Friday, September 23, 2011

Brandenburg Lecture #3

And it’s time once again for our weekly Brandenburg Lecture here on Radio Free Northwest. That’s the name I’ve given to this series of little talks wherein we discuss the ins and outs—purely theoretical of course—of what might be termed “non-consensual regime change” in Washington, D.C.

You know, the kind of non-consensual regime change they experienced in this country in 1776, in France in 1789, in Russia in 1917, in Germany in 1933, and in Iran in 1979. These discussions are made possible by the 1969 landmark Supreme Court ruling Brandenburg versus Ohio, which stated that it is perfectly legal and constitutional to talk about regime change in this country just so long as nobody actually tries to change anything, and as long as nobody annoys the people with power too badly, in which case they’ll ignore their own laws. They do that a lot, lately.

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, one of the worst offenses it was possible to commit was to speak of the death of the king. That’s the kind of talk that could get you hanged, drawn and quartered, or literally boiled in oil, in some cases. In essence this is what I am doing with these Brandenburg Lectures. I am speaking of the death of the king, the end of America as we have known it for the past 50 years, and Jesus Christ, it’s high time this monstrosity came crashing down. Things in the world today have become so hideous that the end of America is a moral necessity if there is to be any hope remaining for all of mankind, never mind just the White man.

In the 1890s, the degenerate pommy aristocrat Lord Alfred Douglas was Oscar Wilde's bugger boy. In one of his poems, Douglas referred to homosexuality as "the love that dare not speak its name." There is a topic which the White Nationalist movement similarly has for years discussed only in whispers; it is time we came out of the closet and openly discuss armed insurrection against the tyrants in Washington D.C., : the racial struggle that dare not speak its name.

Some people have asked me over the past couple of weeks if I have lost my mind. No, just my patience. I have simply had it with trying to talk around this issue for the past 40 years for fear some FBI asshole or U.S. Attorney will take it upon himself or herself that the United States Constitution doesn’t apply to me. These people think that they are above the law and I am beneath it. Well, fuck ‘em.

Direct action to achieve genuine change in this society has been the 2000-pound elephant in the Movement’s living room for all that time, a large pachyderm we all know full well is right there in front of us but which everyone is simply too polite to mention while Grandma pours the tea and passes out the cookies—or more accurately, that everybody is too terrified to mention.

Look, it’s like this. I have opinions on things and I am tired of not saying them, and after forty years of this crap, I’ve just had enough. For once, I am going to say what I mean, and if that lands me in a cell next to Edgar Steele, at least in my case they’ll be arresting the right guy and they won’t have to fabricate a bunch of stupid bogus audio recordings of me trying to hire a janitor as a hit man or something equally absurd.

Let’s face it, folks, we should have been slaughtering these bastards a long time ago. In my personal opinion, the proper time for armed and forcible resistance came in 1958, when Eisenhower ordered troops into Little Rock to force a policy of racial integration on the White people of the South that we did not want and which we had done everything democracy demanded to prevent, only to be ignored and spat on by the tyrants in Washington, D.C. The Confederate States of America should have been re-established and we should have had a rematch of what happened in 1861. Maybe this time the good guys would have won and we wouldn’t have all these terrible and life-threatening problems we have today.

And by the way, guys, one quick caveat: regardless of what you hear on here from me gassing away about making things go boom and making Humpty Dumpty have a great fall, I strongly caution you to remember: whether or not the regime decides to let these Brandenburg lectures pass or to stage the first actual Thoughtcrime trial in many years in this country, this is me taking on The Beast. Let me do it: it’s what you pay me the big bucks for.

Remember that our friends in the silk suits are still out there plying their revolting trade. Beware of any person or group who approaches you with some alleged plan for armed insurrection or premature illegality, possibly citing these Brandenburg lectures as some kind of imprimatur from me. They’ll be lying.

Anyone who does so is either a dangerous idiot or else a police agent of some kind. If you fall for their line, then you are an idiot. It is an ironic truism that, to some degree, federal agents provocateur provide the Movement with a grim form of natural selection whereby those who are too stupid to become genuine revolutionaries are weeded out. Don’t you be one of the weeds.

