How does anyone think the First Amendment and this entire country came into being in the first place? Before the Minute Men stood against the redcoats at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge in 1775, first there were all those long and boring speeches and pamphlets and Committees of Correspondence and so forth that American students used to study in history class before real American history was replaced in the curriculum with politically correct horse shit.

It would have been rather difficult for the Supremes to rule otherwise in view of the fact that some of the most famous bits and pieces of real American history, of the kind that used to be learned by school children beginning in about third grade, were in fact speeches and writings by the Founding Fathers before they became Founding Fathers, clearly advocating armed military resistance against the British crown and violent disobedience against British laws, some of which writings and utterances led directly to acts of insurrectionary violence such as the Boston Tea Party, attacks on British customs officials, the burning of British revenue cutters, this kind of thing.

Today we regard the writing and speeches of men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere and John Adams as mere windbag blathering in a language we can no longer understand; in their day those words got men killed and fell into the legal and moral category of what our lords and masters today refer to as terrorism. If the Founding Fathers were alive today, the Joint Terrorism Task force would be listening to their podcasts and intercepting their e-mails.

For example, there’s Patrick Henry’s famous “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech on the floor of the Virginia House of Burgesses, there is Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and The Rights of Man, and there are the writings of men like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and John Hancock, all of whom openly discussed the desirability and feasibility of warfare with the Crown in order to secure American freedom, and I mean with muskets, not votes in a silly little box.

These speeches and writings led to the formation of the Minute Men who eventually kicked off the shooting phase of the revolution. Indeed, the entire Declaration of Independence would probably be considered hate speech because of its negative racial comments about the Indians, and definitely incitement to violence today, if certain liberal Democrats had their way, and anyone attempting to post the Rights of Man to YouTube or Facebook would have their accounts canceled, which is essentially what happens to us every day.

There are a lot of people in the federal government of the United States today, working in various capacities, who are afraid that our modern day versions of free speech, either in my Northwest novels or on the internet or on YouTube, might kick off the shooting phase of a second American revolution, remove them from power, take away their wealth and their luxury lifestyles, and expose them to punishment for what they’ve done.

They’re right—it’s possible. Not likely—personally I think if the White man was ever going to actually do anything, we would have done it by now—but so long as there is genuinely free speech, on the internet or anywhere else, in the present confused and chaotic conditions in the world, the risk of actual change is always there. The tinder is so dry that there is always a chance that the spark will catch. It is not totally out of the realm of all possibility that what happened in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Greece might happen here.

There is always the chance, however far-fetched, that some day, some of you might decide to listen to me, or someone like me, by which I do not mean just sit there in front of the computer gawking at the monitor with your ears flapping in the breeze like a dog with his nose out a car window. By listen to me I mean that you actually do the things I tell you have to be done in order to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

This means that the bureaucrats and the FBI special agents, the politicians, the legislators and the lobbyists, the media people, the cable news talking heads, the spin doctors and consultants and think tankers and direct mail fund-raisers and all the 101 other kinds of people who have grown fat and arrogant off this system—sorry, I know, I’m raving, where was I?—the fact is that while there is a vestige of true free speech remaining in White hands anywhere, these goddamned scum who lord it over us can never really rest completely comfortably at night next to their liposucted wives on their sleep-numbered mattresses in their suburban split-levels in Falls Church or McLean, or in their town houses in Georgetown.

These sons of bitches in the $2000 suits may have six-figure bank accounts and certificates of deposit out the wazoo, but so long as there is freedom of speech that they cannot silence by force, the possibility is always there that this junky little 14 year-old computer of mine sitting here on this table can take away everything they have.

And thanks to Brandenburg vs. Ohio, I can at least give it a shot, until such time of course as the FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force decides to simply disregard their own laws and start arresting and prosecuting people for their thoughts. Or until they decide to punt, by fabricating an audio tape wherein I am overheard hiring a hit man to assassinate Barney the Dinosaur.

