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Brandenburg Lecture #2

From Radio Free Northwest - September 15th, 2011

Okay, all you FBI guys, Joint Terrorism Task Force droids, and Southern Poverty Law Center creeps out there, you need to cup your hands around your ears, lean over your computers, and listen real close, because it’s time now for this week’s Brandenburg Lecture.

Just to remind anyone who may have missed last week’s podcast, the Brandenburg Lectures is what we’re calling a series of commentaries on Radio Free Northwest named after the landmark 1969 Supreme Court ruling in the case of Brandenburg versus Ohio. That ruling basically states that any discussion of—oh, what will we call it here?—"non-consensual regime change" in Washington DC, is in fact constitutionally protected speech under the First Amendment.

What do we mean by non-consensual regime change? What we mean is change, real change, in America. Real change in who runs this country, who and how and in whose interests it is run.

It is time, way past time, that we in the White Nationalist movement faced up to some things that we have all known in the privacy of our own thoughts for a long time. We all know perfectly well that there is only one way any permanent change will ever come to pass in America, but we’re too paralyzed with fear even to speak of it out loud, never mind to implement it.

The first step is to break the taboo against speaking of these things. We imposed that taboo on ourselves several generations ago, when we became so paranoid and afraid of the secret police, and the hidden microphones in the sugar bowl. and the funny little man over in the corner with a funny little tape recorder beneath his shirt, that we knuckled under and shut up. We allowed the regime to take away from us the very core of our God-given right to think and to speak as we please.

That right to freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of conscience was for several centuries what made America unique. Nowhere else in the world did such freedom exist. Now that it’s gone, this is no longer really America any more, it’s just a big strip mall where most White people can no longer afford to buy anything.

As many of you know, I’m something of a Shakespeare aficionado. I’d like to play you a quick clip from one of my favorite Shakespearean plays, Henry the Fifth:


From our brother England?


From him; and thus he greets your majesty.

He wills you, in the name of God Almighty,

That you divest yourself, and lay apart
The borrow'd glories that by gift of heaven,
By law of nature and of nations, belong

To him and to his heirs; namely, the crown

indirectly held
From him. the native and true challenger.


Or else what follows?


Bloody constraint;
For if you hide the crown

Even in your hearts, there will he rake for it:
Therefore in fierce tempest is he coming,
In thunder and in earthquake, like a Jove,
That, if requiring fail, he will compel...

This is the kind of language that we should be addressing to those 535 yea-saying leeches in Congress and that baby-shit brown monkoid and his ho in the White House. Instead, we have spent the past two generations trembling in terror, afraid to raise our voices to the evil people who are abusing us and tyrannizing us, for fear that the big bad policeman might hurt us.

Nothing will ever go right in this country again, until we find what is left of our testosterone and we deal with the people who rule us not through begging and pleading, but with bloody constraint. There has been too much of this crap for the past hundred and fifty years. It is time we brought back an old friend, one who hasn’t really been seen in the land since 1877 when the Ku Klux Klan ran the last of the Union occupation troops and carpetbaggers out of the South. It is time to re-introduce the gun into American politics. Because we are living in a failed society, and nothing else will work.

In my Northwest novels I speak of non-consensual regime change here in America, and I’ve gotten a lot of different reactions from readers, but I have always found it fascinating that the one reaction I have never gotten—not once—is from anyone who seriously maintains that direct action isn’t necessary, and that somehow we can use the existing system to bring about change and to ensure the survival of our race and the survival in at least some form of what you and I would recognize as America.

No one believes any more that that’s possible. Oh, we have nay-sayers in plenty. I get people telling me all the time that I’m crazy, that revolution in this country is impossible, that the whole idea of a White nation all to ourselves will never work. The nay-sayers tell me at great length and in great detail why it can’t be done. None of them—not one—has ever told me it shouldn’t be done.

I suspect that even most of those old farts who go to Tea Party rallies begging Obama not to take their life’s savings and give it all to niggers and Mexicans know full well in their own hearts that they’re not doing a damned bit of good; they just go through the motions of democracy so they can salve their consciences and convince themselves they’re not total lame dweebs.

Then when Obama or some of his thugs slap their mouths shut, they will sit on the ground weeping and wringing their hands while the Democrat maggots strip them bare, and they’ll whine to each other, “Well, we did all we could.”

No, you didn’t. You did everything except the one thing that might have worked.

Most White Americans in what is left of the middle class know perfectly well that Obama and his Democrats regard them as financial livestock to be milked and sheared and eventually slaughtered. They occasionally mutter about physical resistance and so-called “Second Amendment solutions,” but it’s just talk and everybody knows it, including the regime’s secret police. That’s why you don’t see massive FBI and Homeland Security raids against the Tea Party, because these agencies know they’re full of shit.