Let’s say it again: we should have been slaughtering these bastards a long time ago. Everybody knows it, and everybody knows that the reason we haven’t been doing so is not out of any political or tactical considerations but because quite simply, we’re too chickenshit. We think more of our own safety than we do of our honor. We think more of our wealth and our personal possessions than we do of our children, and for that we deserve everything that has been done to us over the past three generations. Cowards and dumb-asses deserve no sympathy, although their children certainly do.

Can we change that? Sure. We could change it all tomorrow if we wanted to. It wouldn’t be hard. The System is weak, tottering, and their goons really aren’t that tough. We’re talking about paramilitary forces who burned children alive at Waco, who shot down a little boy and a mother with a baby in her arms in her home at Ruby Ridge, and who deliberately fabricated audio tapes in order to make an elderly man of 66 in poor health die in prison out of sheer malice.

These are not the actions of strong, brave, men; they are the contemptible acts of contemptible cowards who hurt people for money. They’re the hired muscle who keep our oppressors in power. I honestly don’t think all these big bad FBI and ATF and other goons in their body armor have what it takes to stand up to real resistance from real men like the kind I have known and seen in Rhodesia and Ireland and elsewhere. I think the first time they come up against organized and determined White men who aren’t afraid of them, they’ll throw down their weapons and run, like they did on the first day at Waco.

A little stiffening of our spines and we could erase the past seventy years if we wanted to. So what? We don’t want to? Sure we do, we just can’t figure out any way to do it without any risk or inconvenience to ourselves.

Certain of our Fearless Leaders keep trying to figure out some way to persuade some other poor dumb cluck or clucks to go first, take all the risk, and if he wins then Fearless Leader can step forward and take the credit and reap the rewards of power, and if they lose and get killed or sent to prison for 5,000 years, Fearless Leader has plausible deniability and he can sit there and keep on selling his CDs and his videos by mail and on the internet.

Bear in mind the essential difference between direct action and the stupid illegal act. Direct action is an overt act which inflicts serious damage against the enemy through the loss of important personnel or resources; an act which improves the Movement's image as serious revolutionaries to be treated with the respect which comes from the capacity to use force successfully; which demoralizes and confuses the enemy and correspondingly strengthens the morale of the Movement and the White population as a whole. Finally, the most critical component of direct action is that the persons carrying it out are not apprehended or punished by the forces of the state.

By contrast, the stupid illegal act is usually carried out spontaneously, with little or no prior planning, often under the influence of alcohol. It is directed against minor targets such as street niggers, individual faggots or race-mixers, etc. who are no real loss to the system, there being plenty more where they came from.

Finally, the perpetrators are almost always immediately arrested and given crushing prison sentences, thus boosting the enemy's morale and bolstering the deterrent effect of the establishment's crumbling legal machinery, giving it a gloss of efficiency which it does not in fact possess.

Such as it is, the White Nationalist movement throughout the world since 1945 has been distinguished by one remarkable characteristic which separates it from every other revolutionary movement ever known: a reluctance verging on the racially suicidal to engage in armed military struggle against genocidal tyranny.

Genuine politics is about one thing: the acquisition and exercise of power. All else is political hobbyism, a luxury which the wealthy landed gentry of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries who created liberal democracy could afford, but which a race on the verge of extinction cannot.

Power, all power without exception, is in the final analysis founded on one basis: armed force. Religion, constitutions, civil laws, custom and all the various social institutions for reinforcing acceptable behavior (meaning submission to authority) all have their place in a state's power structure, but without the ultimate sanction of the bayonet they are meaningless.

All power, without exception, is initially acquired through armed force or through the imminent threat of armed force. Some revolutions are bloodier than others; the Bolsheviks slaughtered millions while the National Socialist German Workers' Party came to power in Germany after somewhat less than a thousand deaths in fourteen years of street fighting between the Party's paramilitary formations and the Communists. But all modern states, without exception, were originally brought into existence by men who fought for power with weapons in their hands.