So as you can imagine, our lords and masters are no fans of Brandenburg vs. Ohio. They really would like for it to be overturned and disappear. The regime is constantly pushing the envelope, looking for some work-around to bypass Brandenburg versus Ohio.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago the FBI arrested a young Muslim man for uploading a video to YouTube which they claimed showed violent acts in support of some so-called terrorist group in Bumfuckistan that nobody has ever heard of. Their evidence consists of an allegation, possibly provable and possibly not, that the kid who uploaded the video to YouTube actually met and spoke with the Muslim group leader’s son for a few minutes a few years ago.

But you see their problem? The FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force want to silence this young man’s speech, just like they want to silence mine, so they can get a little gold star on their forehead from Washington and maybe a promotion to DC or New York or Houston where they can live in some of the few remaining ritzy suburbs and be among the last people to get a slice of the American Dream, but so long as there is Brandenburg versus Ohio they are hampered by this constant necessity to come up with some kind of evidence that the person they’re targeting for victimization,

Anyway, I’ve decided I’m tired of circumlocutions and beating around the bush and what Lenin referred to as Aesopian language, the language of fable. Brandenburg vs. Ohio may not be around much longer; like I’ve said, I’m sure the Justice Department is doing everything they can to get the ruling overturned or at least to gut it practice, as when they busted the Muslim for uploading the YouTube video or when they arrested that poor kid off New for writing the poem that Obama didn’t like. The vibes I’m getting are such that I figure I’d better make use of Brandenburg vs. Ohio while it’s still technically in force.

So, folks, it’s time to drop the second most powerful of the two remaining taboos we have in the Movement. The first taboo is of course the ban on naming the names of those among us posing as leaders who are incompetent, dishonest, sexually perverted, active enemy agents, dumb as a bag of hammers, or some combination of all of the above. We can talk vague generalizations about character but so much as whisper one name and all of a sudden Wicked Harold is undermining White Unity and fighting a feud, and we can’t have that now, can we?

But kidding aside, people, it really is time for the second taboo to go. We must break and overturn the taboo we have imposed on ourselves for the past fifty years, the taboo against talking about the one thing that will in fact bring about genuine change in American society.

For the benefit of all the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force people who are cupping their hands around their ears and leaning down to their computers waiting for me to say something they can use to kick in my door, I’ll save you some time.

I am not going to threaten anybody specifically. This is not to keep my ass covered or because I have any respect for the laws of the uncouth Third World thug who signs your paychecks, or I suppose I should say your direct deposit slips. I won’t be threatening anybody because it wouldn’t do any good. I am not under any illusion that I have some kind of secret army of winged monkeys out there ready and waiting to do my violent bidding. Would it were so, would it were so.

I am going to do what I can do as one man, with the tools I have been given to work with, to resist what this regime and this society is doing to the world. History and our very racial survival demands that the penultimate taboo on discussion of direct action must end, and not just in my novels.

Brandenburg vs. Ohio gives me a legal fig leaf to speak the truth about what I really think and believe, for a while, anyway, until the regime can find some way around it or simply decides to ignore it. This is America. I shouldn’t need a legal fig leaf. I should not require the approval of nine old swine in black robes sitting on a bench in Washington DC drawing way too much taxpayer’s money in salary to exercise a right that is guaranteed to me by the United States constitution, but this isn’t really America any more, is it? This is Barack Hussein Obama’s America, and the law of the Founding Fathers has become the law of the jungle.

Anyway, from now on I will call these segments on Radio Free Northwest the Brandenburg lectures.

[Musical interlude]

Okay, my introduction to the whole subject of the Brandenburg lectures on Radio Free Northwest ran a little longer than I had expected, so I do not in fact really have the time left to do one up for you good and proper in this episode, so let’s just kind of wing it.

