Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Do You See It Coming?

[I normally don't take requests, but a comrade was so enthralled with this article he persuaded me to re-post it. - HAC]

For all the media does to try and hide the fact that these riots in America and England are virtually all mud creatures, as much as the media tries to mix in the latest useless celebrity clap-trap to distract from reality, as much as we like to think we can take America back to the good old days, we all know what is coming down the pike.

When you have millions of third-world creatures in your country, you create a third world country. there is no way around that fact.
We have two options to go for, neither of which will be easy, enjoyable, or pleasant. We take back the reigns of power in America, and deport the millions of non-whites who live here. Multi-racial societies inherently fail. It does not matter in what manner they exist, whether the manner be liberal egalitarianism, or slavery, due to the inherent fact that ultimately multi-racial/cultural societies break down. This has happened to every single culture that has ever tried it, Rome, Egypt, India, South Africa, Mexico, et cetera, and it is now happening to America and Europe today. TODAY. We are living through history, we are seeing the overt beginning of the fall of Western liberalism. God help us if our race goes down with it. We start over. We create a new nation, by white people, for white people, and of white people.

The most known of this idea is the Northwest Front. Whatever baggage you may have with Harold Covington, you really need to leave it at the door at look at the idea itself. The details of such an all white modern nation we can argue about until the sun goes supernova, in the meantime we need to get on with the business of saving our race from extinction.

Most of you may know already where I stand. America was great while it lasted, but we failed it. We failed our founding fathers, and we have spoiled and defiled the land of milk and honey that they tried to leave us.

It dosen't matter that you or I may uphold their values and ideals, this country is terminal. Unless we go through the process of cleaning this nation like a blood transfusion, and remove the poisons and pollutants, America will die with a whimper, and in it's place will be monster of hideous appearence, and malignant existance.
In the macrocosm, what we are seeing, is the descent of western civilization into the chaos of the untermenschen.

I know that NEWP is a nexus for racially aware white people in the north east region, and none of my points contained herein are directed at it. They are directed at the people that make up the movement in general, but not any specific people.
Mexican drug cartels in Wisconsin, faggots demanding the "right" to marry, black riots in Europe and America, the continued plunge of the American and European economies, the explosion of race-mixing into every white nation on earth, hell even the failure of the Catholic Church to combat the spread of immorality within it's own adherents.

The pillars of Western civilization are crumbling around us, the roof about to crush our heads and some people still want to set the table for the feast. Like if we just pretend that real America still exists in these small gatherings, it'll keep the tsunami of Orcs from robbing us, raping the women, and killing us.
There are plenty of people who still want to take back the country, and that's a swell idea. I too would like to to take back the country, from sea to shining sea. The only problem is that it would probably take us a hundred years to do so, a hundred years we don't have.

The years until the non-white birth rate takes the majority, are within two decades, 20 years, and it may already be too far gone as it is.
As far as I am concerned, we have squandered the time we should have used to take the country back through the official means.

When we lost Commander Rockwell, that was for all practical intents, the final nail in the coffin for any real chance to save the nation. Sure we have a few political groups now, American 3rd Position, John De Nugent want to run for office, and about 4 or 5 separate National Socialist groups. that's all well and good, but they are not going to succeed in what we need to accomplish.

Not because I don't want them too, I do want to see them succeed, but because there are a couple hundred million people who, unlike us, would riot in the streets before they would allow us evil racists to come to power.

And if you think the ZOG powers that be would allow us to, then I have a moon to sell you.
Another tendency that I can't find comfort with, is that in which we get the corrupt, broken, evil system to work for us instead. They want control of the mutilated diseased monster for the short time before it succumbs to it's inherent mortal wounds.

Basically they want to replace the Jews Zog, with our own Anglo Zog.
Me personally, I don't want the system. I don't want to overthrow the government, I want to walk away from it and create a new one. a new one wherein we learn from the mistakes of the past, like the American founders did.

These race riots, where the Orcs rob, burn, destroy, rape, kill, where they steal peoples clothes on the street, these are just the beginning, IT IS GOING TO GET WORS, it will spread and it will come to your neighborhood, it will rape your daughters and kill your sons. And it's all our fault. For the past 60+ years we wanted to be conservatives, we wanted Maybury and apple pie, and flags and fireworks.

Others wanted to be NAZIs and march around with swastikas and Sam Browne belts, and heiling Hitler. In other words, we did everything except save our race.
Does anyone really think that when these unwashed Orcs slash and burn their way through your neighborhood, setting your car on fire, while three souless monsters hold your daughter down, do you think thay they are going to care if you're a "normal patriotic American" or an "NAZI"?

Do you think that while they set fire to your house and leave you on the floor with multiple stab wounds that they care if you're a "conservative" or a "skinhead"?
When a crocodile has your head in it's jaws, it dosen't give good god damn what your views are, whether you hate reptiles or spent your life fighting to save them. They are predators, you are prey, end of story.

These savages rampaging their way across white nations don't care if you wave an American flag or a swastika. They don't care if you celebrate the 4th of july, or Hitler's birthday. Or enemies don't make the distinctions we seem to be obsessed with, they will destroy us all the same.