Power becomes accessible to revolutionaries when the existing order loses two vital assets upon which the maintenance of any government depends. The first element is the (at least passive and tacit) consent of the governed, and the second is the credible monopoly of armed force.

When the revolutionary movement has both the will and the capacity to commit acts of armed insurrection against the state, and to do so with impunity, i.e., the perpetrators are not caught or punished, then the state has lost the credible monopoly of force which is the foundation of all power.

Persons other than those sanctioned by the state exercise power over the lives and destinies of others; the revolutionary movement begins to displace the state's apparatus by armed compulsion as well as by transferring the consent of the governed to itself through persuasion and propaganda.

Both persuasion and coercion are necessary to carry out a successful revolution. Neither element alone can succeed without the other. All the propaganda, all the popular support and all the legal activity in the world are useless if the state can fall back on armed force to maintain itself and destroy opposition. A revolutionary movement without an effective armed wing is doomed to perpetual futility and eventual defeat.

The formulations stated above are by no means original with me; they are as old as statecraft itself. I simply happen to be the only American racial nationalist who is willing to discuss them in public. These truths are obvious from even the most cursory examination of human history. They are also obvious from reading today's headlines. It is a demonstrable historical fact: pursued with sufficient persistence, ruthlessness, military expertise and fearless disregard for the consequences, armed struggle eventually works.

Why, then, do the White males of the late twentieth century persistently refuse to utilize the gun, the basic tool of power which is understood and applied without hesitation by the most savage African tribal leader and the most corrupt and uncouth Latin American despot?

Well, there’s common or garden-variety cowardice, of course, but it’s a little more complex and nuanced than that.

There is also the incredible lack of practical political education and knowledge among what passes for Aryan leadership, the bulk of whom are politically and historically illiterate. Your average Ku Klux Klan leader has never cracked a proper history book in his life and probably thinks Machiavelli is a foreign sports car.

To be sure, some prominent Movement figures, especially those involved in Revisionism, do have a high degree of specialized knowledge within certain very narrow fields, such as Constitutional esoterica or the Third Reich period in Germany. But while they may be able to wax abstruse on obscure points of common law which the Federal judiciary of today simply ignores or rattle off the name of every SS division and every Jew who was ever involved in Marxism, by and large any in-depth historical scholarship is almost entirely lacking within the Movement.

Our reluctance to face up to the reality of armed struggle's pivotal role in social and political change goes beyond these immediately apparent causes. It reaches into the deep-rooted psychological malaise which has pervaded the entire White racial resistance movement throughout the Western world since 1945.

This psychological and spiritual condition is difficult to quantify. The late Dr. Revilo Oliver once posed the famous question: "Have we, the men of the West, lost the will to live?" Down through the years I have often observed that the White man in America seems to be in the grip of a kind of collective death wish, a mysterious and inexplicable will to failure.

I am by no means the first to notice this phenomenon. One of the best articles the late Bob Miles ever wrote was in the aftermath of the Fort Smith sedition trials of 1988, when he pointed out in his "From the Mountain" newsletter that the acquittals in that despicable charade, instead of heartening us and encouraging more activism, resulted in an avalanche of sullen defeatism, smears, carping and dog-in-the-manger petty bickering throughout the Movement.

Bob pointed out something which is crucial to understanding why we have gotten virtually nowhere for the past two generations. Over and above the preponderance of outright fraudulent leadership who are in it for the money, the Movement has been controlled for years by elements who are deeply pessimistic, defeatist, lazy, lethargic and mired in profound depression over the White man's terrible present situation and our more terrible prospects for the future. We are an army of Eeyores.

It's difficult to assign a precise point where the rot set in; the murder of Commander Rockwell will do for a benchmark, but the fact remains that for almost three decades the bulk of the White right in North America has been led by men who are simply going through the motions.

To be sure, sometimes they have gone through the motions with a certain degree of style and class. Yet with one or two shining exceptions, such as the saga of The Order, the various attempts at White resistance which have occurred over the past thirty years have always had a dark, sinister undercurrent: the acidly poisonous idea that victory isn’t really possible, that the White man is essentially doomed to extinction through his own stupidity, and that the most any of us can really do is to draw the funeral ceremonies and the eulogies out as long as we can, before getting on with the business of dying.