A lot of people I’m sure are wondering out there whether I’ve lost my mind. No, not my mind, just my patience. At long last, and maybe forty years too late, I have finally lost patience with being constantly forced to lie to you people by omission.

The simple fact is that for donkey’s years, anybody in the Movement with two brain cells to rub together has understood that nothing we have been doing will ever accomplish a single damned thing by way of actual change.

It is a simple and demonstrable historical fact that the only time the tide of---hell, what do I call it? The only time the tide of all this crap has ever been halted even temporarily it’s been through some episode of forcible resistance. You can watch Mississippi Burning all you want, but the fact is that for the next six or eight years after those three toads and that bubble-lipped monkoid Medgar Evers got whacked, all those damned New York Jews and so-called Freedom Riders stayed the hell out of Mississippi. That’s something that stupid movie never tells you.

Forsyth County, Georgia, Marquette Park in Chicago, some other places, I don’t want to go into details, but the only reason those areas stayed White as long as they did was because of certain events that took place after dark. But defending ourselves and our communities simply isn’t enough any more. The filth still spews off the television, the jobs are still outsourced to India, there’s still nobody to vote for on election day except a choice between corrupt Democrats and inept Republicans, and the men who remember enough of the old ways to do what has to be done are now either dead or in their 60s and 70s.

The Order might have done some good eventually, but they weren’t allowed enough time to do it in, largely because of mistakes they made which were avoidable and which might have been avoided had we not all been so shit-scared to at least be honest and open among ourselves about what was needed.

Now it’s too late for defense of the old; somehow, we have to bring the new into being. The balloon may or may not go up, as we say, but I can tell you this: the long, slow collapse is now beginning, and this time the System will not recover. There may or may not be a cataclysmic event, one big definable crash where historians of future millennia will be able to say: this was it, this was the year and the date when America went down.

Or maybe not. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s going to be the slow death of an old, old man who has spent his entire lifetime abusing his body and wasting his time and resources, and at long last the bill comes due as every day something else goes wrong and every year life on this continent just gets a little bit worse.

Eventually the old man dies in his chair in front of the TV and by the time he’s found the rats or his own cat or dog has eaten his body. Most likely, that’s how the United States of America is going to die; nobody will even realize it’s dead for a long time after the machine finally shuts down for good. Kind of like a lot of us old White boys.

Now don’t get me wrong: however it happens, this will be a good thing. It is time, more than time, for the United States of America to vanish from history, but I really would like to try and save something from the ruins and manage the death of America as best we can, a controlled descent so to speak, the White race and some of what we have created survives the next few centuries, which are going to be pretty hellish for the whole world.

In order for that to happen, the present power structure must fall, one way or the other, and we White men are going to have to make up our minds to be part of that process or else just hapless victims who get buried under the rubble.

The very first thing we have to do in order to save ourselves and save something of our world has to be what they call in Alcoholics Anonymous a fearless and searching moral inventory of ourselves, and that means we stop lying to ourselves and to other men of our race as to what it’s going to take to make sure something survives. With 22% real unemployment and two lost wars in the past decade and a nigger in the White House, we no longer have the luxury of pretending none of this is happening.

That’s why I’ll be giving these Brandenburg lectures I speak of. I’ve always wondered what would happen if ever I could get an audience, even a small one like this, and instead of the usual waffle about the Jewish world conspiracy and sending endless clippings around describing black and brown atrocities against White people, I stand up and say exactly what’s on my mind. No more waffling, no more evasion, no more code words, no more bullshit.

This society has developed an almost intolerable aversion to truth: in Obama’s America, truth is toxic. I have no idea how long I’ll last before they find some excuse, any excuse to shut me up, but it’s time I finally did my duty, all of it, so I guess I’m about to find out.


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Thank you for speaking your mind, it is far past time we racial comrades All stated the absolute truth... Force, blood and honour are how change is made. - Eriksenn

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BRAVO! I can only hope your bravery is contagious.

9:20 PM  

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