Sunday, August 07, 2011

When White Women Stop Having Babies,AAAAAG_pBMo~,kVIkQYQQ-IxF2arpQiTtLXkLYyhmkkAN&bclid=0&bctid=1096087041001

Video on nigger mob attacks against Whites at the Wisconsin state fair. I wrote up a piece on it but the person I wrote it for gets all upset if I repost them, and in any case--Jesus, what's to say? That this is a baaad, baaaaaaad thing? Baaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

As long as we allow these creatures to exist among us, this will continue to happen, and eventually White births will drop so low that there will be no young, strong White people capable of fighting them off even if we can recover the courage to do so, and so they'll kill us all. And that's the name of that tune.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I agree with you about the mortal danger inherent in allowing niggers to exist among us, but honestly, do not blame this shit on white women for not having enough babies. This isn't their fault. Blame niggers for having too many nigglets, and blame white eunichs and their kike puppet-masters for forcing the fucking scum on us in the first place.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

Notice these victimized whites can't call their attackers "vicious predatory niggers" instead they call them "kids" and maybe occasionally African American Kids. Stupid honkies!

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold its not just Wisconsin.

Niggers and other third world MUD, have been rioting, and still are, all over London.

Yesterday and today.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It all makes PERFECT sense to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. The joosmedia clasim that "contrary to ... none of the mob attended ... rap concert" without mentioning that the crowd for the concert (M.C. Hammer, "pop rap" catering to middle-aged whiggers) was actually a bunch of limp-wristed deracinated Libtards who deny their White heritage anyway, the exact type of target (the weakest of the weak among Whites) these animals seek out when preying upon Whites. Did the joosmedia expect these predatory beasts to attack normal Whites? Guaranteed the chimps would have found themselves staring down the barrels of hunderds of privately-owned handguns if they had chosen to attack a crowd who had come to the fair to see an artist like Toby Keith or Hank Williams Jr.! No, they attack the weak deracinated fools who support that washed-up pop rap icon whose 15 minutes of fame ended more than 20 years ago. TFNB! TYPICAL FUCKING NIGGER BEHAVIOR!!!


10:42 AM  
Anonymous Joseph Anthony said...

What was the the old Reconstruction Klan used to say? (Incidentally the only Klan I consider Historically legitimate)

Something like; Once again we have been forced by force to use force.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous King David said...

Enoch warned Britain what would happen and he was villified. GLR tried to do the same in America and was ignored. It made me puke to see that picture of the passive little white boy hand his clothes over to the demanding ape. It made me puke when the media talked to witnesses of the Wisconsin attacks and they could only say a gang of kids....not angry rampaging bloodlusting coons. Dammit I'm puking too much these days. When are we going to see some white boys who still have a set stand up to these marauding shitskins instead of all the internet rambos talking tough and cowering in their sneakers?? Well...the riots took Breivik of the front page. Maybe this will get a few whites to wake the hell up. Maybe

6:38 AM  
Anonymous stedra rulz said...

King David.

Stop puking puke and start shootin

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Joseph Anthony said...

Looking at MSNBC tonight they said all those rioting were "youth" and said youth, if shown close up, were always hooded so no skin tone was visible, and if pictured in full profile were so far off no racial identification was possible. All looted store owners shown were non-whites, as were all the victims shown.If I was an alien from outer space monitoring earth broadcasts I would assume all the youth rioting were whites attacking non-whites, a complete reversal from the actual case. And thus do I call them the lunatic left!

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joseph Anthony -- PRECISELY!!! Any and all post-Reconstruction organizations making use of the Ku Klux Klan name or insignia and/or any organization showing any sign of preoccupation with the iconography of any of the numerous White activist groups of the past immediately arouses my suspicion of that organization's being riddled with ZOG agent provocateurs and other assorted Jewish infiltration. ESPECIALLY the practices of "cross lighting" (a post-Reconstruction invention of the Christ-hating Jews who funded the "resurrection" of the Klan, deliberately calculated to serve the dual purposes of inserting imagery likely to be interpreted by true Christians as mocking of Christ and to force God to hold the souls of "Klansmen" accountable for having participated in acts of veiled Blasphemy) and failing to observe the original Klan's strict prohibition against desecrating any place of worship (even nigger "churches" are still perceived as "churches" by the general public due to widespread ignorance of the pagan practices that pass for "worship" in those places, further portraying the Klan falsely as an "anti-Christian" organization). For me personally, if I were to formally join an organization of any kind, I would choose a Biker club known to have exclusively White membership and where nigger, spic, and kike jokes are exchanged freely at their events. One need not wear Klan robes or Third Reich insignia in order to be sincerely dedicated to advancing White racial interests and living the Fourteen Words.


1:53 AM  

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