The Tea Party are no more capable of direct action than we are. Just to be clear: moral and physical cowardice is not confined to the White Nationalist movement. Like every other aspect of our character problem, it’s a White thing, affecting the entire Caucasian population of this continent who have been raised by Ronald McDonald and the television set.

This wee little Movement of ours isn’t very bright, on the whole—like Colin Jordan said, we have a very big heart and a very small head—but I will give us this: apparently unlike the Tea Party, none of us are so stupid as to believe that it will ever be possible to vote our way out of this quagmire we’re sinking into.

I repeat: in the past eight years, I have not received one serious response from anyone who has read any of my novels who maintains that the present system is salvageable. I am convinced that even the System’s dogs like the bureaucrats and politicians and the secret police themselves know that they’re backing a dying horse. I think the people who take the System’s direct deposit today are like buzzards: they’re just trying to rip off as much for themselves as they can from the dying carcass and keep the other buzzards from getting anything.

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote: "A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits, with the result that a democracy always collapses and is always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years."

Well, we’re past our 200 years now, and we’re certainly no longer great. It’s time for the dictatorship phase, but we need to make sure it’s a White dictatorship.

To put things in the simplest terms, democracy has always been a battle between those who pay the taxes and those who eat the taxes. Guess who’s winning? On top of that, throw in the racial issue, and the Jewish question, and a nigger president who seems to be nothing but a sock puppet for George Soros, and the result is we now have a society which can only be described as hellish.

There are a number of problems with democracy as practiced in the United States, the first one being that any idiot can vote, and many idiots do. Sometimes they vote more than once, like in Chicago.

Ever since the foundation of this country, American democracy has been distinguished by one factor above all: a pervasive corruption and perversion of the ideals of the Founding Fathers which has now sunk to what is so far the ultimate low, in the form of Barack Hussein Obama and his ho, and today’s Democrat party, followed very closely by today’s Republican party. Obama has been so appalling that I think sometimes we forget that Jug-Ears and his little Jewish neoconservative friends were just as bad.

American democracy as envisioned by the Founding Fathers was based on the idea of a small electorate comprised of White men, at least somewhat well educated, who had a personal stake in the effective governance of the country—not many people know that in the first draft of the Constitution there was a property qualification. This was an early attempt to prevent the establishment of a welfare state, and make sure that those who exercise political rights and political power not only have the capability of doing so intelligently, but had some kind of stake in the country and wouldn’t simply loot the public treasury.

The philosopher Lord Acton once wrote, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” He was talking about a king or a dictator, but the same thing can apply to an entire ruling élite. That is what has happened in the United States.

Unfortunately, all such preventive measures broke down a long time ago. This isn’t the time or place for a long digression on how things got the way they are—the Movement spends entirely too much time on that kind of useless hand-wringing in any case. But the main thing we have to bear in mind about the current brand of democracy in America is that it is completely non-responsive to anything except money and internal manipulation as part of some kind of intrigue or power play from within the bureaucracy or the power structure itself.

I’ve said this before, but it needs to be repeated until everybody gets it: the primary purpose of democracy is to prevent change. Democracy ensures that the same clique of corrupt and wealthy individuals maintain perpetual power. They do this through the smoke and mirrors of so-called elections that offer no genuine alternative. It doesn’t matter how often you shuffle the cards when the deck remains the same.

Walking into a booth and pulling a lever is a meaningless gesture if there is no one to pull the lever for on the ballot. Genuine alternative candidates from either the left or the right aren’t allowed anywhere near the ballot, and even if they are able to sneak onto the ballot somehow, they are simply ignored by the media. They end up with 200 votes or something like that, because no one is ever allowed to know who they are or what they stand for.

That’s another thing about democracy: the playing field is never level. The entire system is designed to keep insiders in and outsiders out. Elections are like high-stakes poker games in luxury hotel rooms with a ten million dollar buy-in; occasional multi-billionaires like Ross Perot, Donald Trump, and Michael Bloomberg might occasionally purchase a seat at the table, but when they do the professional card sharps take them for everything they’ve got.

Once the election is over then the politicians don’t even bother to pander any more. Their campaign promises are promptly thrown in the dumpster, and the rich men and women in the expensive suits proceed to do whatever the hell they want for the next few years until election time rolls around again, and once more we go through the same ridiculous farce. I won’t bother to describe the kind of world that generation after generation of this kind of thing produces. We’re living in it.

We who live on the bottom of the heap in this society, the White people who do all the real work and who battle to keep things going in spite of all the crap, are completely and totally helpless to change anything that affects us. The government, the courts, the regular police, the secret police, the political system, the economy, the media—none of these work for us. They are all part of an entire system the purpose of which is to keep White people down, keep us powerless, keep us voiceless.