I don't care of you're a neo-NAZI skinhead with tattoos all over your arms and chest. I don't care if you're a middle American patriot who does it all for mom, God, and apple pie. I don't care because it's all petty bullshit. Our enemies don't see NAZI's and conservatives, they don't see patriots and skinheads. All they see are white people.

My race is my nation, my skin is my uniform.
Am I all gloom and doom? you bet your ass I'm gloom and doom. Why? Because we haven't done anything to stop the gloom and doom from coming! We can wave all the American flags we want, we can wear all the bandanas and black clothes we want, thousands of Orcs are still pouring into our lands every week.

My doom and gloom are justified considering all the success we haven't accomplished in five or six generations.
We will argue about swastika flags, and we will do it with all the passion and fervor we should be devoting to our enemies. With we bicker and argue about silly bullshit, the enemy's quarterback is running up and down the field, scoring points on us every time we turn our heads.

While we go for one another's throat over Hitler and Christianity, another boatload of unwashed Africans, and another caravan of Mexicans just moved into your state. Congratulations NAZI pagans and Christian conservatives, both your daughters just brought home a mongrel bastard grandchild.

Does all this piss you off? that while you were frothing at the mouth over why Americans will never like the swastika, or why we need to worship Hitler, some Nigger fresh off the boat from Ghana was plowing your daughter. Are you sufficiently pissed off now? If you're mad at me that's fine, hell it's fantastic! It's good to know that something will rouse some anger and hate in you white man and woman, it's good to know you still have a spirit.

Now all you need to do is take that spirit, grab that nigger by the back of his neck and tell him "whites only".
And if you're not pissed off yet, what the hell is wrong with you? We have our white sons and daughters being raped and murdered like it's going out of business, and you're just sitting there saying: "well it's not too bad", IT IS THAT BAD!!! AND IT'S GOING TO GET WORSE!!

These inhuman savages should live in gobsmacked fear of our wrath, and here they are burning our cities down!
"Hey man, I might lose my job if I get caught being a racist!" [Fine, so when you're stabbed by some coon on your way home because your daughter was just raped, you can say to yourself, "It's not too bad, at least I'm still employed." You pitiful worm. Hey look, I'm not asking you to get your face plastered on the Boston Herald, yelling about niggers and kikes, I'm just asking you to cut out the silly nonsense, drop your movement baggage, and save your son from being burned alive by niggers for their entertainment. Those who know me personally, know I'm a pretty relaxed guy, I like to crack jokes, and laugh. But make no mistake, I am a very angry person. I don't give a damn if you hate the swastika, or worship hitler. I don't give a damn if you worship Thor or Jesus.
We can save our race if we just do it. We can take back America, Europe, South Africa, Rhodesia, Australia, if we just do it. "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!" ~~Samuel Adams We can do all these things, if we just stop being such argumentative chickenshit cunts and do them. The race war is coming, will you be a leader of men? or an unmarked grave? Will generations of our grandchildren read about us in their history lessons? Or will our grandchildren have skin the color of shit, and wallow the ramshackle streets of a decimated Boston? Are you angry yet? Have I ignited your rebel fire?



Anonymous Robert in Massachusetts said...

Thank you Harold for posting my article. Also thank you for cleaning it up a bit.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Barney said...

Another good one, and perfectly timed for those of us in the mudhole formerly known as the UK.

The first half of this 41-second video shows a few of the creatures responsible for causing their pets to riot.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For best non PC coverage, of da coons rioting, in Britain go to.


It seems to starting off in Leicester, again.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only way you could improve this post, is to swap the picture of the troglodyte with the bucket of beer for the one of the cowardly white (I won't capitalize it; he doesn't deserveit) being ordered to strip off his clothes by one of the rioting trogs in London.

<a href=">Coward</a>

Dave 08102011 / 1433

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Alexei K said...

I´m from Russia and recently moved to Switzerland and I am shocked absolutely shocked by the numerous interracial couples I´ve seen here, I´m on the verge of thinking that same race marriage is illegal here... I think I came to the wrong place

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the point of this is..? If memory serves, there was an incident somewhere down south about 6 years ago, where law and order had totally vanished and niggers were looting and savaging at will... Then they tried to cross en masse into a white area and were met by a mob of white people armed with shotguns and assault rifles, who fired on these niggers and sent them scattering.
You're right. A race war IS coming. And it's going to be contested in every state and every city. So we'll see who gets raped and slaughtered once the fighting REALLY starts. Me? I'll be where my people, my tribe, my family already are -- white people who are heavily-armed, racially-aware, and rightly vengeful because we've been brutalized under black tyranny for so long. My home, my history, my fallen. That's what is worth dying for.
If you guys believe it HAS to be northwest, then God-speed, but I know where I belong.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

I wonder if Breivik would have done something if the riots took place in Oslo, Norway? Would be considered a hero or prosecuted for using deadly force against the rioters? It is entirely possible that race riots will take place there due to the influx of non-whites over the last couple of decades.

11:46 AM  

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