When this attitude is taken into consideration, the reluctance seriously to discuss, much less to adopt, the one operational strategy 100 percent guaranteed to catapult us into serious politics in double-quick time becomes comprehensible. Why risk one's life, health and liberty on what is essentially an interesting but ultimately futile hobby? Because that is exactly how most so-called "leaders" among us regard the whole exercise in which they are engaged.

There are of course a number of practical objections to direct action at the moment. Please don't think we’re unaware of them. In the first place, we lack anything even remotely resembling leadership sufficiently competent to wage a military campaign. Certain so-called leaders among us have occasionally incited their Skinhead followers to acts of random violence with hysterical rhetoric about quote-unquote "Aryan warriors," but this is just self-destructive hooliganism, not properly organized revolution. Usually the Skins who fall into this trap end up doing more damage to themselves and their friends than to the enemy, which may of course be the object of the whole exercise.

Almost nowhere in White American males do we find the attributes of the political soldier: the total dedication to the cause to the exclusion of every personal consideration; the alertness to one's surroundings which means survival in guerrilla warfare; the cool and steady hand that can pull a trigger at close range and watch the brains splatter or detonate a bomb without fumbling or hesitation; the mental agility necessary to stay one step ahead of the pursuing police and government troops; and above all the total selfless dedication, the inflexible purpose, the iron self-discipline necessary to function under unbelievable pressure, to stand the unimaginable stress and to live the life of the modern-day urban guerrilla.

Belfast produces I.R.A. and U.V.F men. America produces Homer Simpsons and Beavis and Buttheads. My novels are only fiction, and no one knows that better than me, because I’ve seen the real thing, and we ain’t it.

During my twenty-five years in the Movement I have met a few White men with that kind of inflexible will, hardness, courage and integrity--but only a few.

Before we can even think about rebelling against the tyrant, we must produce a different kind of White man in this country. This is not beyond the realm of possibility. I do not, in fact, believe that we ourselves will have to perform this prodigious transmutation. I think ZOG is going to do it for us.

Because, you see, oppression either breaks men or it makes them. We live in a backed-up toilet and I am convinced that eventually even our docile palefaces will finally let the scales fall from their eyes and make the decision that they would rather die than live like this one more day, and they don’t care how many secret policemen are tapping their phones or reading their e-mail or following them around.

The philosopher Nietzsche said, "That which does not destroy me makes me stronger.” The Jews and their leftist allies have turned this country into a revolting, putrid swamp--but dangerous beasts breed in swamps. I think the Jews and the establishment have long suffered from the typical defect which the arrogance of power breeds: an overestimation of their ability to control events.

The law is a weapon, and like any other weapon it is only as good or as bad as the people wielding it. Right now the law is in the hands of the present United States government and the liberal establishment, one of many such weapons. It is being used to pillage you, disrupt and break up your family, rob your children of a future, and will eventually destroy you in your old age. The law in its present state deserves no respect from any White man or woman in America. Indeed, obedience and respect for the law have become countersurvival and, human nature being what it is, anything which is countersurvival will not endure

Adolf Hitler himself stated in Mein Kampf: "When a people is being driven to destruction through the instrument of governmental authority, then rebellion is not only the right but the duty of that people.”

Finally, there is the moral dimension to be considered. Looking for easy outs and safe shortcuts is not only futile, it is wrong. Before we can have a new White world, we must earn it. That's the way life works.

Like all persecuted minorities, White people are despised. We are despised by the government, by the liberal establishment, by the congoid criminals who rob and rape and kill our people, by the media, and to a large degree we are despised by our own children. We are despised because we are correctly viewed as weak, cowardly, lazy, incapable and unwilling to defend ourselves or take any serious action against those who despoil and victimize us, other than to go whining to the enemy's police and the enemy's courts.

Why in the name of God should anyone respect us? Why should we respect ourselves?

It's time White men recovered our self-respect and the respect of those who hate us. And it is a longstanding human truth that respect among men is earned by the shedding of blood.


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