When we lose our jobs, those of us who are White and over forty can forget about ever working again, and by the way, that goes for women as well as men. Our votes are useless because there’s never anybody to vote for who might actually help us, and even if there was, elected officials no longer actually have much power in this society.

No one listens to normal White people who can’t write a six-figure campaign donation check. Politicians don’t listen. Judges don’t listen. The media ignores us most of the time and when they don’t, they mock us and abuse us with Homer and Marge Simpson stereotypes. Nobody does anything about them. These people sit there in their plush offices and their Congressional gym and their boardrooms and their weekend retreats in the Hamptons, and they do horrible, horrible things to the rest of us, terrible and tyrannical things that destroy our lives and families, and no one has the courage to make them stop.

That is why the gun has to be re-introduced into American politics, because it is the only way to make them stop doing what they’re doing. For three generations now, White America has cried out to the people who rule us, in rage and horror and agony, “Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT!”

Nothing has worked. We have begged and pleaded, we have petitioned for redress of grievances, we have tried to use the justice system only to be chased out of court with curses and mocking laughter by the political gangsters in the black robes.

These people are doing horrible, wicked, evil things. So why shouldn’t we just kill them, and make them stop?

No, really, let’s think about this. Why shouldn’t we just kill the people who are doing us harm.

Because they’re the law? Tyrants always are the law, that’s what makes them different from ordinary thugs. If someone is shot dead it doesn’t really matter whether the man holding the gun and doing the shooting is wearing a badge or not; the guy on the wrong end of the gun is equally dead. Indeed, death is about the only truly equal institution left in this society, until of course the wealthy Jews and liberals and televangelists really do find a way to take it with them.

It’s not our law any more. All the law of the United States is these days is a whole library full of words saying to the White man: “You lose.” The purpose of the law is to keep them rich and powerful and to keep us living in wretched misery as 21st century wage slaves—those of us who are lucky enough even to have a wage any more.

Why shouldn’t we simply kill them? Because they have "rights?" No, they don’t.

When someone makes a deliberate decision to do evil in this world and make their living by doing harm to others, then they are no longer innocent bystanders. They have chosen to play the Great Game of life wherein the possibility always exists that what goes around might someday come around. In order to obtain the rewards they seek, they choose to risk consequences, and if those consequences are unpleasant, then they should have thought of that before they embraced a life of narcissism and greed and crapulence.

Oh, look, I understand that there are problems and risks involved in killing the people who are doing us harm under the color of law and government. They are, after all, protected by an army of heavily armed goons who are paid generous salaries to make sure that our lords and masters can enjoy the fruits of their corruption in peace. But that’s a practical problem that can be resolved with a little thought, planning and a lot of courage.

And frankly, people, if we’re going to make that decision we better make it quick, sooner rather than later. Because these assholes who rule us are making an awful mess, and we’re not going to be able to start cleaning it up until they’re gone.


Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

Bravo!It is high time that someone started voicing thoughts of this kind,i have tried to tell the English people all of this,probably not as well written as yours,but all i get is some snotty nigger who thinks that he is some kind of aristocrat,taking the piss.The streets are the only placs that we will win our rightful freedom,but as you say cowardice seems ingrained into our white people,who sound like lions when filled with eight pints,but when it wears off,they apologise for not joining in the action,but they have to take thier wives shopping.If they knew thier collective power ,they would follow,down to westminster,where we would clean this filth from the augean stables,and get something for the English people ,something wholesome,decent,instead of the poisoned promises that dribble from these parasites filthy mouths.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you want to bet this frightens away at least half of your active supporters?

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Jean C. said...

I second Englishman's BRAVO!!!! FINALLY someone has the courage to say what needs to be said.

As for "anonymous: if it scares away half of his "active supporters" what kind of "supporters" were they to begin with?

These posts remind me of Bach....the greatest composer who ever lived...because of the Bradenburg but also because of the conciseness.

They have already attempted to do the ultimate to me under the guise of their "medicine"...and that was to take NOT only my LIFE but also any funds I had remaining. Fortunately I had sense enough to scream out "NO!!!!!" so I'm still here for a little while and no need to be and "anonymouse".

I just learned of someone who died after months in the hospital due to their cancer "treatment" and my ANGER knows no bounds. Murder for profit and calling it "medicine" is just another one of the ways "they" to do us all in. With them it's not "your money or your life"'s "your money AND your life"...'cos they are beyond EVIL. I know GOD will get them in the end but that's just too damn long to wait.


2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Englishman bang on mate.

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree mate,

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People that refuse chemo therapy live longer than people that get chemo "therapy", according to main stream medicines' own statistics.

charles (the hammer) martel

9:25 PM  

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