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RFN Idea Catching On?

Dear Friend of Counter-Currents,

I am writing to ask you first to do your part to promote the following article by a new author at Counter-Currents, Christopher Pankhurst:

“England’s Dreaming”

Second, I want to ask your opinion of a possible new Counter-Currents venture: a weekly podcast which would consist of the best short pieces on Counter-Currents from that week read aloud by their authors -- or, if the authors wish, by people with trained voices and a flair for this sort of thing.

Each podcast would also include a couple of musical breaks, plus an interview segment.

Each podcast would be 50 minutes long.

I would be the host, and I would commit to writing one opinion piece per week and one review of a contemporary movie per week.

To get a sense of the kind of material we might include in a podcast based on this week’s CC, check out these pieces:

New from Andrew Hamilton:

New from George Stimson:

New from Jonathan Bowden:

New from Jeff Costello:

The aforementioned article from Christopher Pankhurst:

Also from Jeff Costello:

Such a weekly podcast could not include our longest articles. It would, therefore, tend to focus on short, accessible, topical pieces that might gain a life of their own and circulate online. It would be another way of expanding the reach of Counter-Currents.

Let me know if this might be of interest to you. And also let me know if you have any suggestions or constructive criticisms. All the best,

Greg Johnson

Editor in Chief

Counter-Currents Publishing Ltd.


Blogger FeminizedWesternMale said...

I am also a "friend" and this was my reply:


I think a podcast is a great idea - the highlight of my weekly political life is listening to HAC's RFN (other than reading CC, of course). You are the brains of WN and Harold is the heart.

I would weigh in that there is some original content, rather only a straight reading of articles. I get a feed on Medicine topics and most of them have the offering to download as a podcast, in addition to the written word. An example is here:

I bring it up because I won't listen to a straight audio reading - I'd rather use my bean and read myself for content. That may be "old school," as our current crop of youth have difficulty with the written word. Whatever, in your judgement, would reach the widest audience. I just won't listen to it if it is a straight read-only show. I'd love to hear articles plus original content - stuff like you did with the interview with VOR.

I'm sure you catch my drift.

By the way, why doesn't CC offer HAC's novels? Please don't reply if it is none of my business. I recognize I'm not privy to the underbelly and have no longing to have unearned access.

Warm Regards, Mike

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Kurt said...

I linked to the first article: "Puttin on the Ritz", by Hamilton, wherein he makes this comment:

"What set me to thinking about “Puttin’ on the Ritz” was not choreography, but the song’s lyrics. They popped into my head when I was turning over in my mind the question of whether WASPs truly existed as a self-conscious, cohesive, cooperative ethnic group, or whether the concept of “WASP” is primarily an externally imposed social construct.

My view is that whites never self-conceptualized as WASPs until outsiders created the category. But even afterward they did not behave as a closed, cohesive, self-interested group, despite sharing a set of conventional liberal prejudices."

An interesting and very important statement when taken about Whites in general (not merely WASP's, as not all the rich White people in the world are protestant- and the "elite" he is talking about consist of the rich, of course) as opposed to that group that the term WASP denotes.
Indeed, that last sentence in the quote above may be the most salient point in an article that I feel did not have all that much to do with the interests of Whites who are trying to make the 14 words a reality, rather it seemed an article for the artsy-fartsy types who spend their time criticizing the nuances of film history. Who cares? What bearing does it have on "our cause" anyway, unless you consider that film and subsequently TV were early recognized by Jews as the mind control mechanism that they have always dreamt about. And Whites, like George Eastman (who subsequently committed suicide) and Edison together helped unwittingly perhaps, to mentally enslave our people. Now, if you are simply looking for filler content for the podcast, stuff like this may interest some (and I freely admit that I did not look beyond that one article that I read, but it was the first posted in the list, and so I deemed that it might be considered one of "the best"), but count me out of that crowd. The article would have been more interesting had it focused on why Whites do not have that "self-conscious, cohesive cooperating ethnic group" quality that Jews have, and for that matter, which no other race seems to have to the degree that the Jews have it. Now THAT would have been a riveting article. Revilo Oliver, in one of his articles about the Jews, called them almost "insect-like" in terms of this very quality- to the degree that they will willingly sacrifice a portion of their group for the future betterment of the whole (as in the case of the establishment of Israel). By the way Harold, the voice recording of Dr. Oliver in the previous podcast was really good to hear- the first time I had heard his voice. More please! As to your partnership with this group that submitted this series of articles "for your consideration"; watch out! Parnerships bring their own unknown problems with them. You have a good thing going here, keep it your own.

4:25 PM  

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